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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide | Organic Surge Christmas Beauty Blogger Bundle

Organic Surge Christmas Beauty Blogger Bundle* (£35.50)

* * *
I love when a brand recognises the love they receive from beauty bloggers and Organic Surge always do just that. This year they have put together a little bundle featuring some of their most tried, tested, and loved products for Christmas.

The only product I hadn't tried before was the Gardeners Hand Cream. I'm not green fingered at all but I like something soothing in the colder months and the aloe vera in this does just that. The Spiced Lily Foaming Bath is my favourite Organic Surge product. I've purchased and used up countless bottles because I find the scent so relaxing on an evening before bedtime.

I don't tend to reach for hot cloth cleansers very often anymore, but the only one I do use somewhat regularly is this Brightening Cleanser. It's nothing revolutionary, no bells and whistles, but it just works. The Night Cream is very similar, it doesn't work miracles but it's a lovely, very simple nighttime moisturiser.

If you're thinking there are some special people in your life that would love Organic Surge products, perhaps one that's more into skincare & one that loves bath and body products, you could very easily get two wonderful gifts from this bundle.

Are you an Organic Surge fan? 

- xo

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  1. I love that they picked their most popular products and they look and sound pretty lovely!

  2. spiced lily sounds too lovely... i've been very excited about products with the word "spiced" in it these days! this set looks great and i can already think of friends/family around me that would love this for christmas... time to go look into whether this ships to hong kong! :)

    rachel x

  3. I love this brand and the fact it's all organic and smells amazing is even better! I use their day and night creams and a foaming rose cleanser
    Hannah x

  4. Sometimes skin just needs a bit of a simple routine. Let it calm and get back to normal I find and it seems that these would do it!


  5. Gardeners hand cream would make a really cute gift. Such a nice idea.

    Jazzie x

  6. Spiced Lily Foam Bath? Sounds delicious c:
    Lovely skin products + gift inspirations!

  7. I've never used anything from Organic Surge before but this sounds like a great way to try their products! xx


  8. I love hot cloth cleansers in the winter so this is definitely one to try! x

  9. This looks like a lovely bundle, i really want to try the hot cloth cleanser and I agree the spiced lily bath foam smells beautiful <3

    Jess xo


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