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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Weekend Wishlist!

Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent Lipstick.
I may or may not mostly want another Lime Crime lipstick for the packaging, but this shade does also look super pretty. At the moment I either like really nude lip colours or super bright, fun ones and this definitely fits into the latter category. Love!

La Sardina Wally Watcher Camera.
I remember having a Where's Wally? book when I was small and my friends & I would have mini competitions over who could find Wally first. I was never very good at finding him but I sure loved trying, so I love this little collaboration with Lomography! The La Sardina is such a fun camera, perfect for keeping close by at all times to capture all those spur of the moment memories and the Where's Wally illustrations makes it that little bit more fun!

Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory Sarah Lace & Gem Bunny Ears.
Everything from the Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory collection is utterly gorgeous but my absolute favourite piece has to be the Sarah Bunny Ears. I would totally wear ears on my wedding day, especially lace ones with super pretty gems on! 

Neom Refresh Candle.
Neom candles are really expensive, there's no denying that, but my gosh they are so lovely. The Refresh Candle has a lemon and basil scent that gives an uplifting boost of energy and helps you think a little bit clearer, which I'm in desperate need of at the moment. 

Maybelline Baby Lips.
Okay, so I definitely don't need any more lip balms but you know when something is just so talked about, you kind of want to try it because everyone else already has? That's how I feel with the Baby Lips. I think I'll go for one of the tinted ones because I'd probably use it a little more and at only £2.99 they're not breaking the bank.

White Converse.
Ahh converse! I haven't had a pair of converse since my teenage years but I'm lusting over a pair once again. The classic white colour is my absolute favourite and I love how they just seem to go with almost any outfit from jeans to dresses. I haven't had a pair of really comfortable shoes in the longest time, so I think it's time to change that! 

Pandora Hot Air Balloon Charm & Pandora Turquoise Triple Wrap Bracelet.
The hot air balloon is one of the nicest charms that Pandora have released in a really long time, 
there's something just so intrinsically sweet about it and hopefully I'll be able to pop it on my bracelet sometime soon. I'm also loving the new coloured wrap bracelets, turquoise is one of my favourite colours & I really like that it wraps three times because it has a really relaxed feel about it. Super pretty!

What are you currently coveting? 
- This post contains one sponsored link.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Make Up: Lime Crime Great Pink Planet Lipstick.

Lime Crime Great Pink Planet Lipstick* (£11.50)
I feel it would be almost rude to start this post without first talking about the packaging of the Lime Crime lipsticks. The bright pink tube & the holographic unicorn mean it's a definite love or hate, but I'm firmly in the 'ohmygoshitsSOcuteiloveit' camp and I can always find it in my make up collection easily when I'm looking for it, which is a huge plus for me. It's also a talking point; I've been sat in Starbucks casually making sure I've not got any hot chocolate or cookie crumbs around my mouth & touching up my lipstick on several occasions and been asked which brand has such sweet packaging, by total strangers. True story!

I was gifted the shade Great Pink Planet by the girls from Baobella and being aware of the controversy surrounding the brand wasn't exactly sure if I was going to try it. But then I was just plain curious and when I opened the tube I thought, eek I don't think this is a colour that I'm going to be able to pull off. It's a bit of an odd one to describe, it's a almost a muted pink, which sounds lovely and super easy to wear, but there's also a shot of neon in there, which makes it a little scary. It's light and bright and pastel and not, all at the same time.

It has a lovely vanilla scent, reminiscent of MAC lipsticks, which I like because it's simple and not too overpowering. The formula is quite nice, it doesn't feel uncomfortable and it wears surprisingly evenly, which isn't always the case with lipsticks. This is one of those colours though that will highlight dryness because it's quite a light shade and I sometimes struggle to get an even colour if my lips aren't in the best condition. I've been just applying a little over the top of my favourite Blistex lip balm and that way it glides on perfectly and makes the colour a little more wearable for me.

At £11.50 this isn't the most affordable of lipsticks, but it's by no means the most expensive either. Although at first I had a few reservations, I very much think I would repurchase this when I finish it & I'm definitely interested in a few of the other colours in the line!

Have you ever tried a Lime Crime lipstick?
What do you think of this shade?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights in Raspberry Rebel.

