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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sailboat 2012 Reader Survey!

I did one of these last year and your responses were so helpful that I would absolutely love if you could spare 5 minutes to let me know your thoughts again. All your answers will be completely anonymous, so please don't hold back, I promise I won't be offended! I'm planning a few changes for next year & your honesty would be greatly appreciated! If the embedded form below doesn't work you can click here to be taken directly to the questions.

Thank you! 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Twenty Things About Us!

1. If we ever start a band (not going to happen) we already have our album cover picture ready to go. ^^
2. He doesn't like this picture of us but she doesn't have any better ones. We need to take more!
3. We lived three hours apart for the first three years of our relationship. Long distance is not fun.
4. 2013 brings our five year anniversary. Five years! 
5. He likes planes. She doesn't get it.
6. She likes make up. He doesn't get it.
7. He gives her 'the look' if she doesn't tidy up. The look makes her laugh so she makes a mess accidentally on purpose sometimes. Shh!
8. He would like a Jack Russell. She would like a Dachshund. One day.
9. We love cameras.
10. She would like to paint the living room a different colour. He likes the colour it is right now.
11. We're terrible at present giving. We always ask what the other wants so it's hardly ever a surprise.
12. We first met at the beach. 
13. We both have terrible eye sight. We apologise in advance to any future children.
14. She has perfected the perfect pouty face, which usually works pretty well.
15. He lives for the moment. She daydreams a little too often.
16. This will be the second Christmas we will be together, in the same place, for.
17. He doesn't like cooking. She doesn't like washing up. This is perfect.
18. He is the worst sleeper. She can pretty much sleep whenever, wherever.
19. Despite that, she is always the grumpy one in the mornings.
20. We are best friends & so excited to see what the future holds. 


Thursday, 20 December 2012


  • Sometimes I stay in my pyjamas all day & it's pretty much the best thing ever.
  • Sometimes I feel super lonely, but then I remember you and nothing ever feels quite as bad as it did before. 
  • Sometimes I get to the supermarket & forget what I was there to buy so I just guess. I'm usually wrong! 
  • Sometimes I think so much about the future that I forget to live in the moment.
  • Sometimes when I'm baking chocolate brownies I lick the spoon just like I did when I was 5 and get chocolate everywhere.
  • Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am.
  • Sometimes I add things I've already done to my to-do lists and check them off straight away so I feel super productive!
  • Sometimes I forget to dream big. And no one got anywhere special by just dreaming small. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

REN Moroccan Rose Experience Gift Set: Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea!

It's no secret that REN is one of the skincare brands of the moment, with it's beautiful products packed full of great ingredients combined with lovely and functional packaging. If you're still on the lookout for the perfect gift for the woman that seemingly has everything & gets more difficult to buy for each year, I don't think you can go far wrong with the REN Moroccan Rose Experience Gift Set as long as they like rose scents! There's free shipping on orders over £20 and 10% off your first order, just to tempt you a little more!

REN Moroccan Rose Experience Gift Set♦ (£32)
Firstly, the packaging doesn't fail to impress, it looks beautiful and even better, the box feels really sturdy and could definitely be used as storage after all the products are used up. Inside are four really good sized products from REN's award winning Moroccan Rose range guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to bath time.
Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash. // Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil. // Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil. // Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream. 

The Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash cleanses the skin perfectly while nourishing and leaving behind a delicate rose scent. It lathers into a beautiful rich foam that feels effortlessly luxurious and the essential oils leave your mind feeling equally as cleansed. It's very uplifting which is impressive from a body wash, so I wasn't surprised to learn that it's been InStyle's favourite for 10 years in a row!

The Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil is one of the star products of this gift set in my opinion. This bath oil leaves your skin feeling wonderfully moisturised and conditioned but never oily or greasy. It has the same relaxing scent so a bath with this is the perfect way to end a particularly stressful day. The best part? It doesn't leave an oily residue in the bath!

The second star of this gift set is the Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil. This really helps to lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and looking super healthy. It's absorbed into the skin really quickly without leaving an oily or sticky residue so you're not left for ages wanting to put your pyjamas on! This absolutely feels like a super luxurious product, it's perfect!

The final product is the Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream, and like the other products it doesn't disappoint. This hydrates beautifully, is easily absorbed and leaves the most perfect scent on the skin. This whole gift set is definitely a treat for your skin as well as your mind.

If this particular gift set doesn't float your boat, there are lots more to choose from and you can be safe in the knowledge that who ever gets to open this on Christmas morning won't be disappointed!

