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Friday, 28 September 2012

September Sponsor Love #2.

As promised, this is part two of my share the love post for September! I really hope you fall in love with these beautiful blogs as much as I have! See part one here!

As soon as you click on to Mollie's blog and begin reading it's not difficult to tell that she is such a beautiful lady, both inside and out. Mollie loves beauty, fashion, all things crafty, nail polish and she is quite the talented baker if this amazing wedding cake is anything to go by! I promise that you will fall in love with Molly, she's a total sweetheart and I know her blog is going to take off in no time! ♥
Emma is the beautiful lady behind Girl with Make up, which is a blog filled to the brim with her life, her loves and her beauty favourites. I am forever in awe of the amount of products she manages to finish, it's really inspired me to start using thing up! Emma's reviews are particularly wonderful, they're always so in depth and point out the negatives as well as the positives; she's managed to add many products to my ever growing wish list in such a small amount of time!   
Helena's blog is the perfect balance between beauty reviews and more general lifestyle posts! Her recent posts about her trip to Thailand have made me particularly jealous, her photographs manage to capture the atmosphere and beauty so perfectly and it's definitely going on my list of places I'd love to visit! Helena's reviews are always so wonderfully honest and well written, her blog is one to watch! 
Sheri is a beautiful lady with a love for baking cupcakes, floral prints and beautiful things & her blog is such a perfect representation of her. Sheri's outfit posts are among my absolute favourites, her sense of style is so pretty & girly and she has such a perfect collection of dresses! Her reviews always have me lusting after so many new products & Sheri's blog is absolutely one that you will fall in love with instantly!

Fliss is a twenty something fashion design student & has two adorable bunnies named Penelope Baby & Pipkin Blossom. Fliss always manages to find the prettiest dresses & shoes and I always manage to spot something I end up lusting after! The thing I love the most about Fliss's blog is that it gives you a real glimpse into her life and her loves. I really feel as though I've got to know her over the past month and she is such a beautiful person, I know you'll love her too!
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  1. I loooove that you've done these posts! I sometimes find it hard to know where to start looking for lovely new blogs so read, this is my afternoon sorted!
    Kerry x

  2. Thank you so much for the mention :) found some great blogs as well :) xx

  3. Thank you so much for the mention..you are such a total sweetheart :D
    I love your blog love/sponsor posts, they help me to find new reads. Love it! xxx

    Fliss @ The Offbeat Girl
    The Offbeat Girl

    1. Aww yay! You're welcome beautiful! xo

  4. of to check them out ! x

  5. Thanks for the mention Jennie! Am going to have a read of the other blogs now.... xx

  6. Aw thankyou for the mention Jennie! I'm going to go and check out all of these other fabulous bloggers now :D

    Mollie xo


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