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Wednesday, 27 August 2014


There was a time when all of my confidence was entwined within the strands of my hair.
A security blanket I could hide behind at a moments notice. Always long. A little frizzy. Messy.
Obscuring my flushed cheeks, too uncomfortable in my own skin to hold my head up high and say 'hey, this is me!'  
Sweeping strands behind my ears or up into a pony tail was out of the question.
What if someone noticed how square my two front teeth are? My wonky eyebrows? The scar on my chin from falling over the handlebars of my tricycle when I was four?

Those thoughts consumed me until one day my mama stood up from the dinner table and swept my hair up.
Ignoring my protests she said, those things? Baby, they're a part of you, but they don't define you.
And besides, what about those bright blue eyes of yours? They long to see everything.
They always have, from the second you were born. And I think they always will.
They want to soak in every smile, every sunrise, every tear, every star.

And in my mind there was a revelation that shone brighter than all of the constellations I had ever dreamt of.
Every imperfection. Every line. Every scar. They're mine to accept. To look at everyday.
To treasure because they're part of me. And I'm here to see them.
I'm here. To look after myself. And to think of more than just myself.

And maybe I'll never be the prettiest girl in the room. Or have perfect skin. Or straight teeth.
Maybe by eyebrows will always be wonky. A blemish on my chin an almost weekly occurrence.
They are a part of me but they don't define me.
And that's okay because I'm here.
And I know I don't have to hide behind anything anymore.

Sometimes a silly amount of products creates the most minimal of make up looks.


Never be afraid to be you. You are beautiful just the way you are.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

A Few Favourites | Weekly Edition #6

Last week felt so incredibly long but this past weekend has seemingly flown by. Maybe it's because I've spent most of it sleeping. And oddly, eating a lot of sandwiches. But essentially hibernating and loosing a lot of my weekend was so worth it. 

Kryolan for Glossybox highlighter*
My favourite thing from the August Glossybox* has fast become a staple in my everyday make up routine, which surprised me because I'm usually too lazy to highlight on an everyday basis. I think it's because it's not too shimmery, not too gold or too pink. It's pretty fool-proof - even I, with my heavy handed application, can't go too far wrong.

Seventeen Stay Time concealer | £4.49
It's official, the Lasting Perfection concealer from Collection is no longer my favourite. In fact, I can't even wear it anymore because it looks way too obvious. I don't know if it's because my skin has changed or if my make up tastes have changed, but I'm more than happy to have a lighter coverage even if it means any redness isn't completely masked. Stay Time from Seventeen covers most of what I'd like it too and it doesn't really look like I'm wearing make up at all. 

Claudia Louch Chamomile Facial Wash* | £40
Almost £40 for a face wash is mighty pricey, even if there is 240ml in the tube. Would I buy it again? Honestly, probably not. I'm pretty fickle though. But I have to say, it is nice to use something that's a little more expensive from time to time. It's gentle, not drying and free from a lot of the harsh chemicals I try to avoid. On paper it's everything I like in a face wash and if it were a little cheaper, it might even be almost perfect.

Avene Rich Compensating Cream | £14
I added this to my basket on a bit of a whim as I was shopping the Escentual sale a few weeks ago. I haven't really heard anything about it before, but I think the best way to discover new things is to just give them a try if you like the sound of them. I already knew I liked Avene skincare, I had a feeling I might like this, and I really do. The difference in my skin in the week or so I've been using it (and a few other things) has amazed me. There's something about that thermal water that agrees with my face so this is my official note to self; do NOT start fiddling around with your routine again, stick with this one!

My Little Sunset Box*
I wasn't expecting to receive another box from France based My Little Box*, but I'm so pleased that I did. Their attention to detail is really wonderful and it feels like a such a treat having a good look through everything inside. With some cute illustrated playing cards, a lip balm that smells like vanilla cupcakes, an exfoliating gel, a little jar of L'Occitane Precious Cream, a sweet bracelet and cute postcards, this box is just as fun and varied as the last. Launching in the UK really soon, I think it's one to look out for!
Heart & Home candle* | £4.99
I was gifted some miniature Heart & Home candles and French Vanilla was the stand out for sure. I'm up for anything that will make my house smell like dessert really. The evenings have been feeling distinctly autumnal, I'm not sure where summer disappeared to so quickly, but I'm not complaining.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom | £2.50
Mitch Albom has a knack for writing lovely little books that make me smile, and cry a little bit at the same time. Admittedly it wasn't quite what I was expecting and I liked 'Tuesday's With Morrie' a lot more, but it was exactly what I needed at just the right time.

Is there anything you've been particularly loving recently? 


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Thursday, 21 August 2014

NARS Smokey Eye Kit: A Giveaway [CLOSED]

HQ Hair are letting me give away this beautiful NARS Smokey Eye Kit to one of you and I'm so excited! It has been far too long since I held a giveaway, so this is to say thank you! Thank you for reading. Thank you for leaving such wonderful, thoughtful comments for me to read. Thank you so much for just being there. It means more than I could ever manage to articulate into a coherent sentence.