Are you a lover of REN Skincare? 
Have you done all your Christmas shopping or are you a last minute shopper? 

Sunday, 16 December 2012


This is a short tale of a vibrant young man, with so much love to give, knowledge to share with the world and his whole life in front of him. He was the kindest, most gentle and humble person you could ever hope to meet and he was one of those people who had the ability to light up a room as soon as he walked in. Always putting everyone else before himself, helping anyone in any way he possibly could without ever expecting anything in return. A real one in a million, someone that can't ever be replaced and one that is missed by many every single day.

He was 'different'. Not to those who loved him, to us he was exactly the same as everyone else. But to others, who for reasons I can't even begin to understand, it was something to poke fun at, to laugh at, to mock, day in and day out for what felt like an eternity. As confident and outgoing as he was on the outside, on the inside he was frightened, his heart was broken and one day everything became too much. There's no blame anywhere, there's no anger, there's nothing. Just sadness. That smile is gone. The kindness he should have shared with so many more people is gone. His light is no longer shining here. It was turned off in the cruelest of ways and as each day passes & the days turn into years it feels a little less raw but it never really gets any easier. There's an extra star in the sky, one that shouldn't be there quite yet, but now shines brightly each night. Sweet dreams sweetheart.
Please don't ever let anyone tell you it's not okay to be different. It's important to be yourself because in life all you really need to do is be the best possible version of yourself. Do what makes you happy. Smile everyday. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Make the most of every single day because we're not here forever. It's a short time so you have to make it a good time! There will always be people, who for whatever reason, don't like you & you don't like them. And that's okay too. By our very nature it's impossible to get on with everyone all of the time. Please don't single anyone out. Please don't laugh at anyone. We're all guilty of walking down the street and thinking 'ooh that person's hat looks terrible', but why not instead focus on something positive about that person? Maybe they're wearing a pretty dress or their lipstick really suits them. Positivity and kindness and love is something that isn't celebrated enough sometimes. If you're going through a hard time right now, please believe me when I say that it will get better. There's always someone, somewhere there to listen if you need it, please remember that.

Life is precious.
Make the most of it.
And be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Always.

i love you.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

December 2012 GlossyBox - Festive Celebrations!

December 2012 GlossyBox♦ (£12.95 per month)
When I opened the December 2012 GlossyBox, with the theme of festive celebrations, I must admit I was expecting to be wowed. I had already seen a few variations of the box and they seem a bit hit & miss. Although I'm not as wowed as I thought I would be, there are a few products in here that I'm looking forward to trying out. The box itself is a pretty silver colour & I love the starry tissue paper inside - I think Ralphie will particularly look forward to shredding that this afternoon!
I'll start with the perfume sample, which is my least favourite thing from the box. This is Lemon by Mary Greenwell and it's just not my cup of tea at all. It's quite a fresh scent that doesn't seem too heavy, I just personally prefer more floral scents.

Next is a nail polish from Seche in the colour Elegant which is described as a bronze shimmer. This shade isn't for me, it almost looks slightly coppery and although it's a beautiful colour, it's a bit too far away from the pink polishes I usually go for. This is a full size and retails for £9.95 & if you use the code SecheGlossy at the checkout, you can buy one & get one free from the Seche range! 

I received two body lotions this month, which I actually don't mind because my skin is crazy dry right now & I'm going through lotion like there's no tomorrow! The first is from a brand called SebaMed and it's their Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion. This claims to calm dry & sensitive skin to relieve tension and irritation. It doesn't have a scent really and the packaging is quite medicinal looking so I'm hoping it'll really help my dry legs. The full size 20ml body lotion retails for £6.99 so it's pretty reasonable! (Err, I would link it but my computer seems to think their website is a bit dodgy so I can't!)

The next body lotion is the Magic Touch Cherry Blosson & Rice Milk body cream from Rituals. I think Rituals is a really great brand and the scent of this is so lovely! It's a really delicate scent and this promises to nourish the skin leaving it feeling silky soft. I'm really looking forward to this one & it's a great sample size at 70ml. The website say that this is a best selling product & I can already see why. This 70ml size retails for £5 and the larger 200ml tub is £20, a little on the pricey side, but like I said, Rituals is a lovely brand.