I'm certainly no stranger to wandering into the beauty aisles in the supermarket when I'm really supposed to just be buying groceries and for the last 6 months or so I've been loving my coloured ombre so it was only really a matter of time before I picked up one of the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights box dyes. Up until now I've just used Directions colours (pink flamingo, violet and blue lagoon are my favourites) and although I really do love them, I kind of wanted to try something new. I originally wanted either Electric Blue or Purple Punk but they didn't have them in my local Tesco so after much deliberation I went for Raspberry Rebel instead.

I had a slight moment of panic when I opened the tube because this colour is crazy intense but I knew I was going to really love it. I mixed roughly 1 part dye to 7 parts conditioner, slapped it on and hoped for the best. I was considering going for a pastel pink all over, which I might still do once I've seen how nicely it fades and if it stains or not but I wanted to try it out first because I didn't want any hair disasters! I'm glad I did this because the colour has taken to my hair way better than I thought it would and I'm not sure I could pull off this colour all over even though I really wish I could, so I'll definitely use less dye and more conditioner if I'm brave enough to go for it.

I ended up using the smallest amount of dye so this tube will last such a long time, I think it might work out better value for money than the Directions dyes, depending on how quickly this fades. Next on my list is Purple Punk for sure, I'm thinking a cool violet grey could would be super pretty!

Have you ever used a colour from this range? 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Sunday Catch Up: The Open University & Imagination.

01. You know when you have those one of those nights where as soon as your head hits the pillow you're suddenly wide awake and you just can't shut off and fall asleep? Last night was one of those for me. I had so many things whirring around, some good and some not so good but I definitely need to start keeping a little notebook and a pen on my bedside table all the time. Things seem to make so much more sense when I write them down on paper as opposed to typing them; little doodles and coloured pens help keep me organised. I feel a little stationery splurge coming on, I'm thinking post it notes, fancy pens - the works!

02. The time has come to part with a few make up things that I just don't reach for because my storage is overflowing and it's becoming more and more difficult to close the drawers! I'm reminding myself that I only have once face and I don't need so many things. Please have a little look over at my blog sale page here, I'm super open to offers, so please send over an email if you spot anything you would like!

03. I just got my course materials for my latest Open University module, it's called Children's Literature and I am so excited to start, in fact this is the module that encouraged me to sign up to The OU in the first place. Children's books are my absolute favourite; when you're young anything & everything seems to be possible and that's how it should be. Life should be full of magic and imagination, no matter what your age. Perhaps I do spend a little too much time caught up in my own dreams, my own imagination, but I don't think it's a bad thing, even if some people do.

04. I think I'm going to spend the rest of my afternoon looking for pretty stationery to purchase & watching Harry Potter. I actually only saw the final film for the first time last week (I know right, where have I been?!) but now I'm obsessed with it and I feel like I need to watch it over and over again just to catch up! 

Are you having a lovely weekend? 
I hope so! 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bookshelf: The Fuck Up by Arthur Nersesian.

Reading is something I used to do obsessively when I was younger until I hit the middle of my teens and spending hours on msn chat after school talking to the people I'd just spent all day with at school seemed infinitely more appealing. Oh those teenage years, how I don't miss you at all! Just recently it hit me how much I've missed reading and how uninspired and uninformed I felt because I wasn't stepping foot inside other people's creativity or my own imagination. This may turn into a mini blog series, I'm just going to write down a few thoughts about a book I've just read, (hopefully) without spoiling any of the story in case you would like to read it too!

The Fuck Up by Arthur Nersesian.

"Arthur Nersesian's underground literary treasure is an unforgettable slice of gritty New York City life...and the darkly hilarious odyssey of an anonymous slacker. He's a perennial couch-surfer, an aspiring writer searching for himself in spite of himself, and he's just trying to survive. But life has other things in store for the fuck-up. From being dumped by his girlfriend to getting fired for asking for a raise, from falling into robbery to posing as a gay man to keep his job at a porno theatre, the fuck-up's tragi-comedy is perfectly realised by Arthur Nersesian who manages to create humour and suspense out of urban desperation."

I've touched upon my feeling a little out of sorts recently, unfortunately I'm still kind of feeling that way, a little unsure and confused, so as I was rummaging around our bookshelves this title very much appealed, it spoke to me if you will. I started reading this feeling like a bit of a failure myself but as I began to make my way through the chapters I started to feel infinitely better about my life and where I'm at. It's certainly a good thing to get some perspective every now and again.

