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Monday, 29 July 2013

On being kind, being supportive and being yourself!

It was over three years ago now that I took a deep breath and hit publish on my very first blog post. I was nervous and excited and hopeful all at the same time. Many, many months prior I had discovered the beauty community, busy with ideas, inspiration and love that I had never even thought to look for. After looking in from the outside, I decided I really would love to be involved, to be a real part of it.

Even on that very first post, one sentence full of nervous words, it felt like giving a speech in assembly to the whole school or having to introduce myself to a group of people who were already the best of friends, even though I thought no one was going to read it. But some people did read it, and best of all? They left a little comment, they outstretched their hand to shake mine and say hello, welcomed me in, took my coat and offered me a cup of tea. I was thrilled, I had a huge smile on my face because I felt welcome, like this was the place I belonged.
I'm not exactly sure when I felt things begin to change a little. The odd not-so-nice comment would begin to pop up.
'Oh you look like you've gained a few pounds, have you?' 
'Oh, actually, well, that lipstick that makes you feel really pretty for the first time ever doesn't suit you as much as you think it does! Just thought I'd let you know!' 
'haha your glasses are funny!!' 
Thankfully they came at a time where I felt pretty comfortable in my own skin, if they had happened at the start, I think it's pretty safe to say I would have been crushed and any confidence I had would have disappeared in an instant. I reached out to this community when I really needed a place to belong. I was so lonely, so so lonely, I felt like a real ugly duckling and I didn't know what on earth I was going to do with my life or which path to take. And that's why I think it's important to welcome everyone in, because they might really need the love and support just like I did. I hate to think of anyone feeling excluded because that's not what this should be about. It's for everyone who wants to be here.

I suppose I will always look back at that time with a little nostalgia. There were no 'rules' (I still don't think there are, please always write about whatever it is you want to!), advice was always there if you needed or wanted it, but if not there was always a friendly face there wishing you well and silently letting you know that everything was going to be okay.

It's important to remember that change isn't all bad. Change is inevitable and it's so important to embrace it. Those lovely people, like those who welcomed me in, are still here, they always will be. Sometimes you have to navigate your way through a little surface negativity before you find them, but they are there, I promise. You're not going to click with everyone, just like in any walk of life there will be people that you just don't really like and people that won't like you - just remember that that's okay! Take other opinions on board because you might learn to see something from an entirely different perspective, but do filter out the things that are just plain rude, that's much more a reflection on them than it is on you!

I think what I'm trying to get at here (I'm not even entirely sure if I'm honest, sometimes I just like to sit and write) is that it's so important to stay true to yourself, always, be it online or in everyday life. And to be kind, please be kind and try to see the good in everyone. In terms of the bloggersphere, it really doesn't matter if you don't have the fanciest layout, if you take pictures solely using your phone, if you sometimes make spelling mistakes or if your posts don't always fit into the same category. In the long run, none of that really matters. What matters is YOU, and if you want to do something, write about something or put yourself out there, then absolutely DO IT and there will always be someone along the way that would love to give you a helping hand if you need it. And if you love what you're doing, keep doing it because it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. Honestly, it doesn't!

I have a few adverts on my page because it really helps me out. M and I bicker about silly things, our relationship isn't perfect and neither is anyone else's. Sometimes I want to pretend a little bit that everything is wonderful because it helps me to get through a rough patch by solely focusing on the positives. Sometimes I like to talk about the things that are bothering me because I'd like a little bit of advice or a shoulder to cry on and sometimes I like to keep things to myself. Sometimes I accept a few PR samples because I like trying new things and I enjoy writing reviews. Sometimes I want to write about make up every day for a week and sometimes I don't want to write about it at all. Your space is about you and how YOU want to use it. You don't have to justify it or explain it, ever.

Sometimes that little pang of jealousy unexpectedly smacks me across the forehead, sometimes for really silly reasons! If someone goes on a really beautiful holiday, if someone gets gifted something I would have loved to have been offered or if someone posts a picture of a really amazing ice cream they ate last week. Yep, that really happened on a day I was especially hungry & I'd just realised that ice cream was making my skin bad, ultimate sad face! Whenever that happens though I give myself a little talking to and get on with my day while wishing that person well for having that amazing experience. Supporting fellow bloggers is something I think is so important, not punishing them for being successful or finding a nicer ice cream van than me! They may be able to have that Mr Whippy with a flake, but I can still find a yummy ice lolly in there somewhere. Odd analogy there, but I hope it sort of make's sense!

