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Thursday, 3 April 2014


The memory of my first night in the countryside is still fresh in my mind. It's something I will hold close forever because it's one of those memories that unassumingly helped to anchor my heart in an otherwise unfamiliar place.

The sky slowly deepened into a deep and deliciously rich inky blue hue bejeweled with the brightest stars I had ever seen. They really did look like perfect little diamonds shimmering effortlessly and softly illuminating the tops of the trees outside my window. It was unusually warm for late Spring, the window was slightly ajar and a soft breeze brushed past the curtains and danced their way across my face.

Almost every aspect of life outside began to slow as darkness fell until eventually, complete silence ensued. It was a silence that could easily have felt eerie or isolating but instead it felt welcoming and comforting. The constant clamour of thoughts that had been tumbling around and around inside my head incessantly were hushed for nine glorious hours.

Quiescence fell.


  1. Now that I live in a city, I've found myself missing the countryside more and more. It's strange because I never fully appreciated it at the time! I'll always be a country girl at heart. xxx

  2. Really loved reading this ! I truly admire your writing style dear

  3. I am really jelly about your writing skills! You put down your
    experience in words so well! I love countrysides as well.
    Maybe because I've been living in a countryside since day
    1 :P Xx

  4. This is a beautiful post Jennie, with equally beautiful words <3

    Sophie xo soinspo

  5. The way you write is just wonderful, I really enjoyed reading this, PLEASE write more posts like this one.
    I don't know what else to say, this short text is just great, I love it.
    P.S.: I had to look up the word Quiescence on the dictionary, now I have an incredible beautiful new word added into my knowledge thank you for that!

    1. Thank you lovely, I will do. It's one of my favourite words <3

  6. This is beautiful Jennie. I still find myself stopping on the drivewat when I get home late at night, just looking at the stars. I never tire of the night sky. It is the one thing I miss dreadfully whenever I am citybound.

  7. Yes, I totally agree with everyone. Such beautiful writing! Such beautiful imagery!

  8. So beautiful and touching. Loved how you write it. You did it beautifully.

  9. Fantastic writing!
    I'm blessed to live in the country side. Living here feels like a big soft blanket wrapped around me.


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