It's both mildly terrifying how easily a guy with a seemingly semi-stable, although not entirely happy, life can fall into a sticky situation and oddly comforting that my life, even though times aren't always easy, is nowhere near as insanely crazy as his. He remains nameless throughout; he could be anyone, someone you know, he could even be you. Sometimes hard times fall upon the best of us.

Of course, he is also a bit of a dick, he makes some terrible choices and in some ways deserves at least some of the bad things that come his way just so he can learn some kind of lesson. But he's also relateable because he makes those terrible choices, he makes mistakes. None of us are perfect afterall, we're all flawed in some way, he just turns out to be the master of mistake making!

It's a fast read, I went through it in a couple of hours partly because it is so fast paced but partly because I found myself becoming quite involved with the storyline and the central character, despite his flaws. The final few chapters admittedly feel a little rushed and although at first I thought the ending was a bit anti-climactic, now I think it's very real and understandable. It seems to me like he settles in the end, for something convenient. He is afterall pretty consistently lazy. I can completely see why he's done that, but it's also given me a little bit of my drive and determination back. I don't want to have to settle for anything, I have dreams and the only thing holding me back from achieving them is myself.

This won't be a book that appeals to everyone, I've read a few glowing reviews and a few that essentially say this one of the worst books ever and it should never have been published. I think sometimes people can be a little too hard on a book, I mean, it is what it is, you know? And this particular book has helped me figure a few things out, which I'm incredibly grateful for. A couple of years ago I don't know if I would have appreciated it so much. It's cleverly written, it remains down to earth and very real throughout with moments of true wit that made me giggle.

My Rating. 

Have you ever read this book before? What did you think? 
If you could recommend me one book to read next, any genre, what would it be?

P.S. If you have a Goodreads account I would love if you added me as a friend, here's my link!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Estée Lauder Pure Colour Cello Shots Cheek Rush Blush in Pink Patent & X-Pose Rose.

Estée Lauder Cello Shots Cheek Rush Blush in Pink Patent* and X-Pose Rose* (£24)
Estée Lauder have been really on point with their new make up releases recently & the new(ish) Pure Colour Cheek Rush Cello Shot blushes are easily one of my favourite products of the entire year so far. I have the shades Pink Patent, which gives a pretty barely-there baby pink tint and X-Pose Rose, a slightly brighter and deeper more fuchsia toned pink. Although these look incredibly bright don't let that put you off because they're super sheer and absolutely beautiful, even on the palest skin tones.

Consistency wise these are very much a gel type formula sitting perfectly between a cream & a liquid tint and once I got to grips with the application, they're not as fussy as I originally thought they may be. One pump dispenses way too much product, so I always try to apply as little as possible directly on to my brush - I've never been one to apply make up with my fingers & I think these work really nicely with the ELF Studio Powder Brush. They stain so it's best to work quickly, I like to do one cheek at a time patting the product on rather than buffing so I don't move around any of my base, but once everything is set it won't budge all day! They're pretty buildable, X-Pose Rose packs more of a punch with two layers but Pink Patent keeps its subtlety, which I think is lovely. 

Once on the cheeks these look so natural, feel weightless and are so comfortable even on the warmest of days. They're certainly not the cheapest of blushes and the pump dispensing way too much product can be more than a little frustrating at times, but the positives definitely far outweigh the negatives for me. If you're on the lookout for a subtle pink blush I think Pink Patent would be perfect and if you're after something a little bolder, but still natural, X-Pose Rose is stunning! 

Have you tried anything from the Cello Shots range?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Home: Box Photograph Frame with Sweet Mini Pegs!

Since purchasing our home, all things decor have been spinning around in my mind at a hundred miles an hour; choosing paint colours, there are SO many colours; trying to fix the things that inevitably go wrong, especially when it's an older home; measuring for curtains & trying to find the perfect colours. None of these things come naturally to Mark and I, but although sometimes it can feel like a bit of a battle trying to get things done, it's a good battle and we realise how incredibly lucky we are to have our own home at this point in our lives.

Ignoring little niggles here and there (I don't even look in the spare room anymore, I'm leaving that until any sailorbabies are on the horizon), we're getting there and we're at the point where it's time to fill our home with furniture (hello expensive!) and art work, to make the walls come alive. Turns out, we have a lot of wall space, and finding art & getting our own photographs printed has been one of my favourite parts of our home journey so far.

