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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Set.

Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Set♦ (£28)
I usually find that little brush sets like this are a little bit of a disappointment, the bristles can feel a little scratchy and they can lose their shape really easily. The Safari Chic Brush Set from Japonesque is definitely not a disappointment and I think it would make a perfect little gift for someone who loves make up, or even to yourself if you need a little treat! The packaging is lovely, it doesn't feel cheap at all and I like the continuation of the animal print theme. I've been keeping these three brushes in the little case in my bag for a good few months now and it still looks good as new!

The set comes with a powder brush, a shadow brush and a crease brush that sit nicely in a cute little case, making it perfect for travel or on the go. The powder brush is my favourite in the set, it's a real multi-purpose brush that can be used for powder, blush or bronzer and it does a lovely job at all three! I tend to use it mostly for touching up my blush and powder when I'm out and about. I do think that the set would have benefited from a flat eye shadow brush as the two eye brushes are quite similar. I've been using the smaller of the two eye brushes to touch up my eye make up if I've been wearing any, I have quite oily eye lids so I definitely need to keep an eye on how my shadow is wearing throughout the day. The larger eye brush is definitely on the large side, so might not be for you if you have super small eyes or prefer to have a little more control. I've been using this to blend my concealer and to apply a setting powder under my eyes. It's the perfect size and shape for that and I absolutely love it!

All of the brushes are super soft and although the handles are short, they're not so short that the brushes become difficult to use. The hairs are all synthetic making them perfect for use with cream products, they're super easy to wash and dry really quickly. Although it's a little more expensive than other similar sets, the brushes really are such lovely quality that I think it's worth investing that little bit extra. The brushes are super cute, I love the animal print & I've actually been asked a couple of times when touching up my make up in the ladies room where I got them! I think they're lovely and I like that the brushes are quite versatile, you don't have to use them solely for one job, which is nice!

Have you ever tried any brushes from Japonesque before? 
What do you think of this little set? 


  1. such a cute little set. I keep hearing good things about Japonesque! xx

  2. D'ya know what? all of my brushes are from 17 @ boots. I desperately need a new set, although lancome is good - I still love their bronzer brush! :)
    I love the theme on these brushes though!

  3. I have this set and I love it! xx

  4. I love the packaging of this product. Looks great! :)

  5. Such a cute post dear!!

    Dear, I'm following you also on Bloglovin now, hope you'll follow me back! <3


  6. these brushes look sooo adorable!!! i've been meaning to try them but haven't gotten around to it yet - heard great things about them though and you're just proving the point even more. damn you doll you make me wanna spend money lol

    Miss drifted Snow White

    1. Haha sorry! I really love this set, I think all Japonesque brushes are such good quality! xo

  7. Your blog is unhealthy for my bank balance, I have decided. Or my imaginary bank balance which is more accurate. If I had a bank balance, I wouldn't anymore. Does that make sense? Probably not.. Best stop now Lea..

    Lea x


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  8. no, i have never tried such products, but sounds like these are good ;)!

  9. Oh wow! I've not heard of these before but I love the animal print on them! xo


  10. I've heard so much about these, I have to get them! :)

  11. Been seeing these around lately!!
    I wanna try them! :) Japonesque is a great brand!!
    The Misty Mom

  12. I love that the actual bristles are leopard print, its so clever! I might just have to buy this as a Christmas present for myself!x


  13. This set is actually on my Christmas list :) Love them, they look so pretty (and sound so nice!)
    Daniella x



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