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Monday, 1 September 2014

Dear September

Dear September,

I can already feel the slight chill in your air & the promise of Autumn just around the corner. Crisp golden leaves underfoot, bringing out the warm blankets to huddle underneath on your chilly evenings, the delicate shimmer of a morning frost.

Oh how I've missed you. The way that darkness falls a little earlier each evening. How brightly the stars shine against their inky surroundings for a little longer every night. How hazy the light looks when the sun sits low in the sky, sending its beams through a soft curtain of fog.

If possible please try not to rain too much. But really that's okay too because leaves look like miniature sailboats as they drift their way through puddles, rolling steadily down the hill. And even though raindrops on my glasses obscure my vision, sometimes it's not what I can see that's important, it's what I can't. 

It's good to see you.

With love, 

* * *

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  1. Autumn is my favourite month I keep on listening to this song,


    "conkers shining on the ground, the air is cooler and I feel like I've just started uni"


  2. This is such a beautiful post - you really have a way with words!

    Ioanna | www.hearting.co.uk

  3. Another lovely post, Jennie, you make even September drizzle sound appealing! <3
    I actually quite like September too, I can take or leave the rain and the cold, but it's my birthday month haha!

    Jess xo

  4. I always think of autumn and winter being quite depressing seasons but you've just made them seem beautiful. I think I need to embrace them more. :)

  5. Such a lovely post. Autumn is my favourite season!

  6. September is one of my favorite months! Not only because it's my birthday month, haha ;) I love that September just screams chilly-but-not-too-chilly, I've been getting tired of this heat! Not sure if I've said this before, but your posts like these are always so beautiful <3

    xx becky // star violet

  7. September is one of my favourite months, I love the season change over and the way nature does its thing!

  8. I am sad to see summer come to an end but your beautiful writing has me excited to pull out my turtlenecks, skinny jeans and boots!

    Meghan xo

  9. A lovely post as always Jennie - you have such a way with words x

  10. So beautiful! I'm really enjoying your creative style of writing!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  11. What a lovely post. I do like the changing seasons, September somehow always feel like a new start, but I shall miss the long summer days like mad.

    1. Those hazy evenings are pretty special <3

  12. I always love your posts, Jennie - they're so beautifully crafted! You really have a way with words. It's unseasonally hot and sunny today, but I'm really looking forward to the carpet of crunchy leaves underfoot that suddenly appears later in the month :)

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  13. Happy September Jennie! I love this month, always feels like new beginnings x

    Josie’s Journal

  14. Ugh this perfectly sums up why I love September so much ^_^ Xx

  15. Lovely post as always. By the looks of these two days, September will be really rainy. At least here in Slovenia. But I'm really excited for Autumn as well :) xx

  16. Always such beautifully written posts. Happy September lovely Jennie x :o)

  17. Beautiful words as always Jennie! I'm so excited for Autumn - I just want to be snuggled up and cosy all the time!
    Beth x

  18. september is a funny one - it's bittersweet but so promising. and i do love autumn. x

  19. Very very beautiful post. It makes me loves autumn even more! x

  20. Ahh autumn, I absolutely love this time of year. Your words are beautiful as always :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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