Be kind, be supportive, be yourself, never take yourself too seriously and be positive. Good things are sure to come your way. If you ever need a helping hand, or just someone to talk to I'm always just an email away and I will try my very best to help as much as I possibly can!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

What's on my bedside table?

I first put up one of these posts a little while ago, but things have changed a little and since I loved writing the last one so much I thought, why not write an updated one? So here I am, I hope you like being as nosey as I am! I'm definitely not the neatest person, I often start out with the best intentions but before long, a little bit of clutter somehow manages to accumulate.

My new nightstand♦ was gifted to me by Out There Interiors and I really like it. The two little drawers are really sweet and roomy enough to store all those millions of cables that seem to multiply during the night but are needed to charge something or other! It's not a super heavy piece of furniture and although it does seem a little on the pricey side, I think the price tag reflects all the little details and the overall aesthetic is a little nicer than my other bedside table which is from ikea.

My Paperchase organiser is practically glued to my hands at all times otherwise I simply wouldn't keep up with all the things I have to get done. I often get distracted so I have to make little to-do lists on a daily basis otherwise I think I'd get myself in a bit of trouble for being late or forgetting to send that important email. My iPad is also something I'm not sure what I would do without. When I first got it I thought it was a little bit of an unnecessary luxury but now I think it's super useful, as well as occasionally being a little distracting, candy crush I'm looking at you here!

Beauty product wise I have the Organic Surge Million Dollar Anywhere balm, which I've mainly been using as a lip balm and the Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me facial spritz♦ that was in this month's GlossyBox. The spray has been so nice to use over the last few days especially when the nights have been really warm and uncomfortable and the balm is just an absolute favourite skin care product of all time - it's one of those multi-purpose products that ends up being useful for pretty much everything!

Lastly I have the bunny lamp♦ from DotComGiftShop that is beyond popular and for good reason, it's absolutely gorgeous! My glasses are a must have because I am as blind as a bat without them as is my little Muji kangaroo that used to be a keyring but now he just lives here, this was a gift from M a really long time ago! And finally, of course I have a picture of us a couple of months after we first met. It's a print of one of my instagram pictures from Printic♦, a super quick and user friendly app that I recommend if you're looking to get some of your instagram pictures printed. I know there are a million different sites and apps that do this and I haven't tried them all, but this is my favourite.

What's on your bedside table? 

P.S. I'm a little behind on replying to your comments, but I promise that I'll catch up over the next few days! I haven't had much spare time for blog reading and I've missed it so much so I'm very excited to catch up on all of your posts! Thank you for leaving your sweet thoughts here all the time, they mean the world!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Personalised Initial Necklace from Rose & Raven.
Little keepsakes are my favourite, there's something so special about being able to have something tangible, to hold and to look at when you want to be instantly transported back to a specific time and place in your memories. I'm certainly a sentimental soul, perhaps overly so at times, but I can't help it. I also enjoy simplicity, so as I was perusing the jewellery section of Etsy, as I do frequently, & I stumbled across this necklace I knew it was meant to be. M bought this for me as a sweet gift a few days ago and I couldn't be more thrilled with it. I have a feeling this will be something I rarely take off.

Do you have a piece of jewellery that's incredibly sentimental for you? 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Make Up: Some Summer Favourites!

Keeping my make up super simple is something I like to do all year round, but even more so in the summer time because the feeling of make up on my face when the sun is shining is one of my least favourite things ever! I would also love to know what your summer make up favourites are because I don't want to miss out on any gems!
Foundation & Concealer.
A light coverage foundation is a must-have for me when it's hot outside & if it has an SPF within it, then that's even better! The Touch In Sol In The Skin BB Cream* has a very impressive SPF of 36 and although this is a little too pink in tone, I've been making it work because I think it's a fabulous base. My newest make up love is the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint because it does what it says on the tin, it's a light tinted moisturiser that offers just enough coverage and adds a subtle healthy glow too. This is my ideal base, thank you Jouer for making it!

