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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Giveaway: Purminerals Beautiful Creatures Palette! [Now Closed]

Hello! Happy June! As a little thank you for reading my ramblings and always always always being so lovely to me I want to start doing a few more little giveaways here and there. Unfortunately I can't buy a little gift for each and every one of you, if I could I totally would, but I hope that this is the next best thing! 
Today I'm super excited to be giving away a Purminerals Beautiful Creatures Palette which, as far as I know, is limited edition and only available in the US. Inside is a palette with 8 beautiful shadows, there are a few nude shades, a gorgeous moss green & some purples too. I think there are a lot of beautiful looks that can be created & I know one of you will absolutely love this palette and be able to get creative with it. There is also a black eyeliner and a pretty neutral pinky gloss included as well.

The Rules:
1. Be a follower of this blog via either Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'.
2. Leave a comment on this post telling me one thing that made you smile this week!
3. Leave your email address or twitter name with your comment so I can contact you if you win!

And that's it! Good Luck! 

Terms & Conditions.
This giveaway will close at midnight BST on Sunday June 8th 2013. It's open internationally, if I can post to your country I will. There will be one winner, chosen at random on Monday June 9th 2013 and they will be contacted directly by me. If you're underage please ask permission to enter from your parent/guardian because I'll need your postal address if you do win. Good Luck!


  1. lovely giveaway, one thing that has made me smile this week is having a barbeque with my family who i dont get to see much anymore, i really hope the weather stays!

  2. What a beautiful palette, I love the colours! The thing that made me smile this week was being greeted my my 8 month old puppy after being away from him all day, he is always so happy to see you! :) xxu

    Twitter: @beautyfiend_ Email: beautyfiend13@gmail.com

  3. I'm a follower on GFC as hannah. and also follow on Bloglovin but I'm not sure what my username is, sorry - I am so forgetful!
    Hmm, the thing that made me smile the most this week is that news that our new house finally went through yesterday - yay, finally, officially moving house after a year of searching - so winning this giveaway would be a lovely house warming gift haha! :)
    My email is hannah_in_pyjamas@msn.com

    Thank you for such a lovely giveaway xxx

  4. That palette looks gorgeous and I would love to enter the giveaway!
    My best friend made me smile this week, I'd had a bad few days and was a bit down - next thing I know she's sent me a card through the post and a huge bag of sweets to help cheer me up. Definitely my best friend for a reason!
    Your blog is one of my favourites, keep doing what your doing.
    My twitter is @ElsieOD

  5. Great give away! Something that made me smile this week was getting a text off my boyfriend's mum that said "big jugs" at the end instead of "big hugs" haha!

    My email address is brutalfashionandbeauty@hotmail.co.uk

    Twitter: Medusa_Roisin



  6. This palette looks so amazing!
    I finished uni yesterday - couldn't stop smiling!!! :D

    I'm having a giveaway to win Essie & Calvin Klein if you're interested pop over :) xx

    Rachael | beautypea.com

  7. Hi Jennie great giveaway one thing that made me smile this week was my little cousin William watching Spongebob Square pant whilst biting his toe nails it was super cute
    skinally@yahoo.co.uk @sarahkinally

  8. Love the colours in the palette.

    Something that made me smile was the male impressionist on britain's got talent, love his crazy faces

    I follow on gfc and bloglovin

    satan_51 at hotmail dot com

  9. I follow via @ Bloglovin
    My friends news that she is pregnant made me smile this week.

  10. I follow via bloglovin :)
    What made me happy was seeing my new baby cousin for the first time out of the hospital, she was born premature and is only just out! :)

  11. Whoa, okay so my bf made me smile this week, he is my bestfriend!!! I followed via GFC!!! Love your blog!

    Info: lexusfay@gmail.com or twitter>>>Lexusfay

  12. My little brother made me smile cos after not seeing him for a week he was so excited to see me he said everything three times :) my twitter handle is @moukismusic and email is moukismusic@gmail.com I follow on bloglovin :)

  13. I follow with GFC & the one thing that made me smile this week was my kitten sleeping on my head! jadejetley@hotmail.co.uk or @jetleyjade :) x