The last two products are make up items and these really make the box for me, I always love trying out new make up products. The first is a little bonus GlossyBox blush in the shade Glossy Rosewood & it looks like a really pretty rosy pink with a touch of purple. I really like the GlossyBox lipstick from a previous box so I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Finally, the last product is the star of the box in my opinion & it's one of the Sleek Matte Lipsticks in the shade Amped. I have never tried a Sleek lipstick before and this colour is just stunning so I'm very excited! I think I'll have to layer on the lipbalm because it's a matte shade, but this is definitely a statement lip colour which is perfect for party time! This is a full size & retails for a super bargainous £4.99!

Overall, this is a box I would put in the 'oh that was quite nice' category. Everything will get used or given to someone who I know will like it, except perhaps the perfume sample, and maybe I'll find a new favourite product after giving everything a try!

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox? 
What do you think of this month's box?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Organic Surge Nature's Winter Wonders Bundle: A Christmas Gift Idea!

Providing a top to toe pamper opportunity, the Organic Surge Nature's Winter Wonders bundle would make such a beautiful Christmas gift for someone you love! With 6 products, aimed to give your skin a little extra nourishment & protection from the bitterly cold weather, it's the perfect little bundle to get you through the day while looking forward to a little alone time in the evening - hello relaxation!
Organic Surge Nature's Winter Wonders Bundle♦ (£29.95)
The bundle includes the Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser, which is an intriguing little product because it is super nourishing but it sinks into the skin instantly, leaving no oily residue at all. The Moisture Boost Shampoo & Moisture Boost Conditioner are a nice duo, I have quite oily hair but they don't leave my hair feeling or looking weighed down, they lather nicely and really help to tame my hair making it look smoother. The Gentle Meadow Body Lotion is my least favourite product from the bundle, but only because I'm not the biggest fan of lavender scents and I certainly can't fault the product itself because I've still been using it every day. It's a really light feeling lotion but it's soothing and hydrating without leaving you feeling sticky or greasy.

The Sugared Almond Shower Gel is just amazing, the scent is gorgeous, it's sweet without being too much and I really do feel like my skin is left feeling more moisturised after using this. It's not a scent that lingers very long on the skin, I would love if they made a body lotion with this scent - yummy! Finally, my favourite product from the bundle is the Spiced Lily Foaming Bath. The best way I can describe the scent of this is that it's like a warm fruit bread that you've just taken out of the oven, it's a really warm scent that's not too spicy but it leaves you feeling instantly more relaxed.

Organic Surge is a wonderfully affordable brand that prides itself on the use of good quality ingredients that your skin will love. Each product is formulated without parabens, SLS and other harsh chemicals & they're not tested on animals. Not only do the products feel super luxurious and more expensive than they actually are, you can be assured that Organic Surge as a brand work hard to offer help and support to communities who aren't fortunate enough to have everything they need. So not only do you (or someone you love) get to enjoy lovely products, someone's life somewhere else in the world will get a little easier. It's a win win, and this year Organic Surge has become one of my all time favourite brands.

I like that each product is full sized and they're available individually as well, so if you or the person you're buying for really falls in love with one or two products in particular, they can purchase those whenever they want to! This bundle is currently on sale at £29.95 and if you purchase from the Organic Surge website there's currently free UK delivery on orders over £20. 

Have you ever tried anything from Organic Surge before? 
What do you think of this bundle?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Marc B Knightsbridge Quilted Bag: What's in my handbag?

Marc B Knightsbridge Quilted Bag♦ // Disaster Designs Dandy Wallet. // Sony Xperia U & eBay Case. // MAC Fresh Air Tinted Lipglass. // Hello Kitty Mirror. // Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream. // Cough sweets. // Japonesque Blush Brush♦ // Burberry Body perfume. // Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose 100% Organic Balm. // Dior Rosy Glow blush.
It's safe to say that the Marc B Knightsbridge Bag is the closest to a Chanel bag that I'm ever likely to get, but that's okay because I happen to really really love this bag! There's something I will always like about black quilted bags with a gold chain handle, it's a classic combination and I especially like that this bag is casual enough to use daily, but still nice enough to wear out on date night! I must say, it's much more roomy inside than you'd think with multiple pockets & compartments but it's not too bulky.

The bag comes with a detachable heart charm that I've put on my keys, but as you can tell from the lack of keys in the pictures, I've put them in a safe place and forgotten where said safe place is. Oops! I like that the charm is detachable and they haven't put a huge logo on the front of the bag, I think that if you're familiar with the brand it's recognisable as Marc B and if not, it just looks classic and chic.