Inside the box is:
  • a travel sized Wide Contour Eyeshadow Brush
  • a mini Larger Than Life Liner in Via Veneto 
  • a Smokey Eye Palette with three eyeshadows; Madrague, Bali & Mekong. 

To Enter...
♥ You must be a sailboat reader, subscribed via either bloglovin' or google friend connect
♥ Leave a comment on this post letting me know what your current favourite make up product is & a way to contact you if you win (either a twitter handle or email address)
If you'd like an extra entry (not a requirement) tweet about the giveaway including a link to this post - just let me know if you've done this in your comment

Good luck!

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Terms & Conditions...
+ The giveaway will be open until the end of August 2014
+ Open internationally
+ The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries at the beginning of September 2014
+ If you're underage please have permission from a parent/guardian because I'll need your address if you win
+ The winner must respond to my tweet/email within 48 hours or I will pick another winner
+ Prize has been kindly provided by HQ Hair but it will be posted out by myself with lots of bubble wrap!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

10 Happy Things | Edition #4

1. The Luminaries. I have serious respect for Eleanor Catton. It's the kind of novel I would love to write, but would never be able to because I'm not that talented. Her ability to weave narratives together is incredible.
2. Banks. She is amazing!
3. Investing in a few new skin care products in the escentual sale. I'm going to try and stick to a routine and stop flitting between different products because these breakouts need to leave my face asap.
4. Beat generation literature. I'm looking forward to exploring it more.
5. This candle. Yep, totally want it just for the jar! Also this fragrance for the same reasons!

6. Finding some stories I wrote and the little books I made when I was really small. I'll have to show them to you one day, they're hilariously terrible!
7. No substitutions on my online grocery order, that's almost a miracle! Nice work, Morrisons!
8. The Penguin Modern Classics collection. Minus the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cover, which one marketing ploy too far for me (I don't mind the cover itself, but I think Penguin wanted a whole bunch of free advertising and hey, it worked!)
9. Watching Good Will Hunting and crying and smiling at the same time.
10. Bunny cuddles. Little Ralphie hasn't been very well recently so I've been making sure he gets extra cuddles just because.

What has been making you happy recently?



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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August Beauty Boxes | Birchbox, Glossybox, Love Me Beauty & My Little Box.

I'm trying out something a little different for my beauty box posts this month. I'm not sure if this is better or worse than the way I usually do it, but I thought that four individual beauty box posts might have been a little bit...much? I might go back to individual posts next month because I'm sure I won't receive 4 different boxes, but let me know if you do prefer it like this. I've sandwiched them together in one post, so here is a little rundown of some of the beauty subscription boxes from August...


August 2014 Birchbox* (£10 + p&p)

Birchbox* have had some amazing boxes this year and in comparison this one is a little disappointing. I like the summer getaway theme and as always when they settle on a theme they really see it through, so I like that everything is travel friendly. The thing with beauty boxes is, sometimes the selection of products just doesn't excite me, but they may very well appeal to you! In that respect it's always a bit of a risk, but so far I haven't seen a completely terrible Birchbox.

The Wild About Beauty eyeshadow is a beautiful golden shade and I'm really looking forward to trying out the Nude Treatment Oil because at £58 for the full size, I'm expecting some pretty great things! Overall not my favourite box, but there are still some really lovely things inside to try.

+ Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect | sample size - full size costs £20
+ Supergoop CC Cream | 2 sample sizes - full size costs £32
+ Nude Omega Treatment Oil | sample size - full size costs 58
+ Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow in 'aine' | full size worth £13
+ Liaison de Parfum 'Resist Me' Eau de Parfum | sample size - full size costs £105
+ Chapter sample of The Proposal by Tasmina Perry | paperback £7.99

* * *

August 2014 Glossybox* (£10 + p&p)

This month Glossybox* are celebrating their three year global anniversary and it seems they're doing exceptionally well, selling 1 box every 12 seconds! The box itself has had a little bit of a make over, the squared off edges makes it really nice to hold. Not really that important in the grand scheme of things, but it's a nice touch I think.

In terms of the contents I think they've had a really good month; the variety is good and everything is a nice size making it really easy to give everything a really good try. My favourite product is the Kryolan for Glossybox highlighter, it feels so creamy and it's the perfect colour for adding that summer glow to the cheekbones. I also really like that the mini nail polish matches the signature pink of Glossybox almost perfectly.

+ Philip Kingsley Elasticizer | sample size - 250ml costs £38
+ Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream | full size £3.95
+ Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere | full size £12.95
+ Yves Rocher Nail Polish in 'Rose' | full size £3.60
+ Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk | full size £20
+ Lalique L'Amour perfume | sample size - 50ml costs £67

* * *

Love Me Beauty
August Love Me Beauty Box* (£10 + p&p)

The August Love Me Beauty* box isn't my favourite, I've definitely seen them do a lot better, but it's not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. I guess it just wasn't that exciting? BUT having said that, everything is full size!