  14. I'm following via blogloving as Debbie Hercock.

    Spending time in the garden with my little girl in the sunshine and seeing her face when she played with her new sandpit for the first time made me smile.

    email addy: debbiehercock@gmail.com

  15. What a beautiful palette! So sweet of you to do this giveaway! :)
    One thing that made me smile this week (today, in fact) is that it's now officially June, which means I get to see my girlfriend in 22 days, after 2 months of being apart! It always makes me so happy knowing that I can hold her hand again.
    @lucyliz on twitter! :) xx

  16. Woww This palette looks so amazing!

    I got to know abt my friend's engagement and i couldn't stop smiling!!!

    I follow ur blog via gfc as Sadi.

    email: sadia.latif10@gmail.com

    Twitter : Sad20ful

    thanks alot

  17. Such a fab little kit. I am a GFC follower and my email is lipstickergosum@hotmail.com

    Spending four hours with my mum at the garden centre then gardening and her teaching me all kinds of tips and tricks has made me smile a lot. She lives in france so it was special time. x

  18. my boys make me smile everyday but taking them on special days out this week has made my smile a whole lot wider!

    my e-mail is remi411@hotmail.com thanks x

  19. Hi Jennie,

    I follow via blog loving.
    The one thing that made me smile this week was taking my 10 year old staffy cross to his first day at doggie daycare, felt like a proud mum. When I picked him up at the end of the day, he looked so happy!

    Email address is withlove.paris@gmail.com
    Paris xx

  20. I completed my second year of uni this week and has an amazing end of year ball which made me smile. My email is lil-jazzie@hotmail.co.uk

    Jazzie x

  21. Such a beautiful palette ♥

    I follow you via GFC and Bloglovin´(dilandilir/Dilan Dilir)

    One thing that made me smile this week is the sun. It has been shining all week! :)

    E-mail: dilandilir@thingsyouremember.com

  22. GFC: miarsi ningsih
    Email: miarsiku at gmail dot com
    Twitter user: @miarsiku
    the colours look like great:) hope i can win xoxo
    my best friend made me smile this week,we go out together :)

  23. I followed by Bloglovin / azomyr20

    Well, my kitten was really sick but this week she was cured! I am so Happy!


  24. This palette looks so pretty! Seeing my friend for the first time in months after she moved to uni made me smile this week. :) My e-mail is spiderleglashes[AT]live.com! xo

  25. follow you via GFC and bloglovin :) I've got to say that the biggest thing that's put a smile on my face this week is finally being home with my family for the summer and knowing my boyfriends coming to stay next week! :)

    Hope you're all good love!

    Lorna xx

    Studs and Dreams

  26. Lovely giveaway, Jennie, this looks gorgeous!
    One thing that made me smile this week was sitting in the pub with my friends after our last-ever exam and discussing where we hope our lives go from here :)
    I follow on GFC and my Twitter is @JustJesssBlog :)

    Jess xo

  27. That's such a lovely palette! I moved to a new flat yesterday and it definitely made me smile...in fact I may had shed a (happy) tear or two! x
    twitter : @ampersaand

  28. What an amazing giveaway Jennie, thankyou for being so generous!

    My terminally ill bestfriend was told her lung function had improved enough for her to go home early from her hospital stay. It definitely put a smile in my face when she turned up a week early for movie night!

    My email address is molliemuses@hotmail.co.uk

    Mollie xo

  29. Lovely giveaway :)
    One thing that made me smile this week was the customer at work who came into the shop dressed as a pirate, not something you see every day!
    I follow on GFC and my email is beth.toasty@gmail.com

  30. Hey Jennie!
    Two days ago I finished reading "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë, and the ending brought me both tears and smiles.
    Such a great ending for an amazing book!
    My Twitter is @souvenez and my email address is vinyl.sounds.better@hotmail.com
    Lots of love,

