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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

March Love Me Beauty Box!

March Love Me Beauty Box* (£12.95)
When I looked at the options for the March Love Me Beauty Box* I have to admit that I wasn't particularly excited. But this is one of those times where I have well and truly changed my mind. There's a really good selection of products, some from brands I'm familiar with and some from brands I've never heard of before. That's something that I look for in a beauty box.

Blanx White Shock 15ml sample (£4.99 for 50ml)
This little sample has come along at the right time because I've just run out of toothpaste, so this will prove to be pretty useful. I don't tend to stick to the same brand consistently, but I'm always on the lookout for a whitening toothpaste that actually works and I've not tried this one before. Maybe it'll become a new favourite, who knows!

Deep Steep Lavender Chamomile Moisture Stick 15g full size (£4.95)
This is formulated to melt when it comes into contact with the warmth from your skin. It's supposed to glide on and easily hydrate even the driest of skin with coconut oil. I have a lot of this type of product at the moment so I think I'll pass this one on to someone else, but I do love a good balm so I think this is a nice addition to the box.
Murad Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser 7.5ml sample (£64 for 50ml)
The full size is whoppingly expensive, something that's way out of my budget. This promises to deeply hydrate, protect against UV rays, minimise lines and give a natural dewy glow. I'll definitely be giving this a try to see if it's vastly better than my current day moisturiser that's considerably more affordable.
Quintessentially English No. 6 English Rose Bath Salts 50g sample (£4.25 for 100g)
These promise to be luxurious and indulgent so I'm going to save them for Thursday evening after my assignment is finally submitted, you know, the one I've not started yet. I have a feeling I'll need a bit of relaxation so I'm excited to give these a try.
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Gracie False Lashes (£6)
False lashes aren't something I wear, but this particular pair do look very sweet. I imagine they'd add a touch of length and volume to your own lashes, for just a little something extra. The packaging is super cute and I can see these being loved by a lot of people.

Nip + Fab CC Eye Fix in light full size (£9.99)
This is the product that I'm most excited about, I've already given it a try and so far I'm not disappointed. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, these twist up brush things aren't my favourite but it's okay. At first I thought it was going to be a little too dark, but it blends out really nicely. I'm looking forward to trying it out a little more to see if it's something that fits into my everyday routine.

What do you think of this month's box? 



  1. This actually looks like a pretty great box :) I think the inclusion of the bath salts was a nice touch because that's something I think most people would enjoy. The moisture stick looks like it could be pretty useful too, just as a handy thing you could pop in your bag! xxx

  2. This looks like a cute little box - I've actually never worn fake lashes! The Nip & Fab product looks interesting :) xx

  3. Oooh! I'm intrigued by the CC eye fix! I need quite a bit of coverage for my under eyes so I don't know if it would be heavy duty enough, but I like Nip + Fab products on the whole. :)

    Tara x

  4. This looks like such a wonderful box, I'd be really excited to try all of this! The Nip & Fab eye fix looks amazing, and I'd love to try the Murad moisuriser too.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  5. The concealer sounds fab! This looks like a pretty great box <3


  6. Looks exciting! I was tempted to get the same menu this month, but eventually chose a different one just because I already own so many balms and I've got a concealer I'm more than happy with. I hope my box comes soon!


  7. The toothpaste reminded me that I always seem to come across samples when my toothpaste is almost over.
    Andreea | http://catsfika.blogspot.ro/

  8. I like the look of the Nip + Fab Eye Fix, and the packaging for the eyelashes is very cute :) good luck with your assignment! xx

  9. Looks like a lovely box! x

  10. this looks like such a good box - every product seems genuinely nice which is so rare i think! When Glossbox contained crap it was always such a let down x


  11. The bath salts look great! Using some green tea ones at the moment x

  12. I wanted to try the CC eye fix but at the end I chose menu 3 with Viper Venum Eye Fix hoping for it to really smooth my fine lines, a girl can dream :) Can't wait for my box to arrive!

  13. Good luck with the assignment and enjoy a lovely bath

  14. Wow! You actually get quite a bit for this box, love it!

  15. the eye fix sounds great - i love having a nosy at the contents of these subscription boxes, i don't think i would sign up for them myself just because i do too much beauty shopping anyway, but it still makes me curious! x

  16. Really love the look of this box, especially the whitening toothpaste. The packaging looks really unique and I could so do with whiter teeth haha! Also the rose bath salts look and sound heavenly! <3

    Sophie xxx

  17. I don't get this box but the contents don't look half bad. I love Murad products but I have to say the cost of the full sized product made me say ouch! x


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