Now, my skin isn't the best at the moment so I definitely can't skip concealer but that's okay. For under my eyes I've been using the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye and although it's quite a new to me, I've been really enjoying it. I have the shade light which is a little too dark but does a great job of correcting but I think I'm going to try and find the shade fair sometime soon so I can use a little over the top for added brightness. For any blemishes I am still head over heels for the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, which although is quite thick it's also incredibly pigmented so a little goes a long way. I've found if you apply a little too much of this it can quite easily look a little cakey so I like to be sparing with it.

Blush, Bronzer & Highlight.
For bronzer, there's only one that has captured my affections and that's Benefit Hoola. I heard people raving about this for a really long time before I bought it and now I can see why because it's just the perfect colour! It's incredibly pricey but there's a lot of product in there and it has lasted me forever already and I'm no where near hitting pan. Again, there's only one highlighter that I'm completely in love with at the moment and that's the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Illuminating Gelée in Heat Wave*. This was limited edition but if you can find it anywhere, buy it because it's stunning!

For blush I'm all about the creams because they're easy to apply and they don't feel heavy on the skin. My ultimate favourite is the Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera. It's the perfect peachy nude shade that helps to sculpt my face as well as giving a pretty flush of colour. The Estee Lauder Cheek Rush blushes* are really new to me, but I'm very impressed. They're less of a cream and more of a gel/stain which means you have to blend super fast before they set but once they do, they don't move and it doesn't look like you're wearing a cheek product, it just looks like skin! Another new product to me is the Jouer Cheek & Lip Tint in Honeysuckle which is the perfect summery peachy shade. The formula seems super similar to the Stila Convertible Colour and I can't stop myself reaching for this at the moment, it's beautiful. 

When it comes to lips I am all about the non-fussy products right now. Super pigmented lipsticks are firmly tucked away in my make up stash and I'm reaching for sheer balmy products instead because they feel much more comfortable and I don't have to worry about getting lipstick everywhere when I'm tucking into an ice lolly! My favourites forever and ever are the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors because they're sheer but super glossy and they taste like caramel! Although this Touch In Sol lipgloss in Cherry Pink* has quite a bit of glitter in the tube, it doesn't really translate all that much on to the lips and the colour is so perfect.

The L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Shine's are still one of my go-to lip products, particularly the shade Marilyn, which is an easy to wear medium pink that goes with everything. The formula is one of my absolute favourites, it's glossy but not sticky and it's long lasting too! Finally, I couldn't not mention my beloved Revlon Lip Butters. I know some people aren't crazy about these but I adore them. They're like really pigmented tinted lip balms, they're not super hydrating but they're not drying and I really like the colour Sweet Tart in particular at the moment.

Perfume, Mascara & Nail Polish.
My go-to summer fragrance is Stella Summer* because it's super light, fresh and a little bit fruity. Although it's much lighter than the original Stella, it still lasts beautifully throughout the day, which is must-have in my eyes! For mascara, there's only one I really like at the moment and it's Maybelline The Falsies. I've talked about this way too much, so I'll just say it lengthens, thickens and doesn't smudge! And finally, nail polish wise I'm still all about Essie Mint Candy Apple.

What is your must-have summer product right now? 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A lovely skin care duo from Amie.

Amie Skin Shield Daily Moisturiser SPF 15♦ (£5.95) // Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask♦ (£4.95 or £1.50 for 3 sachets)
A few years ago I was a little bit of a skin care snob, I didn't think that affordable skin care products were anything special, but now I know that I was wrong. Amie is a brand I have recently been introduced to, their products are affordable but they're also incredibly lovely and packed full of nice ingredients that are kind to the skin. Amie doesn't test on animals or use any parabens, mineral oil or sulphates in their products, which is something I'm beginning to look for a lot more in the products I choose to use.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask*
Clay masks are my favourite for when my skin isn't looking its best and I have a few blemishes. Once or twice a week I've been putting a little of this on, leaving for 10 minutes before washing it off and my skin is left feeling super clean but not dry or tight, which is why I like this mask so much. Very often clay masks can feel like they're stripping my skin of all moisture, which is something I don't like and although my skin is never particularly oily, this doesn't leave my dry areas feeling any worse.