  31. One thing that made me smile this week was my mum when she told me that we were going on holiday :D

    Email: annalisegrech@gmail.com

    Annalise xx

  32. Fantastic giveaway!

    My best friend (of 26 years - that makes me feel old - been besties since age 6) gave birth to a healthy baby boy this week. This realy made me smile (and cry a little too) :)

    tennesseehollow @ gmail.com

  33. This palette looks beautiful, thanks for holding a giveaway!
    I followed through GFC and one thing that made me smile this week: feeling my baby move!
    My twitter is @xlovehappyx, hope you join me there ;)
    And don't forget to enter my Summer Giveaway! ♥

  34. Lovely prize! I follow via bloglovin and I think gfc too! Something that made me smile this week was finding a lovely skirt in a charity shop for 2.99! It's the small things!

    Xo Amie

  35. What a cute shadows , what make me smile this week was that for that first time my baby move that was the best experience .
    Im following by google

  36. Gorgeous palette :) I already follow you on both my lovely.
    What made me smile this week would probably have to be (very sad and pathetic I know) getting past level 79 on Candy Crush! I had been stuck on 79 for 3 weeks and I just couldn't get past it, so getting past it was a huge relief haha!
    Twitter @Makeup_Magpie
    missmakeupmagpie @ gmail . com


  37. Love this palette! Having delicious Memorial Day dinner with a bunch of my friends on Monday made me smile this week :) My email is lookaftermyheart1901(at)gmail(dot)com.

  38. well there were alot of things that made me smile this week but the special one is seeing my hubby's smile.


  39. Aw you're so nice to do a giveaway :) Today at work (Glenfiddich), when I was giving a tour, the rain was thundering down so hard on the roof that I couldn't hear myself shouting to them for the din. All we could do was laugh. I smile each time I think about it :) Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World xx

  40. Thanks for the giveaway! The thing that made me smile this week was my boyfriend telling me that he will be coming back from his out-of-province summer job earlier than planned! :)

    Have you entered my giveaway? :)

  41. what a fab giveaway, perfect to make one smile. Just stumbled upon your blog and discovered this lovely range of products, one good reason to grin and smile at middle of the night.

    Little kisses from my boyfriend while we were on holiday, watching a full moon on a ink blue sky made me forget everything and smile non stop.



  42. going to the beach with my friend and getting ice cream

  43. Great giveaway! Turning the Calendar to the month of June, made me smile the longest this week since it's my birthday month! :D
    E-mail: martinaroy.ac@gmail.com

  44. following on bloglovin (Jamie)

    seeing my cousins this week made me smile


  45. Lovely giveaway, im following on both gfc and bloglovin as Leigh Fenn. The weather made me smile this week! Sunshine finally, :)


  46. Hearing my baby cousins singing One Direction thats what makes you beautiful! It was SO cute! :D


  47. Ah i have been debating weather or not to buy this palette for the longest time now, it is gorgeous. A thing that made me smile this week was this little girl at work saying "dank you" in the most adorable little kid voice, and then wanting to pay with the single dollar she had. She was so adorable.
    I follow you through both i think, but google friend connect, and my email is nancy.owls2011@gmail.com

  48. What a lovely prize.
    I follow via GFC.
    The sunshine (at last!) made me smile this week.

  49. My dad made me smile by gifting me a giftcard of 50$ , it was an extra reward :) Thanks for this pretty giveaway .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  50. I love the look of this palette! I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Something that made me smile this week: Watching my bunnies play outside in the sunshine!

    My twitter is @thetechbunny and my emails is admin@techbunny.net

  51. I'm following by GFC :)

    I saw an awesome band called Caravan Palace yesterday which made me smile lots!
    My email is emmerliejay@hotmail.co.uk and twitter is @emmerliejay

    emmerliejay x

  52. I follow by GFC Esme Peirce and Bloglovin Esmexox

    It was sunny the other day so me and my best friend went for a walk and ate loads of ice cream :)

    My twitter is @hi_its_esme and my email is esme.peirce@hotmail.com xo

  53. Thank you for running this giveaway.

    Going to the beach with my friends made me smile.

