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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The first book I loved.

A couple of months ago Sophie from The Private Life of a Girl wrote about the first book she ever loved, and inspired me to write a little something about mine. 
Little Bear's Trousers by Jane Hissey

Little Bear has lost his trousers! He sets off in search of them and discovers that all the toys have used them in some way (Rabbit as a skiing hat, Dog as a two bone bone-holder, Duck as a flag), but no one seems to know where they are now. With help from Old Bear, Rabbit, Duck, Dog, Bramwell Brown and the rest of the toys, will he ever find his trousers?

Episodes from the TV show are on YouTube and I may have just spent an hour or so back in my childhood, a time when everything felt so simple. I treasure my childhood. Like most it wasn't idyllic all of the time but I have some incredible memories, especially from my early years, and I was able to spend a lot of time immersed in my favourite books whose stories have stayed with me into adulthood. And what a gift that is.

What was the first book you ever loved?

- xo

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  1. I'd completely forgotten about this book but you've just given me a huge wave of nostalgia! Love this!

    Becks xo

  2. I loved that book too. I still have them all somewhere :).

    Lucy x

  3. I loved Little Bear books too! :)

  4. I loved watching the Old Bear TV show! I keep meaning to buy the books for Chloe, hopefully she'll like them & they're not too dated. My favourite children's book was The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark xx

  5. My mum always tells me that there was a book of nursery rhymes that I repeatedly borrowed from the library when I was younger so much so that they eventually had to buy me a copy which I still have and is in the most threadbare state but well loved!


  6. Omgosh, I liked this too! I think the first book I truly loved was The Jolly Pocket Postman! I still have it and love it just as much. ;)

    Tara x

  7. Aw this is such a lovely idea! My sweet nana taught me to read when I was two and while I don't remember the first books I read, I do remember being very partial to a little omnibus of Thomas the Tank Engine stories when I was small, like pre-school age! Then when I was a bit older I received a massive book of short stories from a relative which was wildly inappropriate for me as it had a lot of darker, twisted stories in it - my mum and dad actually went through it before giving it to me and told me which stories I wasn't allowed to read. I was a devious brat though and remember feeling very daring when I did actually read them - it was my first introduction to Poe as the Tell-Tale Heart was one of them. Not what I deem appropriate for a 7 year old but I credit that anthology for my devotion to literature!

  8. What a cute book!

    And what a tough question! Since I was 3, bookstores and libraries were my favorite place. I spent a lot of time there by myself reading.

    Three books I remember loving early on are:

    -Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson
    -A Color His Own by Leo Lionni
    -A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams

    ...and I can go on and on!

  9. This is such a lovely idea, I let out a little squeal when I saw this book - I used to adore it so much as a child. I've got to say that my childhood favourite has to be "Guess How Much I Love You" xx

    Jemma | Jemma In Words

  10. YES! This book is perfect. Everything by Jane Hissey is. Zebra used them as a piping bag for decorating a cake, right?! I still have all these books, won't ever get rid of them. I even have an actual Little Bear teddy, in his blue and white striped pajamas. Arrrggghhh <333

  11. Oh my goodness, you've just brought a whole wave of nostalgia over me. As soon as I saw that cover I remembered it all! I absolutely loved this book <3 x

    Megan / pixiecrop.com

  12. I loved this book too! I'd forgotten about it until now. Doesn't one of the characters use the trousers as an icing bag? This has bought back so many memories :) x

  13. Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore this book. This post has just put the biggest smile on my face along with a wave of nostalgia. I loved The Little Wooden Horse. I am going to see if I can find this online immediately.

    New follower by the way :)

    Zoe Newlove

  14. I had forgotten about this book, but the photo and your post took me right back to my childhood then! I had this book and I'm sure it was a favourite.
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  15. Such a lovely post Jennie! I wish I could remember mine. I loved 'The tiger who came to tea' and 'We're going on a bear hunt' but they weren't the first book that I loved. I'll have to ask my mum :) x


  16. Oh, I loved so many books when I was little. The Spot books were great and I loved these LIttle Bear books. Also one I read over and over was The Velveteen Rabbit. When I got a little older I was all about Enid Blyton.

  17. I loved this series of books - all the creatures were so adorable and funny all at the same time. I think Old Bear was my favourite! I'd also forgotten about the TV show - I must rewatch it on YouTube asap. My all-time favourite book was Spot as a child. I adored the simplicity of it. Fi xx


  18. Oh my gosh, I used to love this book!
    Danielle xo || mylilyotv

  19. I can't tell you how many years I have been trying to think of this book series! A childhood fave!
    Thank you :)


  20. I got so excited when I saw this, these books were my favourite when I was younger and I had the TV series too! I'm off to watch all the videos on Youtube haha. I also remember loving Spot, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar :) xx


  21. I loved Jane Hissey when I was little! I liked Bramwell bear best :)
    Beth x

  22. This is the sweetest post! What a lovely idea for a blog post.

    I don't remember reading these books but they sound so sweet (and how cute is that front cover?!).


  23. Aw what an adorable post, that book looks pretty awesome! Now it's driving me crazy trying to think of the name of the books I loved, just spent a good 30 minutes googling and I cannot find it, not that I can remember much about them just that there were a brother and sister who would go on all sorts of fun adventures x

    What Rachael Wrote

  24. Aww I've never read this book! But my favourite when I was younger was The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I still think about it now :D

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  25. My first book was My Secret Unicorn! I started loving horses from then on..
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  26. i was trying to think of books i read when in primary i really struggled to remember. so when i saw this, it all came back to me. another fav was the jolly postman book, which i still love. just need a little one to buy it for ;)

  27. i used to have all these stories combined into one big book (i may still have it...) and i always loved the christmassy ones.

    bethany // lots of sparkle

  28. Loved this book and the TV episode 'the dolls house Christmas' was on an old Christmas VHS i had as a child so i watch it every year on Christmas eve :)

    Lizzy at Nomad Notebook

  29. I completely forgot this book existed, I used to love it. "Guess How Much I Love You" was my first and most loved book!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  30. I loved little bear, i also loved the funny bones books too!

  31. OH! Oh I used to LOVE these books!!! We had a whole collection of them but the trousers one was always my absolute fave <3 xx

    Little Miss Katy | Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty

  32. Wow I had forgotten about this book. I used to have loads of these and loved the tv programme. So nostalgic!

  33. this is too cute and i'm so glad you still have it! i can't remember the first book i loved, though i do have memories of a certain few that i really liked. i feel like my family may have donated them some time over the years as we moved from apartment to apartment... i wish we had kept some!

    rachel x

  34. I loved Old Bear so much Jennie! I still remember the theme song from the TV programme. Loved the Christmas episodes especially. Oh God, I'm so nostalgic now! xx

  35. This was mine too. Truly, madly, deeply Little Bear. I still have the copy on my bookshelf hoping one day I might be able to pass it on to a little somone xxx

  36. I loved the Peter Rabbit books,Where the Wild Things Are, Elma, Slinky Malinki I loved them all!

  37. Gosh I used to absolutely love this! My favourites were always the Percy the Parkkeeper collection. I remember my parents buying them for me. Such good memories! I still love children's books - even did my dissertation on Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz haha! xx


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