Charlotte from Charlotte Musha has her own online craft shop called Musha-Makes and if you love all things crafty, I think you should take a look! She very kindly sent over one of her Box Frames* with the sweetest little pegs I've ever seen for me to attempt to create something pretty. She also included a creativity kit, which you can get free with any order while stocks last, if you mention you would like one in the comments box at the checkout! Inside there are lots of goodies, from pretty paper & sweet little buttons to ribbon & little pots of glitter!
I knew I wanted to display some of my instax photographs, so I chose three of my favourites and then used some of the pretty things I found in the creativity kit as well to personalise it a little more. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with the outside of the frame yet because I've not decided which room it's going to live in. I might paint it white and sprinkle some of the glitter over, I'm determined to get some glitter in there somewhere!

It stands up perfectly by itself, which I love, but there's also the possibility of hanging it up on a wall because the fixtures are already there. These are £4.50 each, which is super affordable and I think they're so lovely because not only is it good to be creative sometimes, I think adding some pictures and personal things to one of these as a gift for someone would be so sweet! I think I'll be making an order very soon with another one of these frames and these sweet mini house shaped shelves and maybe a couple of other things too because everything is so cute!

Free Creativity Kits!
Don't forget if you make an order, mention you would like one of the creativity kits in the comments section at the checkout! They're only available while stocks last & they're packed full of lovely things! 
Would one of these be something you'd like to have in your home?

Monday, 12 August 2013

GlossyBox August 2013: Highflyers Edition!

August 2012 GlossyBox* (£12.95)
GlossyBox have a newly appointed CEO in Rachel Kavanagh and it seems the GlossyBox team have been working on a few secret projects behind the scenes that I'm very excited to learn more about over the coming months - sounds very promising! This month's GlossyBox* is the highflyers edition, promising to bring products, handpicked from different countries around the world, that are perfect for the girl on the go. For me, this is one of those boxes that's just okay, there are a few things I'm looking forward to trying but overall I'm not as excited by the contents as have been in previous months. I'm really interested to see how much the boxes vary this month, if you're subscribed let me know what you received in the comments below!

The stand out product for me this month has to be the Emite Eyelash Curlers. These have been developed with the help of professional make up artists and have a special curved design to suit all eye shapes without touching the rest of your eye make up. At around £20 these certainly aren't cheap and I'm not convinced they're that much better than the cheap curlers I had been using just yet, but we'll see! The Tresemme Platinum Strength Concentrated Treatment Shot is something I'm going to give to my mama because I think it will suit her hair type much more, these retail for £1.49 each.

The Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow is something that I know I won't use simply because I rarely wear eyeshadow or liner. It feels quite nice, it seems to glide on well and the colour is a beautiful dirty grey-green shade, it's just not a product for me. These retail for £10.50. The Oceane Make Up Remover Pen isn't currently available in the UK so I'm not sure how much it retails for, but it seems like a nice product. I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it but it could be good for tidying up any bright lip colour smudges. The last product in my box this month is a sample of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir perfume. I still can't say I'm a fan of these little perfume samples but I actually quite like the scent, perhaps not enough to go out and purchase the full size, but it's nice to have & it's one I'll keep in my bag.

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox? 
What do you think of this month's box? 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Current Favourites!

It feels like a really long time since I wrote a favourites post, I don't think it's been that long but they're some of my favourite posts to write. There's something very therapeutic about writing about pretty things and skin care products that actually work! I think you're probably sick of hearing me talk about a few of these things (*cough* Jouer products *cough*), but bear with me, I think there's at least a few in here that I've not mentioned before!

Over the past few months I've been trying to find my must-have cleansers and although I'm not sure this is my favourite ever cleanser (I think the Neal's Yard Chamomile Cleanser holds that spot) I've been really enjoying the Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm*. It does a really good job of making sure every last scrap of make up is removed and it never leaves my skin feeling dry or tight, so if you have dry skin I think you should give this a try! The Good Things Face The Day Moisturiser has been one I've been reaching for pretty consistently ever since summer finally arrived in the UK. It gives my skin the perfect amount of hydration without leaving my skin feeling oily or sticky in any way. It smells pretty lovely too! For those pesky stubborn blemishes I've been using the Yonka Creme 15*, which is a really odd product but one that really seems to do the job. It has a light lotion consistency that really sinks in quickly and doesn't dry my skin out. It's not a total miracle worker as in any spot will disappear overnight, it just gently soothes and generally makes the area look a little less irritated and red.

