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Saturday, 6 July 2013

This week #004

Something I'm working on photography wise, very much a work in progress!
This week the rain clouds disappeared and the sun started to shine. After so much rain I feel so much happier feeling the warmth on my skin and the smell of BBQs in the air. Waking up to see sunlight streaming through the curtains this morning was so wonderful even the neighbours mowing their lawn with the worlds loudest mower at silly o'clock couldn't dampen my mood. I even started my day with an ice lolly, not nutritious in the slightest, but it was just what I needed.

A Gift.
My birthday was over two months ago and every day after my boyfriend had been asking what I wanted. For the longest time I just didn't know. I had been going back and forth between a camera and a set of studio lights but being realistic, I have so many cameras already & studio photography isn't where my heart lies. So I decided to be a little more practical and ask for a little bit of money towards a laptop. I've had my macbook for over 7 years now, it still works really well on the whole but there are a few niggly little things that don't; the airport likes to drop internet connection every now and again for about 20 minutes, usually at the time where I most need an internet connection, which is just typical and incredibly frustrating. We went, just to look at laptops and we ended up coming out with one. I never make spur of the moment decisions and if I'm honest I just let Mark make the decision for me, so it's his fault! Although there was a windows laptop that caught my eye it wasn't much difference price wise to the macbook and although I had a little play with Windows 8, I'm a mac girl at heart. I'm really happy with it so far, it's nice having a supported internet browser again! Oh the little things! ;)

Feeling Inspired.
My new laptop is certainly an investment and I'm happy to say that it has brought with it a little inspiration and motivation to start getting our print shop up and running. I have so many ideas and I'm hoping everything works out. This inspiration has continued on into blogging as well, I'm excited to post everyday about anything and everything & I hope you enjoy dipping in & reading every so often. I want to share more, using this space as an online scrapbook because I want to remember more! To be able to look back in a few years to how I was spending my time and seeing what's changed and what's similar is something I'm excited for. I'm also excited to start making videos again, they're going to be a little different to all my previous ones because I looked back over them and realised they didn't really represent me all that well, I was taking myself way too seriously and there's no fun in that!

My Favourite Blog This Week.
Not only is Carly from Carly Watts Art & Illustration a super talented lady, she's also incredibly lovely and I hope one day we get to meet in real life! Carly is the one that kindly did the super sweet illustration of Ralphie and I in a little sailboat, which I adore, that you can see in the centre of my little hexagon image in the sidebar. I just love Carly & I know you will too!

Blog Sale?
Are blog sales still a thing? I'm thinking of having a serious make up downsize because there's so much just sitting there that I don't use. I'll need to get my head around postage costs because I want to be able to keep them as low as possible but I'd like for things like my Clarisonic & Urban Decay Naked Palette go to someone who will use them! Let me know!

This Weekend.
I hope you're having a lovely start to the weekend & you're seeing some sunshine wherever you are! If you're stuck at work, try and make the best of it and do something you really love this evening. I've got some work to get cracking with, but I'm not sure how much I'll get done because I'm going to put Wimbledon on in the background. I really don't know what it is about Tennis, I just love to watch it with a bowl of strawberries & cream in hand of course!

Is there anything you're most looking forward to this weekend? 


  1. Blog sales are definitely still a thing, I'm always scouting out bargains from them! It's nice to know your makeup is going to someone who will use it kindly too :D
    I hope you're enjoying the sunshine and having a fab weekend Jennie!

    Mollie xo

    1. Thank you sweet, I hope you are too! xo

  2. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, would be v interested in a blog sale too :)

    1. Great! I think I'll have one very soon! xo

  3. I would love if you did a blog sale. Hanna Marie

  4. I love blog sales x

  5. The first thing I saw when I clicked on your blog was that adorable picture of you and your bunny on the sailboat so I'm really interested in checking out the artist! I'm loving the warmer weather as well :)

    Bella | BELLAETC

  6. Great photography and I loved this post! :)

  7. Beautiful photo! I'm so excited to see more YouTube videos from you :) And enjoy that new laptop!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  8. Great post Jennie! You are so lucky to have good weather where you live, the weather here sucks haha :) xo


  9. A bit of info about postage, if something is under A4 size and 25mm thick then 1st class post is 90p (Large 1st class stamp), so thin palettes, lipsticks, some blush, depending on packaging.
    Next size up, small parcel, has to be under 450mm x 350mm x 80mm and is £3 for first class. So most stuff would fit in this make up wise.
    Then bigger again is £5.65, so maybe your clarisonic.
    Hope this helps, I post a lot of things :) As long as the size is no thicker that 80mm the prices aren't so bad.

    1. Thanks for the info! I'll send everything via recorded delivery so I think it'll be a little more expensive! xo

  10. My boyfriend just made a spur of the moment new macbook decision a couple weeks ago as well, his pc laptop broke, and he had been wanting another mac for a while, and now you cant get him off it! Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

  11. Blog sales still seem to be going on.. I've got a pile of clothes that I need to offload and was thinking about doing a blogsale!



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