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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Life via Instagram #11.

Glowy summer time make up. // Ice Cream Sundae outfit. // Thank you! 
Super cute Benefit make up set. // In love with this Stila blush! 

Re organised my wardrobe & my make up collection. // The l'Occitane Angelica hydration mist is amazing! 
Pretty new bedding. // Morning sunshine. // Fairy lights. 

Wearing Topshop All About Me lipstick. // Illamasqua Laid Cream blush is gorgeous. // Cute tee. 
Revision. // Wasting time on Twitter when I should have been revising! // Video & blog post ideas. 
Current favourite lunch: rice & veggies. // Ralphie being adorable! 

Love the picfx app. // New favourite dress from Joe Browns. // Ralphie. 
Filming a new video for my YouTube channel. // Editing with iMovie for the first time. // Blog sale tonight at 8pm!



  1. aww your bedroom looks so lovely :) especially the area with your makeup in! I'm going to download the picfx app now after seeing how lovely it makes your photos look with the love hearts :D xx


  2. I have that dress from Joe Browns, it looks gorgeous with your mint-y cardigan, will have to try that colour combo as I haven't been sure what to wear over the top of mine. Those rice and veggies look yummy, only just had my brekkie but craving a rice-based lunch now! That Topshop lipstick looks gorgeous on you! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. your insta photos are super nice :)

  4. That Topshop lipstick is a beautiful colour on you! Ralphie looks super cute as always!! xxx

  5. your instagram pics are all so pretty xo

  6. I love the bokeh effect on some of the photos - how do you do that? Is it an app?

  7. I love all the pretty pastels in your instagrams! The lilac dress is my fave, where is it from? :) xx

  8. Oh the Stila blush. It looks just my shade - i.e suitable for a pale girl :-)

    Jem xXx

  9. Ralphie is so cute! I love that Topshop lipstick x
    Sirens and Bells

  10. Lovely photographs :). Can you only get Picfx on Iphone? xXx

  11. Adore that Joe Browns dress in your last set of photos! Can't wait to see it in more detail (: and your makeup in the 'Topshop All About Me' photo is amazing. xx

  12. OH MY BLOG SALE *excited.* ;).

    Aww I love your bunny, soooo cute :0 x

  13. May I say that I love the format of this post? It's easy to see the images and read the text without scrolling up and down all the time ;)

    I see lots of Mac products in your blog sale basket! Can you part with them so easily? I know I can't!


  14. I need to get this picfx app now! This post is just beautiful- I see so many instagram photos, but yours are so pretty !! Love this post :)


  15. Lovely post, you take some great photos and i love your dip dyed hair! Now following you and will definatly be back for the blog sale! xo



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