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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Weekend Wishlist.

I hope that you're having a wonderful Saturday filled with sunshine! I'm currently ignoring the fact I have a thousand word essay to write in favour of looking at pretty things and planning what I should do to make the most of the sunshine! I really fancy a Mr Whippy ice cream with a flake, yum!
1. While having a sneaky browse of the ASOS beauty section I spotted this sweet little Benefit deal! I've had my eye on Hoola Bronzer for such a long time but I'm not sure if it'll look too dark and muddy on me! I've been torn between this and NARS Laguna for a super long time and I'm honestly not sure that either of them will suit me. But this little Benefit deal looks lovely, for the same price as the Hoola bronzer alone you also get a mini Watts Up highlighter & a mini Cha Cha Tint. Looks like the perfect summer combination to me!

2. Ever since I first tried out the Enrapture Totem Styler I've had my eye on the Extremity Heated Rollers! I'm not one to spend ages faffing around with my hair in the mornings, so the idea of throwing some rollers in my hair and leaving them to set while I'm doing my make up and choosing an outfit really appeals to me! I'm so lazy!

3. Vila is one of my all time favourite clothing brands and I fell in love with the Fleur Dress when I spotted it on Zalando! I adore the cut of the dress and the red and white stripes are just so darling. It totally wouldn't go with my pink ombre though, which I'm thinking of ditching in favour of purple or turquoise! I miss wearing all my red dresses and I would love to add this to my little collection, it just looks so summery!

4. There's one word to describe this Ombre Fluid Blazer from Topshop and that word is WOW! If I didn't get so hot and bothered in the summer sunshine I would snap this up in a second because it's so beautiful and would look super cute thrown over sweet summer dresses. Gorgeous!

5. I have reached that point in my life where I'm happy enough with my skin and really fancy trying out a tinted moisturiser. I have heard endless positive reviews of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and after a little bit of research I think that the shade porcelain might be a good match for me. At £33 it's so expensive and I think that's what's holding me back. Have you ever tried this? What did you think of it? Or if you have any other tinted moisturiser recommendations that come in pale shades I'd love to know! I was thinking the MAC Studio Moisture Tint might be good to try?

6. The new Jubilee collection from Raffles Bizarre had me swooning, everything is so British and wonderful and I just adore everything. My absolute favourite piece is this teacup necklace, I think it's adorable! Jess is SO talented to be able to create just wonderful and unique pieces of jewellery!

7. I am well and truly hooked on highlights and illuminators, so this Stila All Over Shimmer Luminizer looks gorgeous. Promising to add a touch of shimmer while diminishing imperfections makes it sound gorgeous too!

8. This cream blush from Dainty Doll in the shade Paper Roses looks like the most perfect soft pink to brighten up fair skin. I think this would look lovely with a tiny bit of bronzer to warm the face, lots and lots of mascara and a pretty pink gloss for a relaxed summer look. I also really like the Dainty Doll packaging, it's simple but super sweet and elegant at the same time. Lovely!

9. Another highlight I'm lusting over big time is Sunbeam from Topshop. I really love that this is a golden highlight shade making it absolutely perfect for the summer and everything about it just looks wonderful. At only £9 it looks like it's a bit of a bargain too!

Do you have a tinted moisturiser that you really like using in the summer time, because I'd really love to hear your recommendations. There's nothing worse when you're enjoying a lovely day in the sunshine to start feeling your foundation slowly melting off. Icky!

What's on your current wishlist? 
I hope you're having a lovely start to the weekend! Do you have any plans? 


  1. I really love Lancomes Hydra tinted moisturiser actually - I've been using it for years though and do fancy a change, I was looking at the Laura Mercier too, but yeah, VERY expensive?! I've heard such good things about it though!

    Also after the blazer and benefit goodies <3


  2. I love the garnier bb cream. But the colours are quite dark - I have fairly olive skin and use the light one... But try some out, I've found wearing just that and a touch of concealer and powder to set just perfect in this weather. Plus used it all last summer travelling round Croatia. If you can find any of the right colours, try a bb cream for sure

  3. Ooooh that Topshop ombre blazer is gorgeous! Absolutely perfect for summer!


  4. I love that dress too! It was good when Republic stocked Vila but im not sure if they do anymore! x

  5. The Benefit set looks nice. I have Hoola in the Powda Wowza set they brought out at christmas and as long as you use it quite lightly it does work well on fair skin :)
    I still haven't tried any Dainty Doll but they have so many things that I'd love to buy! x

  6. I use Benefit Hoola and I absolutely love it. Its definitely worth the price! Like you I was torn between laguna and Hoola, but I wrote a massive comparison post inc. some other bronzers and I decided on Hoola, really glad I did!

    The post is here if you are interested: http://www.the-cameras-lying.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/battle-of-bronzers.html

    Amy x

  7. I didn't even know Topshop did highlighter as I haven't seen them in my local store! Will have to have a look next time I'm somewhere with a bigger shop because the colour looks gorgeous (: I love all the things you've picked, all very summery let's just hope the sun stays out (: xx

  8. The Dainty Doll Blush looks beautiful!!
    I love Origins Tinted Moisturiser, it's an adapt-to-your-skintone type one and works pretty well for me, I'm quite fair too!


  9. I love the vila dress, would be perfect with a blue cardigan for the jubilee!
    And I am mega pale (paler than the lightest bourjois healthy mix shade) and use a BB cream from Korea, it is the perfect colour match! Its called the Holika Holika Aqua Jelly BB Cream and only costs a tenner and free shipping from ebay - dont know where I would be without it!
    Hope your enjoying the sun :)

  10. Ahh that Benefit deal is SO good! I pledged to no frivolous spending earlier in the week though, in a bid to save for The Future, so will have to sit and dream for now :P

  11. I'm lusting pretty mush everything here! The Topshop highlighter is amazing for summer, for £9 its great you get quite a lot of product and it lasts ages! I'm also in the same boat on the tinted moisturiser, recently cleared most of my acne, so can brave one, but have absolutely no clue on them! Need to do some serious blogging research!

  12. WOW! That Topshop blazer! Amazing :) And that Hoola Bronzer deal is good as well! Shame I'm putting myself on a strict spending ban :(


  13. You should get the Hoola Bronzer! Trust me, I'm super pale, and Hoola looks super natural on me- not at all muddy or dirty :) I almost never hit pan on my products, but I've almost used up the entire box!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  14. I had that same Topshop highlighter on my list as well. I've not seen it in my local store yet :(. I'm wanting to try a tinted moisturiser as well - not seen any I like atm.

  15. I am Loving that Topshop blazer :) I agree it would look great over summer dresses :) xx

    Lauren xx

  16. Everything looks great, perfect for Spring/Summer as well! Xx


  17. That dress is so beautiful!! After trying the NARS tinted moisturiser, I don't think I could ever go back to the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser!

    Zoe xx

  18. I'm loving the jubilee collection as well I totally agree the teacup necklace is the cutest piece. I may just have to treat myself :)


  19. Love the ombre jacket and striped dress! x

  20. Aw just noticed this, thanks so much gorgeous, glad you like the collection!! :D



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