    Following your blog via GFC - lisa

    @Lisa2062 Twitter

  54. I follow via Bloglovin' and GFC. The No1 thing that made me smile this week was trying on and buying my first size 14 shorts since forever! I have recently lost quite a bit of weight (I was a size 22!) and I sobbed my little heart out in the changing rooms in Forever 21. To be fair I think I'm actually a 16 and the shorts were very stretchy denim, but I was so chuffed!

    My doggie Boo has also had his hair cut in time for the summer and he looks so funny with a no1 - it makes me smile every time I see him!

    Jen xx

  55. Hi, i'm following with bloglovin' (:
    great giveaway.
    something that made me smile yesterday was having a great bbq with closest friends :)

  56. gorgeous palette! my pup made me smile this week. he's a cutie!!

  57. Thanks for this giveaway, the palette has such pretty colours! Following your blog through GFC. One thing that made me smile this week was dinner with my friends. sleepandwater@gmail.com

  58. The colours in the palette look so pretty :) nice mix of shades :) what made me smile this week is was the look on my mums face when I surprised her with a girly lunch and day out as i've just come back from university and missed her so much I needed some mummy time :) xx

    twitter- _katiescott_

  59. I've been following you for at least two years now and those products look amazing!
    mm.. one thing that made me smile this week would be... when my boyfriend took me out to see the Great Gatsby and seeing him arrive all sweaty on his skateboard, trying not to arrive late haha :)


  60. I follow on GFC. Staying up chatting with an old friend till past 3 in the morning made me smile!!


  61. I'd love to enter Jennie! I follow via GFC/Bloglovin <3 I've not been having a very nice week so far, but I've been watching some episodes of Monk and that did cheer me up a little!

  62. I actually quite liked that movie Beautiful creatures although it didn't seem like a lot of people did! Hmm, thing that made me smile this week would have to be that some birds have FINALLY decided to eat the birdseed in the feeder we've attached to the window. Only took them two weeks to find it! Hope you had a nice weekend x (@chicadeedeee and I'm trying to use twitter more since I've signed up!! I will have to go and find you)

  63. I loved the beautiful creatures film so I think this is great! This eating a delicious bailey's and toblerone cheesecake made me smile! Along with spending some time with friends! I follow via bloglovin as Erin Fahey, and GFC as that as well, and my e-mail is erinfahey94@gmail.com

    Erin x

  64. Waking up and seeing the rain has finally stopped

  65. One thing that made me smile this week was feeling my first niece or nephew kick! I'm an excited Aunty to be!
    I follow via bloglovin as Chenks.
    <3 Kate

  66. My new CD by JJ Heller made me smile. my email is Nadya55k@yahoo.com. thanks! i follow on bloglovin' as nadya kotik

  67. I followed via GFC: Hani qamaliah aaand via twitter: @serafeimignacia

    My uncle got married two days ago sooo, that basically made me happy

  68. My little one always makes me smile :)

    Twitter handle @_TheaH_

  69. Getting to sleep in yesterday!

    Following by GFC.

  70. Waking up with beautiful, shiny straight hair made me smile this week. 3 days ago I treated my hair with JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair and now I don't have to wrestle with the hair straightener every morning!

    Follower on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin'.

    Stacey W - indy06@hotmail.com

  71. Hubby writing a beautiful message for me on our kitchen blackboard - he doesn't do it very often so when he does it's extra special!


  72. Finding someone that shares my name, Jennie, has made me smile.

  73. And lightheaded too. My email is jennie.paul@hotmail.com.

  74. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Something that made me smile this week is the heavy rain, right now. I normally don't enjoy heavy rain, but it feels really nice and refreshing after having a few days of almost unbearable heat.

  75. This palette has my perfect shades!
    I follow via GFC + Bloglovin: rebeccalouiseee
    @rebeccalouiseee / rebecca-louise_xo@live.co.uk
    Something that made me smile was my holiday with my boyfriend, parents and dogs... the weather was gorgeous (despite only being Wales!) and I had a really great time! xo
    Autumn Leaves - UK Beauty Blog

  76. I hope you manage to tackle the clear out too Jennie!

    I'd love to enter it's a great giveaway and thanks for being so generous :) I'm following on google friend connect and bloglovin. Good luck everyone!

