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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Empties & Mini Reviews!

I've been making more of an effort to actually use things up rather than almost finishing them and then moving on to something else. This is just a little round-up of the things I've finally finished and remembered to save rather than throw straight in the recycling!

ModelCo Power Lash Mascara
Awful! Gloopy and impossible to use!

Seventeen Blow Out Mascara
Seventeen mascaras are really nice. I enjoyed using this one because it was so reliable, no flaking or smudging at all. 

W7 Magic Eyes Mascara
The wand is pretty strange on this one and it didn't really give much length or volume. I wouldn't recommend it.

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser
This smells like plastic, not very pleasant at all!

Bee Good Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm
There's still some left in the tube but it's impossible to squeeze out, which is a shame because I really liked this lip balm especially as an overnight treatment.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
This was unexpectedly really nice! I'm not sure it will replace my love for Vichy eye creams, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Rose Tree Lip Balm
Not my favourite lip balm ever, but it was really nice. Again, I liked using this at night time and kept the pot on my bedside table. 

Suti Purity Balm
A really lovely multi-use balm that works wonders at soothing dry skin. 

The Bakewell Soap Company Pocket Balm
This saved my skin when I had a cold recently. Super hydrating and really useful to have on hand for any areas of dry skin.

Amie Spot Clearing Gel
This was okay. It's not a miracle worker but it's also not insanely drying either. 

Rituals Qi Gong Antiperspirant
The scent of this is amazing, it's a little on the pricey side but I would absolutely repurchase.

Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion
Absolutely loved this body lotion and I'll be looking into the Burt's Bees range for sure because I've been really impressed with the products I have tried. 

Weleda Millet Shampoo
Not a fan of the scent and it's a little too heavy for my fine hair. 

Blanx White Shock Toothpaste
I can't say that I noticed a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth, was a nice toothpaste though. 

Ultradex Breath Spray
I've had this in my bag for a little while and I never reach for it. I'd rather have a mint or something!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
I've loved this concealer for a long time. It gives incredible coverage, but it feels a little heavy for me at the moment so I've replaced it with the Seventeen Stay Time.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser
A really beautiful tinted moisturiser that I will definitely repurchase next year!

Revlon Lip Butters in 'Cupcake' and 'Sweet Tart'
I still love the lip butters, they feel so comfortable and they're so easy to apply. I'm not sure that I would repurchase these exact colours again, but I might go and have a look at some of the shades I haven't tried before. 

So Susan Luminizer
This isn't technically an empty, but I had to put it into a different container because the lip snapped off. Their packaging isn't the best but the product itself is beautiful, not too shimmery just lovely and glowy.

- xo

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  1. I think I need to try that tinted moisturiser! :)

    Tara x

  2. I rarely use up products. But when I do, I neeeeed to start remembering to save the packaging! I find these posts so helpful.

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  3. I've been through countless minis of that Burt's Bees Body Lotion and a huge one too, it's lovely! I'd recommend tryin their lip balms and cuticle butter, they're fantastic.

  4. I'm trying to finish up all my lipbalms first instead
    keeping buying new ones :P
    For the 'Bee Good Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm'
    maybe you can snip off the top and scoop the
    leftover with a q-tip? Xx

    1. I must admit I'm a little too lazy to do that, I really should though! x

  5. I'm glad you like your products.
    I am sure to try out some of them eventually!


  6. I always cut my tubes down so I don't waste anything. Cut the top off leaving enough so that you can use the top part as a lid for the bottom. Nothing gets wasted and you get your money's worth.

  7. You have managed to get through quite a lot of stuff! I used to love the collection concealer, but I've gone off it more recently, seems cakey... I really like the maybelline fit me concealer now!

    Bethan Likes

    1. I'll have to give that one a try, I really like the powder from that range! xo

  8. This is a packed empties post!


  9. I'm so impressed with Burt's Bees products as well. Glad that you loved it too.


  10. I'm currently trying to use the Model and Co mascara, it's really not working for me either! I love the sound of the burt's bee's body lotion x


  11. I love a good empties post!! Always good to see what people have finished and what the final verdict is. Great post! Xx


    1. I really enjoy reading them too, they've inspired me to start using things up! xx

  12. This is a really impressive amount of empties! I find it such a struggle to get through things, it seems like it's only ever face wash, shampoo/conditioner, micellar water and my eyeliner that I get through. x


    1. I think the nature of blogging means we have more things than we probably need so using things up that aren't essentials takes way longer hehe x

  13. Great post. I love Seventeen mascaras, they never let me down. I'm also preferring the Seventeen Stay Time concealer to Collection Lasting Perfection lately. Stay Time is a great shade match for me xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

    1. It's so lovely, really like how it blends so easily! xo

  14. nice collection of empties! love your blog xx


  15. I understand how you feel it's so hard to use up products! but I feel like you did a really good job. Lip products are the hardest for me T_T
    FancyNancy's YouTube Channel

  16. You have used up so many cute mini's. The Bee Good Lip Balm sounds lovely & perfect for my dry lips.

  17. I love Seventeen Blow Out, you've reminded me I need to repurchase it! I'm also so glad you're using Seventeen Stay Time concealer as it's my absolute favourite and I have a back up but I've never seen any other bloggers mention it!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. It's so nice! I'm glad I picked it up one day instead of the Collection one! x

  18. great post! I want to get that Laura Mercier moisturizer. and I love the Revlon lip butters too!

    xo T.

  19. Love the Revlon Lip Butters and Burts Bees as a brand- Ive just dabbled with the deep cleansing cream and really like it too.

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

    1. I think I'll definitely be trying more things from them! xo


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