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Friday, 12 September 2014

Blogging Rules.

Well...there really aren't any! And that's exactly what makes it so exciting! The freedom to share, to write something because a thought popped into your head at 3am with the knowledge that someone somewhere in the world might spend a few minutes of their day reading what you've written.

Your words might make them smile. Make them laugh or cry. Make them feel the same way that you felt in that moment. You might even make their day, reminding them that they're not the only one in the world that feels the way they do. Similarly they might remind you of the very same thing. You may never meet each other, but for a time your lives will cross paths. You will be a part of their present and they will be a part of yours.

And how special is that?

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  1. This is a really beautiful, it made my day :) thank you! X

  2. Such a lovely post Jennie! Blogging really is amazing, I really feel like I connect with some bloggers even though i've never met them! It's such a lovely, creative community that I'm so glad to be a part of! x


  3. So, so special!


  4. I love this post! You are so right about everything. You can share your life with peopleyou might never meet, it makes it kinda special and magical in some way.

  5. I'm head over heels in love with this post Jennie. So beautifully written.

  6. That's exactly the power of blogging. I love to read some posts from other bloggers and feel like i can relate to them in a certain way. As a blogger, I also hope that my readers can connect with me by reading what I have written:)


    1. I'm sure they do, it's a wonderful thing! xx

  7. Definitely, there are no rules in blogging! Although being kind to others should be one, like it should be a rule in life! x

    Josie’s Journal

  8. It's only recently I've been thinking this. I haven't been blogging because I felt I didn't have anything to post that was as good as 'professional blogging standard' and now I realise how ridiculous it is! My blog is a personal blog, so everything I find personally blog-worthy is now going straight up. Yay for freedom!

  9. It's funny how you end up feeling like you know the people you 'meet' through blogging. It's a nice feeling, sometimes difficult to explain to others though.

  10. Lovely post, made my evening finding it!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. YEAH. This is exactly what it's all about. Keep blogging, Jennie - I love your posts!

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure xx

  12. This post is so sweet Jennie! Your blog is part of my present and I always love to read what you have to say <3

  13. I love this post! It brought a smile on my face. You're definitely right.


  14. This was such a short and sweet post. I missed reading your posts Jennie, I'm finally back to blogging :)

    - aly

  15. I just love your blog jennie. Your always so open and honest and your personality just shines through. I hope one day I get to meet you as your blog is such an inspiration. My blog is often a place for me to just put my thoughts out there. It's not for any gain just the pure joy of writing my own words, and knowing that maybe somewhere someone feels the same. :o) xx

  16. Yes! There are no rules. I think that's my favourite part.

  17. A lot of people diss blogging as being superficial etc but my favorite thing is definitely the people I have met through it. Some of them I just talk to online from time to time + others have become real life friends. So although it seems like we're all talking about superficial crap, it's much more than that! Brings people with similar interests + viewpoints together.

    annie | www.nouveauchique.com


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