My boyfriend and I went out to run a few errands (and pick out our new Christmas tree ornament each for the year!) & this is what I took. I have a million and one outfits I need to photograph but my boyfriend has been working away for the last few weeks so we haven't been able to spend much time together and blog things have been somewhat put on hold whenever I do get to see him.

I'm still using my Disaster Designs Dandy Wallet and I love it. It's held its shape really well and doesn't look tatty at all despite daily use. I am kind of lusting after something new though, maybe something black with gold hardware but I'm super picky so I'll have to keep an eye out! Other than that I always have my phone, complete with super cute cat phone case that's totally obnoxious but I adore it and a few make up items. I'm not really one for touching up my make up throughout the day but I like to have a lip balm, a gloss (this is just a MAC one that I'm trying to use up) and a blush. This Japonesque blush brush is the perfect size to pop in my bag and it applies blush perfectly, I really don't use it as much as I should!

What's in your bag right now? 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blogmas Day 8: Five Things & Five Blogs I Love Friday #41 (errr, on a Saturday - oops!)

So, I missed a day of blogmas yesterday! I was trying to get a video edited and uploaded but I totally remembered why I don't edit videos on my super old laptop, the two just don't mix. Needless to say I got super annoyed and spent the rest of the evening flouncing around in a huff. What can I say? Always a child at heart. That's only child syndrome right there, getting annoyed when things don't go my own way!

One. Christmas Decorations!  

If it were possible (i.e. if I were allowed to!) I would totally leave Christmas decorations up all year round. Although, in a way I'm glad I'm not allowed to do that because I think they would lose a bit of their magic if they were up all the time. I love all the colours, all the tinsel & all the fairy lights everywhere. They just put me in a happy mood and make me smile a lot!
Two. Bubble Baths! 

As soon as the temperature drops I become quite the bubble bath addict. My current favourite bubble baths are the Neom Luxury Organics Tranquility Bath Foam, which is super relaxing & perfect for before bedtime and the Organic Surge Spiced Lily Foaming Bath which smells super festive and absolutely gorgeous!  

I was lusting over this little blush duo as soon as I saw it popping up on blogs a few weeks ago and although it took a little while, I eventually caved and purchased! I'm a huge fan of Illamasqua blushes and I've been eying up both of these shades for months! I haven't ever hit pan (or even been close!) on a blush before so I don't mind that these are a little smaller than a regular blush and I like having them both together. I'm hoping that Illamasqua will bring out some more duos soon, especially a cream duo because that would be amazing!

Four. The Cold Weather!

This might seem like a crazy thing to love, when it's so cold, but I just love it! I hate hate hate feeling too hot, but the cold I can totally deal with. I'm all about the chunky scarves, thick jumpers & ear muffs! The skies get a beautiful icy blue grey glaze and that familiar crunch of the frost bitten grass underfoot is sheer perfection!

Five. Embracing a healthy lifestyle. 
I have a bit of a ramble about this in my current non beauty favourites video that will be uploaded as soon as I can get it edited, but it's so nice to be able to see a difference after deciding to implement a bit of a lifestyle change. I'm fully aware that I will never be a size 8, it's just not how I'm meant to be but I have a goal in mind and I'm getting closer to it!

What have you been loving this week?
Any favourite blogs?

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Blogmas Day 6 - The Christmas Tag!

As soon as I saw this tag I got excited. I love tags & I love Christmas, so this is absolutely perfect! I was tagged by Aly from Wonderland Beauty, thank you so much Aly! ♥
 1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
It's definitely getting to spend real, quality time with my loved ones! Everyone's in the festive spirit, full of smiles and excitement & it's a time that you really get to slow down and appreciate those wonderful people who make your life extra special. I'm definitely a family person, we have a small little family unit and I love how close we all are. And you all get to wear those silly paper hats from the crackers. There's nothing like some family bonding time wearing silly paper hats!

2. What is your favourite make up look for the festive season?
I'm all about the bright lip colours for sure! I absolutely adore Revlon Cherries in the Snow lipstick which is an intense pinky-red shade and I just recently purchased True Red from Revlon which is, as the name suggests, a true red! They're both beautiful and they feel especially lovely to wear during December!

3. Real or fake tree?
As much as I would love a real tree, my naughty puppy would only try and eat it. Or worse. Pee on it! So we have a fake tree, which I don't mind too much. We made it a full 5 days into December before said naughty puppy pinched one of the decorations from the tree and destroyed it! To be honest it was 5 days more than we were expecting and he did it very carefully because he didn't pull the tree over completely! Impressive, huh?!

