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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sharing The Love!

A little while ago I opened up a portion of my sidebar to a few monthly sponsors & I wanted to be sure to tell you all about them, because they're pretty darn amazing and I would just love if you could go and show them as much love as you show me! I've spent the month getting to know them so at the end of the month I can share with you why I think you should get to know them too! If you clicked through at the start of the month maybe you can share with me in the comments which of their posts or pieces you have loved!
The lady behind Laura's Haven, is an intelligent, relatable, utterly beautiful person and as a result her blog very much reflects who she is. The way Laura writes always makes me feel like I'm talking with an old friend and I would like to think that if our paths crossed 'in real life' we would become firm friends. I love Laura's optimistic outlook, she believes that life shouldn't be airbrushed but it should be looked at from a positive perspective and I'm right there with her on that one!

Tabitha from Scared Toast has one of my very favourite blog names, ever! As it turns out it comes from the way she likes her toast, undercooked - & it always makes me smile!

Tabitha uses her space a little like an online diary, featuring aspects of beauty & fashion as well as the things in her life that are making her happy. Some of my favourite posts from Tabitha come from her 'Something I've loved this week' series because I think those are something she'll be able to look back over in the future and remember where she was at a particular time & the good times should always be appreciated!


Miho has a truly beautiful soul and she's one of those people who can almost instantly make you feel better about yourself or a situation if you're not having the best time just by sharing a few words of wisdom and encouragement.

Her blog, Wander to Wonder is a wonderful peek into her life and her loves. She recently got married to her sweetheart and together they are making a home for themselves in London. If you're looking for fabulous recommendations for places to go in the city, or if you would just like to add an extra pop of positivity into your life as you drink your morning coffee, Wander to Wonder is all of that and so much more.

Chambray & Curls is written by the fabulous Laura who has the most beautiful curls & she loves bubble baths, chambray shirts and spy novels. By day she's a drama technician (which sounds like a super fun job, building sets & costume making!) and by night she blogs, posting outfits of the day, beauty reviews, yummy recipes and snippets of her life.

My favourite posts from Laura are her outfits because I think she has the most amazing style. She has an eye for layering and I love that she has fun with what she wears, there's a real playful aspect that's super inspiring and really reflects her personality. I also love her recipe posts because they always look so good and leave me feeling very hungry!
Blog // Bloglovin' // Twitter

Sophie lives in the countryside with her husband and their sweet pup. Her blog, Sophie in the Sticks, is her corner of the internet where she loves to write about her love for style, food, fitness and photography. Sophie really has the knack for finding truly amazing pieces in charity shops and styling them in a way that really reflects her lifestyle and her personality.

Along with her styling posts, Sophie also shares snippets of her life which I love to read about as well as some really inspirational keeping fit advice that's helping me feel a little more motivated to get back on track, so thank you Sophie! 
Blog // Bloglovin' // Twitter

Becka has only very recently started her blog, This is My World, but it has fast become one of my favourite reads! I feel like I've really got to know Becka through her posts, her writing style is so incredibly relatable and she's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

She shares her beauty favourites, new purchases & outfits along with little bits and pieces about her life. She turned nineteen last month (Happy birthday lovely!) and it's so wonderful to see everything that she's accomplished so far - she's a lot more put-together than I was at 19! I'm excited to see where her journey will take her because I know she's going to go far in life!
Blog // Bloglovin' // Twitter

I hope you find these ladies as inspiring and as wonderful as I do & pop by to have a little nose around their websites, it would mean the absolute world to both them and me!

Do you have a current favourite blog?

Love, Jennie


  1. I'll be sure to check these out now, Jennie! xxxx

  2. This made me smile so much <3 I'll be checking out all other lovely ladies too! xx

  3. These sound like lovely blogs, can't wait to have another peek :)

    Sophie xox soinspo

  4. Your kind words made my day Jennie! Thank you so much. These other blogs look lovely, adding them to my reading list! x

  5. Oooh thanks for sharing some fab new blogs for me to add to my readers :)

  6. lots of lovely people <3

  7. Great post, thanks for introducing us to some new blogs x
    The Belle Narrative

  8. I totally reread a different meaning into Tabitha's blog at first... Sacred Toast!

    7% Solution

  9. What lovely words Jennie, thank you so much! Your blog was one of the first I ever read so it still feels pretty special to have you as an interwebs friend :) Hope you've had a lovely weekend

    1. You're very welcome sweet lady! I hope you have too <3 xo

  10. Thanks for sharing these fabulous blogs! I follow a few of them and will be checking out the rest right now! :)


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