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Sunday, 16 June 2013

A little story & hello new layout!

You know when you start something you've been meaning to do for a little while and you're really excited to start but you get a little more than half way through and you realise it's taking far longer that you thought it would. And then something goes wrong and it takes a really bloody long time to figure out where you went wrong and learn how to fix it. At a crucial point in the saving process your internet decides it would be so hilarious to flash on and off constantly for at least twenty minutes. It's around here that all excitement you had at the start has collected its coat, said goodbye and left the room.

Then, because you were silly and started really late at night, 5am rolls around and although you really would like to go to sleep and you're longing for a comfortable bed with a super warm duvet, you know you won't be able to drop off until you're finished. It's too late to go back so you reach for the coffee (and a few hobnobs) and power through. Things look up a little when you finally figure out where you messed up and you know how to fix it, a little happy dance is entirely appropriate at this point. Then a small furry little guy notices you're actually awake and starts stomping in his hutch threatening to wake up everyone within a 10 mile radius and give you a migraine unless you promptly let him out and supply him with lots of treats. That's Ralph