During the super warm weather I have been loving taking cool bubble baths, they're relaxing and the perfect way to wind down before sleep. My favourite is the Neom Tranquility Organic Bath Foam*, I'm on my second bottle of this stuff and I just adore it. It's pricey but so very lux! I have also been reading up on aluminium free deodorants and although I haven't completely made the switch yet, I'm considering it. The Weleda Citrus Deodorant* is the first that I've tried and I'm very, very impressed! The scent reminds me somewhat of a gin & tonic at first (yum!) and settles to give a subtle citrus scent that lasts, for me, all day! Have you ever tried an aluminium free deodorant? If so I'd love to know which is your favourite!

I have no doubts that you're completely sick of hearing me mention the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint by now. I'm going to have my full review up very soon and then I'll stop talking about it so much, because I'm sure the entire world knows by now how much I love it! Concealer wise I've really been enjoying the Maybelline The Eraser Eye. I wasn't expecting to like the sponge tip applicator but it's actually the perfect size and shape for my under eye and it seems to apply just the right amount of product. This gives quite a light coverage, but most importantly it doesn't settle into any fine lines - it's a miracle! Another Maybelline product I have been absolutely loving is the Fit Me Powder. I have the shade 110, which I think is the lightest shade, kindly sent to me from the team over at Xtras. It's only £5.50 on their website, which is a total bargain and I certainly won't hesitate to repurchase once I've used this all up. The powder is really lovely, it doesn't cake up or look too heavy on my skin even if on some mornings I'm a little over generous with the application. It's also a great handbag product because there's a mirror and a little sponge included that's great for on-the-go touch ups.

It was only when I was editing these pictures that I realised my two lipstick favourites are extremely similar in colour, it seems I've been all about the pinks recently! My first favourite is an old faithful and it's Lovelorn from MAC. I have a full post all about it, which you can read here, but it's just one of those colours that is super easy to wear, it looks nice with any make up look and it gives a lovely glossy & effortless finish. My second favourite is one I'm trying to use up because I've had it for a little while and it's Pillow Talk from Topshop. I have it in its limited edition packaging, but I'm pretty sure this colour has made its way into the permanent Topshop range, although I can't find it on the website at the moment, and it's absolutely gorgeous! It's slightly lighter in colour on the lips than Lovelorn, but the finish is very similar and it feels super comfortable to wear.

Ah, Dior Rosy Glow, how I love you so! This is my perfect pink powder blush, it gives my cheeks the perfect rosy glow (they definitely named this product well!), without ever looking too doll-like or over the top. Definitely one of my most expensive make up products but I still think it's worth every single penny. And yes, I still keep it in it's little velvet pouch! My must have cream blush at the moment in the Jouer Cheek & Lip Tint in Honeysuckle, which is the most perfect peachy shade I've ever seen. It's light in texture so it feels comfortable on the skin, it's not sticky or tacky and it blends like a dream. This is another product that deserves a post of its own, so that'll be up very soon, I'll just say that I think this is in the running for my favourite cream blush of all time! And last, but definitely not least, is the Estee Lauder Cheek Rush in Pink Patent*. This looks incredibly bright and scary but it gives a beautiful, very sheer pink tint to the cheeks. It's almost like a mixture between a liquid and a gel blush in texture, it's incredibly lightweight and once it's blended it doesn't look like you're wearing any make up at all, it looks like skin. It also doesn't budge so I have been loving this on those days where it has been incredibly hot outside.

Which products have you been especially loving recently? 

Friday, 9 August 2013

A Crazy Cult Beauty Make Up Wish List!

Cult Beauty has been my absolute favourite website to browse all things beauty for the last few weeks. I think my love is beginning to border on obsession and I find myself clicking over for a browse at least twice a week. Sometimes I fill my basket with everything I'd like to try before turning my computer off very quickly in case a moment of madness overcomes me and I proceed to checkout! This is not a sponsored post - I'm just obsessed! ;)

1. Jouer Sheer Matte Powder & Bronzer Duo.
2. Jouer Cheek & Lip Tint in Peony.
3. Julie Hewett Cheekie Cheek & Lip Shine in Rosie.
4. Julie Hewett Perfect Chubby Cheekie Brush.
5. Sacha Juan Ocean Mist.
6. Alpha H Liquid Gold & Balancing Cleanser Duo.
7. Jouer Age Repairing Concealer in Porcelain.
8. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer.
9. Jouer Mineral Powder Blush in Blossom.
10. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre.
11. Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Malibu.
12. Laura Geller Lip Spackle.
13. Julie Hewett Lipstick in Edie.
14. Le Soft Solid Perfume in Striptease Flowers.