    My brother made me smile this week when he said he'll help me on my venture to tackle a craft fair this year. It's nice knowing folks believe in you

  77. Love this!!
    one thing that made me smile this week was a girly day out with my bestie!!-following:-)

  78. I follow your blog on Bloglovin'! I really adore the palette, the colours are gorgeous and go so well together!
    I believe my photography has improved, and that made me smile this week!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  79. i follow on bloglovin - Marie

    Would totally love to win this.

    My puppy made me smile


  80. I follow you on bloglovin (Julie)

    My mom and sister made me smile this week. We had a great week! :)

    Twitter handle :@flippingdancer

  81. Lovely giveaway. The nice weather made me smile this morning, decided to walk to work. :)


  82. Bloglovin - lovetelina / GFC - Telina A

    Great giveaway! Being out in the sun made me smile this week :)

    twitter - @telinaa

  83. I follow on Bloglovin!
    Making me smile...having a picnic in the sun with some friends on Saturday. Why does food eaten outdoors taste better?

    You can get me on Twitter, @caramelattekiss

  84. That palette looks gorgeous!

    One thing that made me smile this week was the news from the vet that my cat was going to be okay, as lame as that sounds.

    My twitter is @morlonbrondo :)

  85. One thing that made me smile this week (Well, today) was seeing my 88 year old nan visiting me and looking so well and smiling. I hope I'm as happy as her if I live to her age!
    Good luck everyone !!

    Lovely giveaway, I'm 30somethingmel on twitter and GFC :) xxx

  86. aw Jennie! I absolutely love reading your blog, and even when I'm not able to keep up to date, I come back for a catch up reading session everytime I can :)

    Thank you for the thoughtful giveaway and I would like to enter if I may.

    It will come as no surprise, but the one thing that made me really really smile this past week was when I presented a batch of homemade doggy cupcakes to our dogs (Bertie and Charlie) for their 3rd birthday. Needless to say with the help of thier 3 other brothers, they demolished the lot :)

    I follow by GFC (Natasha-Rose) and twitter is @WildLRose xx


  87. Something really small actually. A little girl on the bus was asked by another passenger what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said a piece of sticky tape. Everyone had a giggle at that but i thought what a nice thing to be. If you were a piece of sticky tape. Everyone would want to you around. You could fix just about anything and without you presents for all special occasions would be rather rubbish! What a lovely thing to want to be. All I wanted to be was spiderman hehehe.

    @MsMyst is my twitter and Mystygirl on bloglovin.

  88. What a terrific giveaway!

    What made me smile this week is my 3 week old daughter giggling in her sleep....just so sweet.


  89. oooo what an exciting giveaway Jennie!
    I am already following you on bloglovin - longtime follower here hehehe :)
    one thing thats made me smile this week: I got off work early today which was pretty great, definitely brought a smile to my face :)
    my email is: theurbanumbrella@gmail.com / twitter: urbanumbrella29

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  90. The palette colours look incredible, and I absolutely loved the film too.
    The thing that made me smile the most this week was meeting my long lost great great uncle. He is now 93 and during the war was evacuated to Australia and believed his family were dead, due to radio broadcasts and many emails we were finally able to meet Reg and his wife Mavis, with their two children, who are now my grand parents age! and learn all about the families we never knew we had. (:

    my twitter is @isobelletc on twitter, and I follow you via bloglovin'
    have a good week xoxo

  91. This giveaway is perfect!
    One thing that has made me smile this week, is seeing my little guinea pigs climb up their cage when I come home from work! <3 they always melt my heart!

    My email is flirtydresses@hotmail.co.uk and my twitter is @sophie_Louise 6 xx

  92. I'm xxgeexx2312 following on bloglovin and my email is xxgeexx2312@Gmail.com and i'm xxgeexx2312 on twitter :)
    I got a name plaque with my sons name as a little monket for his bedroom it's soooooo cute that really made me smile xx

  93. When a stranger smiles at me, it makes me smile and it passes on the smiles all around!

    hello@lilykitten.com and my twitter is @Lilykitten1

  94. Following you on both, I believe.

    I just watched a proposal video! Made me smile and cry at the same time. My twitter handle is @seven_percent

  95. A lovely giveaway! :)

    Something that made me smile was my nephew turning 18 - it makes me feel old but I'm also super proud of him!