I opted for Edition 1 this month because the Oriflame Eye Cream really caught my attention and I haven't been disappointed by it because it's my favourite product from the box - the roller ball is so cooling and refreshing & I've been reaching for it every morning. The Mirabella Lip Liner is a really beautiful pink with some shimmer and I must admit, I haven't been brave enough to try the A La Carte eyebrow pen just yet because I have a feeling I'll make a huge mess!

+ Oriflame ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream | full size £16.95
+ A La Carte Eyebrow Definer | full size £23
+ Mirabella Lip Luster Liner in 'Bashful' | full size £10.50
+ Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow in 'You're Toast' | full size £14.49

* * *

My Little Summer Box
My Little Summer Box*

France based My Little Box* is on its way to the UK very soon and if this example of the summer French box is anything to go by, I think it might be something to look out for. It's not product heavy with just three beauty samples inside, but it is incredibly well thought out. To go with the summer theme there is a really sweet pineapple print sarong that I've been wearing as a light scarf as well as some colourful stickers. And I don't know about you, but I love stickers!

The magazine is nice added extra. I can't pretend to be able to read all of it (my French knowledge isn't what it used to be!) but it seems to be really well put together, with a lot of consideration behind the content. There are recipes, nail art & hair tutorials, beautiful photographs, easy DIY ideas, and even some word & number games which would be especially fun to do whilst lounging in the sunshine (or sitting in the shade if you're like me!). It feels and reads like a real magazine. I'm very, very impressed with the My Little Summer Box and I'm excited to see what the UK boxes will be like!

+ Miniature Essie Nail Polish in 'Cute as a Button'
+ Pineapple print sarong/scarf
+ HIP Ultra Shine Shampoo
+ Coconut Face Scrub

* * *

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? 
Which was your favourite box this month?



Sunday, 17 August 2014

i believe in you.

a notebook. a pen. a dream. and someone who believes in you.
I don't really know how many people read these little thoughts. Or how many people read them and take them with all of the sincerity in which they are meant. I know they're not that important in the grand scheme of things. But if you are reading this, I wanted to tell you something. And I have no idea how many people have told you this before. Whether you've heard it today. In the past week. Or month. Or year. Or if you've ever heard this at all.

Whatever makes your heart flutter. Whatever occupies your thoughts whenever you let them wander in. Whatever you dream about. You can make it happen. You can take those thoughts and those dreams and you can make them real. And your reality will make your heart flutter every single day. Sometimes all it takes is someone to believe. And I really, really do.

I believe in you.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

a little bit of luxury.

Sometimes spending a little extra on something is totally worth it. Very often there are affordable equivalents of my very favourite things, but there's an almost unexplainable something special about those that offer a little more of a luxury feel. I'm still working on establishing a capsule make up collection, for some reason although I rarely reach for some things I'm unable to part with them, but ultimately I would like to have a small selection of things I really love. And if those things are a little more expensive, I think that's okay.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector | £18
Easily my favourite lip products of all time, I currently have three shades and I'm seriously considering adding another to my collection even though they're quite sheer. They don't look all that different from one another on the lips and although I think that everyone who likes glosses should have one of these in their make up bag, I don't think you need every shade. Unless of course you're like me and want to!

Dior Gloss in Dormeuse* | £20.99
I've only had this gloss for a little while, but it's already up there as a favourite. Smooth, not sticky and surprisingly pigmented, it's so easy to wear either on its own or on top of a lipstick. The packaging is equally as lovely as the gloss itself, which for an expensive product is important. A little bit of luxury in my make up bag that brings with it the feel-good-factor. And feeling good is always a good thing.

Stila Convertible Colours | £16 each or £19.50 for the palette
These are my favourite cream blushes of all time. They're lightweight, easy to blend, the colours are lovely and they have a beautiful slightly dewy finish. Gerbera, a neutral peach, is my ultimate favourite shade but honestly they're all so pretty and wearable I wouldn't be able to decide on my next favourite. The single blush packaging is beautiful and although the tin & plastic insert on the palette is a little naff, it's still nice to have a choice of colours in one place.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer | £23.50
When I first started watching beauty videos all those years ago, this was one of the products that I heard being raved about all the time and I remember thinking that I would never be able to part with over £20 for a bronzer. I resisted for a really long time, but one day I caved and I'm so pleased I did. I've had this same box for a really long time, I've used it almost daily and it looks almost completely untouched. I have to be careful not to apply too much because it's wonderfully pigmented, but it helps to define my face and give a little bit of warmth too. 

NARS Douceur Blush | £21.50
The perfect neutral, douceur is one of those blushes that helps enormously in adding a little more definition to my moon face. It's a little sheer making it almost impossible for me to over-do it in the mornings, which is a big plus for me because I tend to be a little heavy handed. If I were really pushed and could only choose one blush to have, I think it would be this one. 

Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush | £30
It looks quite intense and bright in the pan, but a little of this dusted on the cheeks really does give the prettiest rosy glow. My first really-high-end make up product, it undoubtedly adds more than a little touch of luxury to my collection. The outer packaging is a shiny mirrored silver and it comes in its own little pouch to keep it from getting scratched. A gift from my boyfriend, this will always be extra special I think.

Are there any luxury make up products that you really love? 


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