4. Giving or receiving presents?
As lovely as it is to receive presents, I get most excited about shopping for gifts for other people and then watching them open them on Christmas morning. Present buying can be a little stressful, but I try to start as early as possible and look for something I know the person will love and make them smile!

5. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
My mama and I are actually very naughty and stay up until past midnight on Christmas Eve, so I guess technically it is Christmas day, & open our presents. What can I say? We just can't wait! When I was a little girl though I had to wait until I'd actually been to sleep, but I took great pleasure in waking my parents up super early because I was so excited to run downstairs to see if Santa had been. I always left out a little glass of brandy, a cookie & a carrot for Rudolph! The carrot was always slightly nibbled but the cookie & brandy were always completely gone. I wonder why?!

6. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?
Handmade cards are always SO perfect & if I were creative enough I would absolutely make my own. Sadly though whenever I try it looks like a 3 year old has made them, so I tend to stick to bought cards. If you shop around you can find some beautiful cards on the highstreet and I always try to find cards that suit the person I'm giving it too.
A VERY old picture of me one Christmas! I think I was 19 here & super slim! Hello eyeliner & super swoopy side fringe!
 7. What is your favourite Christmas film?
Oh gosh, this is a difficult question and I think my answer would change every time you asked! Right now I would say Miracle on 34th Street though I think! It's such a cute film and it always makes me smile whenever I watch it! Do you believe?
Magical ♥
 8. What is your favourite Christmas food? 
One of my favourite things about Christmas Day is the food. It's the one day of the year I allow myself to go totally crazy and eat whatever and how much I want. A late afternoon nap is usually needed because of all the food eaten! We always have a yummy dinner with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, lots of veggies & gravy, which I love. And then of course, a lot of chocolates are consumed. Ooh, we always have a Terry's Chocolate Orange or two, it's kind of a mini tradition so I'd say that is my favourite Christmas food! It's not Terry's, it's mine! Yummy ♥ 

If you've done this tag, leave a link in the comments & if you haven't...
... I tag: YOU!

P.S.  I hope you're loving Blogmas as much as I am! Don't forget to check out yesterdays make up storage post here

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Make Up Storage: Blogmas Day 5!

These Ikea Moppe drawers were something I looked at every time I was in store & it wasn't until I saw an instagram post from Bubblegarm that I decided to purchase. She is super creative and covered her set of Ikea drawers in fabric and I thought they looked so pretty, so I pinched her idea and did the same. Mine aren't as neat & the drawers don't close properly because I put too much fabric on (I'll peel some of it off at some point but for now I'm not in the mood!) but I'm really happy with them, mostly because it now means I have room for more make up. Even though I don't need any more. I only have one face. *Repeats to self*. I only have one face...

I still love my acrylic drawers from Homebase but I didn't want to get anymore because a) I think any more stacked on top would look a bit silly and b) they don't really hold very much & I had a few products with chunkier packaging (MAC Face & Body and the ELF HD Powder) that just don't fit. Definitely going to keep the ones I have though because it's nice being able to see where everything is & it makes me keep everything tidy! 

I was in Tesco the other evening doing grocery shopping (am I the only one that feels like they spend half their life in supermarkets?!) and I spotted this little Christmas tree, all on its lonesome. I felt bad for it and it made its way into my trolley. Seriously, it was 84p. They'd reduced it from 98p. That made me chuckle.

My next project is the table, it was a cheapy purchase from Argos many years ago so it's done well, it just doesn't look very pretty. I have some cream paint that I think I'm going to use & I might change the drawer knobs to something a little more sparkly. Now, I just need to get around to it. If only there were more hours in the day, eh? That'd be nice!

How do you store your make up? I'd love to know/see!
If you have a blog post about it, link me in the comments!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Favourite Autumn & Winter Blushes: Blogmas Day Four!

When the cooler months arrive, with that distinct chill in the air and that all too familiar biting wind that only the chunkiest of scarves can combat, I find myself reaching for one of two colour families of blusher; neutral or super bright. Before this year I would have said that I don't change my make up for the seasons, but I was wrong, I totally do without even really noticing! Autumn and Winter make up to me is either a bold cheek & nude lip or a nude cheek and bright lip.

Being the total blusher freak/weirdo/addict/obsessive (please choose any of the above or any other alternative you would like) I could quite easily mention 15 blushes here, but I won't. Instead I'll be good, restrained even. Maybe. No, to be honest I think you'll still need a cup of tea to get through this post, but I'll try not to ramble. I promise. I have 6 to mention, a good mixture of high end and more affordable options.

