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Sunday, 30 September 2012

What I Wore: Lovestruck.

Dress: Lovestruck.♦ Cosy Grey Cardigan: Matalan. Black Cardigan: H&M
Boots: Tribeca Shoes.♦ Nail Polish: Beauty UK Fuchsia. Bracelet: Pandora. Lipstick: Rimmel Nude Pink.

This is the dress that I've been using as a marker for my first weightloss goal, when I received it a few weeks ago I could only just about do the buttons up and now it fits a lot more comfortably, which I'm absolutely over the moon about! Don't get me wrong, I obviously don't look as beautiful in it as the model on the website but I'm currently very happy. Next on my list of areas to work on are my legs! 

I love the sweet all over print and the white collar detailing of this dress, it's the perfect little dress for the beginning of autumn. Lovestruck is such a cute brand, I'm sure you'll find something you fall in love with on their website, I've got my eye on the Georgia top in cream! I'm all set for Autumn with these boots from Tribeca! I love them so much, they are super comfortable and I love the slight edgy feel of them because they're that little bit different to what I normally go for!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday. I'm currently tucked up with a huge mug of tea & a bowl of porridge & fruit preparing to tackle another essay. Right now it feels like I'm a constant essay writing machine, it's not fun at all, but I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end! 



  1. You are looking fantastic Jennie :) <3 xxxx

  2. Such a pretty outfit, the boots are fab. I love putting pretty dresses with chunky boots.
    Congratulations on the weightloss, you look great. x

  3. Well done on your weight loss - I love when your clothes feel better, it's such a motivator! Love the dress and boots and the cardigan looks amazingly cosy!

  4. Well done on your weightloss, you are looking lovely!
    Love this comfy, cosy outfit. I own that matalan cardigan too, it's so cosy :) xx

  5. You look gorge! Love your hair colour too- such a nice blonde!xx

  6. such a cute dress! can't believe the colour on your nails is beauty uk, it's so pretty ! x

  7. the fit of that dress looks so great on you!

  8. The boots offer just the right amount of edge to that outfit! Way to go on your goals! You are such a beauty :)


    marissa florence

    1. Aww thank you beautiful! That's such a lovely thing to hear <3 xo

  9. You look great Jennie! I love the dress with that grey cardigan. That's what I love about Autumn :)


  10. love your shoes and your knitted cardigan :D

  11. You look great in that dress. I like the collar and buttons. Good luck with your essay. I haven't been set any yet- but I have the feeling they're all going to come at once!
    Daniella x


  12. You look gorgoeus, I'm glad you're feeling happy about your body! x


  13. I really like your outfit. That pair of boots are amazing.

  14. I was looking at your pictures thinking, has she lost weight?! and then read that you had! Well done, you look really good! You should feel very proud of yourself :) xx

  15. This dress is pretty awesome <3 I like the print :3 and collar aw :)

  16. Oh hi beautiful :) The dress is stunning & I adore the boots. So pretty x

  17. This dress is lovely! The collar is really nice. The boots look great with it too!

  18. I absolutely love that grey cardi. Really like your boots too :)
    Just to let you know, you're my favourite blog of the month and I forgot to add it to my most recent post so you didn't see it when you commented! Sorry, but I have now :) xo

  19. ooh i love this dress, you look lovely! i'm being sent the same one so these pics have made me even more excited for it to arrive haha. congrats on your weight loss! better fitting clothes has always been the greatest motivator for me :) xx

  20. You look beautiful Jennie, such a lovely contrast of textures, love the cosy cardigan and boots xxx

  21. Seen this dress on a few other blogs and edging ever closer to just going ahead and buying it. Just lovely!xxx


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