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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nails: Killer Colours Twisted Silk.

Twisted Silk ♦ from Killer Colours. £9.
Since growing my nails I had been on the hunt for the perfect chalky pink shade and I wasn't having much luck until I found Twisted Silk from Killer Colours. The closest I had come previously to a shade like this was Revlon Lilac Pastelle but the formula is super streaky and difficult to work with. This shade however is the complete opposite, it's highly pigmented, opaque in 3 light coats or two thick-ish coats and dries really quickly. The best part? I wore this for a full week with zero chipping. Seriously. That's insane and unheard of for a polish on my nails.

Every shade is limited edition, which I think is an interesting concept & once they're gone, they're gone forever. Aiming to bring the latest colour trends to your nails, I think this could be a brand to watch!



  1. Wow that's such a beautiful colour! I really love that it isn't streaky, every chalky pink polish I've gotten has had some serious issues with being on the streaky side - annoying!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


    1. I know! They always seem to need a million coats! Xoxo

  2. OPI Mod About You is a great chalky pink. Its one of the few bottles Ive ever got to the end of. :)

    Beauty for Biochemists


  3. What a lovely colour, it's not too over the top either! I love soft pinks for nails.

    louisejoyb x

    1. Me too, they always manage to look so polished and pretty :) xo

  4. A week without chipping? That's amazing! Lovely colour too xx

  5. Ohh it's such a pretty shade! And no chipping? I wonder if we have it here? Thanks for sharing.
    xo Jenny

  6. Oooh it's lovely! I'm going to check out that brand! xx

  7. Oooh I really want to try this now, no chipping for a week sounds amazing! I love this light pinky colour on nails I think it looks so pretty. I use Essie Ballet slippers for it at the moment but it does chip after a few days :(
    Daniella x


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    xx Alina


  9. This is such a gorgeous colour!

    If you want, check out my blog as I'm having my first ever giveaway at the moment!



  10. This color looks absolutely gorgeous!

  11. What a beautiful colour!
    It looks amazing with your skin tone :)


  12. What a gorgeous colour. I've never heard of this brand before


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