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Monday, 9 July 2012

The One Hundred Pound ASOS Challenge.

Over the past couple of days I've seen a lot of bloggers creating beautiful looks for the £100 ASOS challenge & since I love ASOS so much I thought I would create my own outfit too. The thing I love most about ASOS is its variety and there really is something for everyone.
Midi Dress. Mixed Metal Bunting Necklace. Statement Ring. Sandals. Envelope Clutch.

This midi dress by Motel is nothing short of stunning. The fitted bodice at the top is beautiful and the contrast between that and the flowy skirt really does make the dress something extra special. I decided to go for accessories that would compliment the dress and allow it to be the main focus of the outfit because it's so lovely. As soon as I saw this metal bar detail envelope clutch I fell in love. It's simple but beautifully structured and the metal detail just adds a little something to stop it from looking overly plain. One advantage I have found fashion wise of being on the tall side is that I'm able to wear midi dresses with flat shoes without it looking odd. These Finsbury Flat Sandals are perfect because they're super simple and I adore the warm golden tone. Finally I chose two pieces of jewellery. The Mixed Metal Bunting necklace is super cute and I love mixing metals. I think the cooler tones fit perfectly with the cool denim blue bodice of the dress and the warmer tones in the necklace fit perfectly with the almost peachy colour of the skirt. This round statement ring by River Island via ASOS is the perfect size, it's large enough not to be lost within the outfit but it doesn't overpower either. Plus it's super pretty and that always helps!

It's quite the challenge putting together an outfit for £100 but I would be very happy wearing this on a pretty summers day. Now all we need is some sunshine...

What would you choose if you had £100 to spend on ASOS?


  1. I'm loving ASOS at the moment! Love everything you chose out, the dress is really pretty for summer! xo


  2. I absolutely love that dress! In our clothing stores it's currently sale and I can't find a single good looking dress :(

  3. I love that dress so much, i'm such a sucker for pleats!!! I'm too short to pull a midi off though :( poooop! Hope you're well, Jennie! xxxx

  4. the necklace and the clutch is lovely:)

  5. I agree, ASOS has the best selection! The clutch is beautiful!

  6. keep seeing that dress, it's stunning. shame the dress would drown me though! always ordering from ASOS though. so many things on there!


  7. Really love the dress! I've seen it on a few blogs now and I've been trying to justify buying it for ages! Great choices! :) x

  8. Gorgeous outfit! Thanks for entering the competition and good luck!!

  9. Beauuutiful look. Accessories change it all, don't they?

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  10. I was going to chose that necklace for my outfit! Lovely outfit & love the skirt :) x


  11. Congrats on winning, this outfit is so stunning! XO

  12. Congrats on winning! New follower x

  13. Congratulations on winning!! :-) xx

  14. Congratulations on winning! The statement ring is gorgeous, beautifully styled outfit x
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