    My twitter is @ITYDarling

  96. Going on a bike ride with my boyfriend made me smile :) fuzzywand@gmail.com

  97. Sweet giveaway!
    My pilates teacher cracks me up. She tortures us and then makes us laugh!
    Twitter: lownleeeynjul

  98. I follow you on bloglovin

    My children made me smile.

    Twitter @pruamthong

  99. I smile because when there is an angel when i need help. Today when i need to make a call to my parent but the phone line was in problem that i can't hear anything when i make call and my parent can't hear anything also when they call me.Feel so desperate and must to make a call with my parent that time and a girl which is different race willing to borrow me her phone without any hesitation when i request to borrow her phone. I feel warm and happy at the same time.


  100. Those palette colours are divine!

    Youtube clips of rabbit showjumping made me smile. Also, youtube pics of sushi cats (cats lying on beds of rice).

    Following you on bloglovin and twitter

    Twitter handle is @unwitterer

  101. All the young birds feeding at my bird feeders
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  102. Follower ...thanks for a lovely giveaway :)

    My 5 year old niece made me smile when she come to visit my place for four days. She was dying when she was born, had to endure two brain surgeries in first 10 days of her life and 100s of tests and needles. She is disabled both intellectually and physically. I was sitting next to her when she leaned over and gave me a hug and a kiss. It was priceless, she is one special girl whose fighting spirit inspires me. She survived against the odds proving anything is possible when you fight for it :)

    twitter @lucky790

  103. My little boy learned a new word and used the toilet for the first time this week which made me smile this week :)

  104. following on bloglovin - Linda

    A great run with friends made me smile.

    lindilala (at) aol (dot) com

  105. bloglovin - Donna (following)

    I really love that I got the chance to spend the whole weekend with my daughters. Normally they're super busy and I have work.

    @linjumimom twitter

  106. I'm following you on GFC - Ann Raye

    Smiling because of my new job!!!! :)

    whittikere (at) yahoo (dot) com

  107. Hi,What a beautiful palette, I love the colours! Thanks for sharing the blog with us.

    Article Directory

  108. My girlfriend just purchased two little black spoodles for her six year old's birthday present. They'll be adored and well cared for...and I got to cuddle them! How can you not smile?

  109. Following on GFC

    Seeing my cat curled up in the recycling bin bought a smile to my face and a muffled giggle under my breath.

    Twitter follower - mandachic

  110. I smiled when someone anonymously left 2 frozen meals at my front door to help out after a pretty stressful week!

    twitter @clelandpope

  111. Cool giveaway!
    My love got me a kitten earlier this week. How can you not smile!
    Twitter: @lownleeeynjul

  112. I follow you on GFC! - Miah Raye

    My friends made me smile.

    chasingrainbows45 (at) gmail (dot) com

  113. lynne lillington8 June 2013 at 04:55

    I am a follower
    At the checkout at woollies, a little girl grabbed a bottle of perfume on display. The mother said put it back. The little girl said , I want to buy it mummy for you, because your beautiful. Mum ended up buying it and gave her a big hug. It made me smile but I also had a tear in my eye.


  114. My son made me smile even though he was very sick in hospital with croup he still managed to crack a smile and give me a kiss.

  115. I follow you via GFC as Kat
    I follow you also via Bloglovin username: katch05

    This week, my cute little baby girl made me smile :)
    katch05 at gmail dot com

  116. Follow you on GFC!

    I smiled when I bought a gift for a sick friend, imagining how pleased she is going to be (Hopefully!) when she opens it soon.

    twitter @ceciliabell

  117. I follow on GFC. My little bub made me smile this week, he has started trying to crawl and it is very cute.


  118. something that made my smile this week was getting an a* in my controlled assessment x

    my twitter is: @chloebennettt


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