Starting with the more neutral shades, the ultimate for me is NARS Penny Lane cream blush. There's no denying that at over £20 these are pricey, but I think if you find a colour in the range that you really love, the formula won't let you down and I don't think you'd be disappointed. This is a cream to powder blush and it easily lasts all day on my skin without needing to reapply at all. The way I would describe this shade is that it's the blush that will go with any make up look, be it a nude and neutral to a smokey eye to a bright lip. When I'm wearing a red or bight pink lip shade this is the blush shade I will reach for 99% of the time.

A similar blush, with a slightly thicker formula and a considerably lower price tag is the NYX Cream Blush in Natural. This wears quite well throughout the day, not as well as the NARS blush but it's still a lovely product. Again, a very neutral shade with a touch more pink so this is one I reach for when I'm wearing a brighter lip. This stays slightly dewy on my dry skin throughout the day which is nice, if I want a more matte look this looks equally as nice when set with a little translucent powder or a similar powder blush shade.

Vivo Cosmetics Rosy is a beautiful baked blush, it's super affordable and the colour is a pretty soft pink shade when blended on to the cheeks. It's not heavily pigmented, but you can build the colour up to be pretty strong but it never looks too much. This is the blush I reach for when I want a really soft, girly and natural looking make up. This looks lovely with a shimmery highlighter on the tops of the cheek bones to give a fresh and awake look.

Prime Time cream blush from Topshop is one of the newer additions to my blush collection but I think it's absolutely stunning. This has a really lovely cream to powder formulation and I find these wear really well throughout the day. I get a touch of fading, but importantly it fades evenly so your blush never looks patchy or odd and you don't have to touch up if you don't want to. It looks pretty bright in the pan but on the cheeks is softens slightly. Don't get me wrong, this is a statement pink shade and if you're fair like I am you'll need to be careful when applying but it's not overpowering and I think this is a shade that will suit a lot of skin tones. At £6 I think it's a total bargain because they're such good quality.

Illamasqua Laid was a blush I looked at a million times before I finally got it and I am so glad that I did. This is a shade I loved during the warm weather and I love it just as much now. It's quite similar to Topshop Prime Time in terms of colour but I'd say this is ever so slightly deeper in tone. You definitely wouldn't need both, but I think they are still different enough to justify having them both, if that makes sense. Illamasqua cream blushes will always be my favourite cream blush formulation, if you have super oily skin I don't think they would work that well for you, but if you have dry skin these are beautiful because they're so dewy and gorgeous! It barely looks like I've used any because it's so pigmented but I reach for this all the time so although they're pricey, I think they're worth every penny! To see a more in depth review & pictures of how this looks on my complexion, click here!

Finally, Illamasqua Tweak powder blush is my ultimate Winter blush. I know it looks super scary in the pan and a few years ago I would have looked at this and gone 'woah' and put it back down, but this is stunning on the cheeks! It's a red based hot pink colour and the tiniest amount on the cheeks gives the perfect rosy glow, that I've just walked in from the cold look that I love so much. It has a completely matte finish without looking dry & if you're ever near an Illamasqua counter, give this a try because I bet you'll love it! I have a separate review & a picture of how it looks on my complexion & to see that click here.

What is your all time favourite Autumn/Winter blush?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Hello Blogmas & A Beauty Wish List!

Some of my absolute favourite YouTubers are doing Vlogmas this year, vlogging every day until Christmas, which I was actually considering doing until I remembered that my life is definitely not interesting enough right now! I think quite a few bloggers are doing Blogmas instead and although I'm not entirely sure of the 'rules' I'm going to do it too! I'm going to try and blog every day this month, just because I feel like I've been neglecting this little piece of the internet in recent weeks and I've missed it. I've missed you! So if there's anything in particular you'd like to see this month, let me know & I'll add it to my list! ♥

My make up wish list is getting out of control, I've been watching lots of beauty videos recently and I keep finding more & more new products that look incredible. So it's almost totally not my fault, right?! I blame those talented YouTubers!

1. DiorSkin Nude Shimmer Instant Illuminating Powder.
2. DiorSkin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer. 
3. Dior 5 Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette.
4. Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera. 
5. Dior Crème de Rose. 
6. Stila Brush Set. 
7. DiorSkin Nude Compact Nude Glow Versatile Powder Make Up. 

Are there any beauty items on your wish list at the moment? 
Are you doing Vlogmas or Blogmas this year?

Saturday, 1 December 2012