As you can probably tell, Jouer is my brand of the moment! The whole brand idea of enhancing your own natural beauty with soft, beautiful colours really appeals to me and I think the interlocking packaging is such a good idea. I've tried the Luminizing Moisture Tint, which I think is my favourite make up item of the year so far and one of the Cheek & Lip Tints in Honeysuckle, which is the most beautiful peachy shade and the formula is gorgeous - it actually looks lovely on both the cheeks and lips which is no mean feat. I'd love to try their Age Repairing Concealer because I think it would be the perfect accompanyment to the tint I love. Their Mineral Powder Blushes all look like beautiful shades, especially Blossom and a couple more of the Cheek & Lip Tints are definitely on my lust list! If everything else in the range is as lovely as these two products are, I think Jouer is a must-try brand and I think I pretty much want to try everything!

I have never really heard much about Julie Hewett products before but I'm really intrigued by the Cheekie Cheek & Lip shine and the Perfect Chubby Cheekie Brush, partly because I think the names are so cute and partly because I love trying out multi-purpose products. Also on my wishlist is one of the Bijou Collection Lipsticks in the shade Edie because I think it looks like the most perfect nude shade.

Hair products aren't usually something I gravitate towards but I do love the beachy, tousled hair look so the Sacha Juan Ocean Mist has caught my eye. The Alpha H Liquid Gold has been on my wishlist for a little while and this bundle with the Balancing Cleanser seems like such a good deal. The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer is something I've been hearing a lot of good things about recently, so if I can find a shade that matches me I would love to give it a try myself. Lip Spackle from Laura Geller is supposed to create a smooth base for you lipstick to make it glide on and last longer. I've never heard anyone mention this so I have no idea if it actually works, but it definitely sounds promising! Finally, the Le Soft solid perfumes have been getting alot of positive coverage too and I just love the packaging so much - the Striptease Flowers scent sounds like the most perfect sweet, summer fragrance and it would be super easy to keep this in a bag for a bit of on the go refreshment.

Do you love Cult Beauty as much as I do?
Have you tried any of these products before? 
Would you recommend them? I'd love to know what you think!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

What's in my Summer Bag?

When I thought of Ugg Australia a few weeks ago the first thing I would have thought of would definitely have been their boots, which are definitely a love hate thing - they're not my style but they do look extremely comfortable. For some reason I had no idea the brand had other things until I was gifted this beautiful scarf print bag, that has fast become one of my favourite summertime bags. I have a real thing for bags with chain handles, this one is a lovely almost antique bronze colour and it's the perfect cross body length that gives a real boho, relaxed feel to the bag. When it's warm outside I'm all about the relaxed look! My favourite thing though is how roomy this thing is, even with all of this inside it's only half full! I could easily fit a full purse and a small make up bag with all my must-haves in as well if I'm going somewhere further afield or I think I'll need to carry a few more things with me.

With me today I have my phone complete with a slightly over the top case that I got from eBay. Oh how I love eBay for cute little things like this! I've also got my Boots Advantage Card (you never know when a sneaky Boots purchase is on the cards), a debit card and my I.D. I always tend to have a couple of make up items with me, I love this Pur Minerals powder* a lot when it's warm outside because I keep shine at bay without it ever looking cakey or too much. I've also got a W7 blush* that I'm testing out and a trusty Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, which is probably my favourite lip product of all time - I can't get enough of the caramel scent!

It's not super sunny today so I'm wearing my new Scout Nation glasses that I got from Glasses Direct a few weeks ago when they were having a huge sale. I definitely didn't need any more glasses but I just couldn't resist these, they're the perfect size! For any sunny spells I have my sunglasses too, I've had these for years and although they were super cheap I've never found any that I like as much and they're still going strong! Finally I have my favourite necklace from Love Hearts & Crosses, it's only in my bag because I can't put it on myself, I really need to stop biting my nails!

What's in your bag right now?