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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 2012 GlossyBox: The Sexy Summer Edition.

This past month has gone by in a flash so I was pleasantly surprised when the delivery man knocked on the door with a GlossyBox♦ in his hands. This months theme is 'Sexy Summer' and I think this one of the best boxes in a long time; there isn't a product that will go unloved and I'm really excited to give things a try!

The first item is a special addition by the GlossyBox team & it is a Pro Beauty Brush made with natural hair. I like that is has the cute GlossyBox logo on it but the hairs aren't as soft as I was expecting so it does feel a little scratchy. It has quite a nice shape to it though which will be nice for bronzer or a light blush application. I'm going to give it a good wash and see if that helps to soften the bristles a little. This retails for £15.

The second item is a cute little tub of BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer which I'm super excited to use. A couple of months back GlossyBox included a BM Beauty mineral eyeshadow sample and I adore that, it's so finely milled and super soft which makes it a dream to blend so I'm hoping this bronzer will be similar. From first impressions it looks lovely, I thought it was going to be super dark but once it's blended on to the skin it gives a gorgeous warm peachy-bronze glow. I've never used a bronze shade as a blush before but I think I'm going to adore this! This is a 1g sample which I can already tell will last me a super long time. The full size 4g tubs are £8 each, so they're very affordable which is amazing. BM Beauty is a cruelty free make up brand suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

My tweezers are on their last legs, they're getting so blunt at the tips and basically I was just putting off buying a new pair, so this next item has come at exactly the right time for me & it's a pair of HD Brows Precision Tweezers. Now I'm pretty clueless when it comes to brows, I'm usually pretty lazy & don't fill them in but I do like to neaten them up when I spy a few stray hairs. These have a really precise tip so I think these are going to be perfect for grabbing even the smallest of stray eyebrow hairs. I'm really looking forward to trying these out and I have high hopes for them considering they retail for £19.95 which seems quite expensive to me!

The next item in my box is the Green People Sun Lotion SPF 15 with Tan Accelerator. This is a natural sun lotion made without parabens and other nasties that is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Now this is a product that I'm super interested in, I love looking into more natural alternatives so this sounds right up my street. I also like the ethos behind the company, they use fairly traded ingredients and they support various charities. It has a light almost non-detectable scent and seems to sink into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy or sticky residue so I'll definitely be giving this a try. It's a fairly small 20ml sample but there definitely seems to be enough product inside to give it a fair try. I'm interested to see if the Tan Accelerator will give me up to 25% more of a tan like it promises! The 20ml bottle retails for £5, the 100ml retails for £12.99 and the 200ml is £17.95.

The last product in my June GlossyBox is the Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick starter kit. I've been interested in trying this product out for a long time, not as a foundation but as a concealer. My under eye circles are horrendous & I have a lot of redness left over from Acne Rosacea and I've seen the wonders that this product performs so many times but I've never taken the plunge and purchased. This little trial kit retails for £4.99 and there are 6 shades inside so I'm hoping there will be one that is fair enough for my skin tone. I'm excited to try this out and if I love it, I won't hesitate to purchase the full size which retails for £19.

I've seen a couple of variations already for the June box so I'd love to know which products you received if you're subscribed. This is one of my favourite GlossyBoxes of all time I think because I love the range of products included and there's not one thing I won't use!

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox? What do you think of this months box?


  1. This month's box is fab, I've only heard amazing things about the HD Brows tweezers! xx

  2. Cool products!


  3. Thats some great products that you got! The bronzer looks like a really pretty shade. Becky x


  4. I'm just excited about the Dermablend. Mine also arrived today, I forgotten to unsubscribe, as I normally go for LE boxes. I also feel the same way about the brush, It's reminds me very much of some elf quality brushes. x

  5. Wow you got an AMAZING box! Hope I get one like this :) xx

  6. This looks like one of the best boxes! I desperately need some new tweezers so I'm very jealous of those! xx

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  7. Really enjoy your blog!

    I am suffering from acne rosacea and just wondered, how you got rid of it?

    Thanks for your answer!

  8. Looks like a really good box this month! x
    Sirens and Bells

  9. Great box. can't wait to hear what you think of the tweezers, if the rest of the HD brows range is anything to go by they should be fab! xx

  10. Hi! What a cute blog!
    I was quite disappointed with this months box and I've actually unsubscribed, I guess it's pretty hard to please everyone all the time.
    Beauty by Emma

  11. Did no one else get the dermalogica? I must have been really lucky to get it!

  12. this looks lovely! really tempted to sign back up


  13. Wow you got the tweezers! I'm jealous haha, I just went out and bought a load of new brushes and I got a blush brush instead! Typical!

    I got a few different products to you actually, if you wanna take a look mine are here: http://fashboxstyle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/june-beauty-box-2-glossybox.html

    Kate xx

  14. I'm only really excited by two products in my box this month, unfortunately - a Caudalie fragrance and the Vichy stuff. I would've quite liked the sun lotion, due to the accelerator part of it! x

  15. I received a different box and tbh I wasn't particularly overwhelmed. This one and the last one haven't particularly excited me. I would've loved to try out the tweezers as I'm always wondering how expensive tweezers live up to the hype.

  16. I'm really excited to see what you think of the Dermablend (rosacea, here!)

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  17. A lot od divided opinion over this box, but I like you, liked the box. Very jealous you got the tweezers though ;-)
    Have a look at what I got at http://ohsoheartit.blogspot.co.uk/

  18. I only got mine today, and the contents of my box are the same as yours!
    unforuntely the brush let me down, the hairs were molting everywhere :(


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