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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Few Favourites | Weekly Edition #8

This week I had a bit of a tinker with my blog layout. I just made a few little changes but sometimes the little things make a big difference. My main aim was to integrate the ads a little better and while I don't think they'll ever be totally seamless, I hope they're at least a little better. Okay enough waffling, on to some of my favourite things...

Antonia Burrell Facial Oil Serum* | £58.80
There was a time when I was drawn to anything that promised to exfoliate but now facial oils are my skincare love. I was offered the chance to try this one a few months ago and I accepted because it's targeted particularly towards reactive skin. I was growing tired of having lots of blemishes that refused to leave my face, I was curious to see if this would help and it really has.

The downside is that it's incredibly expensive so I decided to see if one pump once a day (as opposed to 3 pumps twice a day that's recommended) would give results and it has! What can I say? I do like to find ways of making things last that little bit longer.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | £5.99
I've definitely mentioned this in a favourites before, but I had to talk about it again because I've used it every day I've worn foundation since I bought it in May. It blends my foundation in far better and far quicker than any brush I've ever used that I can't really see myself reaching for anything else any time soon. I also prefer this to the Beauty Blender & it's a fraction of the price.

MeMeMe Coral Blossom Cheek & Lip Tint* | £5.50
Until now I haven't ever been a fan of using tints on my cheeks. Either my make up tastes are changing or there's something special about this colour and formulation. It doesn't dry instantly so there's a bit of time to blend avoiding any strange patchiness and it doesn't look like I'm wearing much make up at all. The pretty peachy colour is lovely, there's something youthful and soft about it. I may just be a convert to peach over pink shades!

Joules Polka Dot Tunic* similar here
My wardrobe is pretty much just full of tunic tops and leggings, which I'm very happy with. They're comfortable, easy to style and...did I mention they're comfortable? Comfort is pretty much my only criteria when I'm choosing what to wear nowadays but it helps if there are some cute polka dots involved too. I really like Joules. I remember when I used to work in a department store I would always wander over to the Joules section and admire all the pretty pieces (when I should have been doing some actual work - I was the worst sales assistant ever). They're quite expensive but the way their pieces are cut mean they always seem to fit me really well.

The Listeners by Leni Zumas | £7.54
Firstly this is a beautifully produced book, Tin House you're wonderful. And secondly this was a really enveloping read. There are a lot of strong, independent female characters in literature and there are also a lot of female characters who, particularly in earlier works do, to varying degrees, what is 'expected' of them. They're both valuable representations for various reasons but I think it's also interesting to see female characters work through their inner conflicts in realistic ways. I didn't always like Quinn but I felt her and I grew to understand some of the quirks that made her who she was. This is a book I know I will re-read in the future and I like finding books that I want to revisit again and again.

Is there anything you have particularly loved this week? 


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  1. I really want to try that sponge, seen so many people reviewing it. That tunic is gorgeous :) xxx

  2. I fell in love with a coat this week - another coat!
    I like the sound of that book and will keep an eye out for it.

  3. I've been wanting to try the Real Techniques sponge for ages, I need to just bite the bullet it sounds so good! I can't believe the lip and cheek duo isn't a polish - such a stunning colour.


  4. The serum sounds splendid. Also the book seems really interesting. I am going to try and find that one in my local bookshop

  5. I love the tunic! I'm a bit addicted to polka dots!


  6. I like the sound of The Listeners! Always a fan of realistically flawed heroines and the page edges on that copy are gorgeous. I'd be interested to know what other facial oils you're keen on (perhaps with a more affordable price tag - I'm poor!)

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure xx

    1. I'll definitely gather my favourites together & write a post on them <3 xx

  7. Everything sounds great! I love the polka dots! xx


  8. The book sounds so promising :)

  9. Lovely tunic - I always seem to go for comfort over style nowadays, but that seems to blend the two. I'm intrigued by the book. I doubt I'll ever get bored of the many ways women are represented in literature. It's so nice to find a book to revisit!

  10. Such a cute tunic, I love the print! :)

    Tara x


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