Scent wise this really reminds me of a twister ice lolly (whether that's just because as I type this it's super hot, I'm not sure), I think it's the lime and I really like it. It's nothing overpowering or too super sweet. This has become one of my go-to masks in recent weeks, partly because it's really cooling, which feels SO good when it's so warm. On blemishes this isn't a complete miracle worker, but it does help to soothe and helps to really deep cleanse the area, which is good enough for me!

Overall I'm really impressed and I love that this is really affordable. A 75ml tube retails for £4.95 or £1.50 for 3 sachets, so you can try before committing to the full size. I will absolutely be purchasing a new tube of this when mine runs out, I think it's one of those products that's great to have in your skin care stash for when you need it!

Amie Skin Shield Daily moisturiser with SPF 15*
I'm always on the lookout for a good moisturiser and although this one isn't quite right for my skin type, I wanted to mention it because I do think it's a lovely product. This promises to hydrate while being gentle to the skin and offering broad spectrum protection. Like the clay mask, this is full of really lovely ingredients, with anti-oxidants helping to shield the skin against environmental damage.

My skin is very dry and dehydrated so for me, this doesn't quite offer enough hydration on its own. I've been using a hydrating serum underneath in combination with this and I've found it makes a really beautiful base for make up as it really sinks in and doesn't leave any residue that could make your make up slide around throughout the day. So if you like a moisturiser that offers hydration without leaving your skin feel oily, this could be the one for you! My mama has already sent me out to purchase one for her and she loves it. I do wish it contained a little more than SPF 15, for the height of summer I don't think that's quite enough, but I'm glad it does offer some protection.

Again, this is really affordable with 75ml retailing for £5.95. While this won't be one I will purchase for myself as it's not quite moisturising enough, it's one I will be purchasing again in the future for my Mama once she's finished her tube because it works really well for her!

Have you ever tried any Amie products before? 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Today's Make Up!

Today was one of those days when I woke up earlier than usual and I was excited to sit down and put my make up on. It's super warm here so I went for something pretty simple, focusing mainly on foundation & concealer because my skin isn't having the best of weeks and I'm trying to hide some major break outs!

Although I am having a few breakouts, my skin is still a little on the dry side so I'm all about the serums and the primers even in the warm weather. The REN Rose Moisture Defence Serum is one of my skin care saviours, it's definitely not something I would recommend unless your skin is dry, but if you do have dry skin I think you would love this especially in the winter! For a little extra luminosity I used the Touch In Sol I'm Very Useful Make Up Boomer* (such a cute name, it definitely is very useful!) which is a primer that gives a slight pearly glow to the skin. Perfect if, like me, you're always trying to achieve that pretty summer glow.

Despite having a lot to cover up I don't like to wear a heavy foundation when it's warm so I've been reaching for and absolutely loving the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. It has an SPF of 20 which is perfect for me today because unfortunately I'm going to be stuck inside pretty much all day. I'm super jealous if you get to go outside and enjoy it! For under my eyes I used the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Concealer for the first time. I picked this up the other day in the shade light, which was the lightest shade in the Boots I went to and although I know there is a lighter shade in the range, I really wanted to give it a try anyway. It's slightly too dark for me but it actually works pretty well as a sort of corrector for my dark circles. I'm not exactly sure what I think about it yet, but it feels really nice and light, which is what I hoped for. For a little extra coverage where I need it I used my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, which I'm sure needs no explanation. Best concealer for under £5 for sure!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer is my all time favourite and I just used a tiny bit of this to add a little extra colour to my face. It never makes me look orange because it's quite cool in tone and I really like that. For cheeks I used the Estee Lauder Cheek Rush in X-Pose Rose*, which is just stunning. It feels so lightweight on the cheeks and most importantly, it lasts all day!

For eyes I just like to wear mascara and there's only really one option for me at the moment and that's the Maybelline The Falsies. I've talked about this a lot recently, but I love what this does for my lashes and it doesn't smudge! Yay! Finally for lips I just wanted something quick, glossy and non fussy. This is the Touch In Sol Lipgloss in Cherry Pink* and I like it because it gives such a pretty colour without feeling super sticky. It's not the most long lasting but I don't mind reapplying throughout the day.
And that's it! Have you used any of these products before? 
Which products have you been reaching for a lot recently?