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Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Me-Time Tag!

Hello & happy Sunday! Today is all about relaxing and forgetting all about the essay I should be writing. I just saw Fleur de Force do this tag over on her youtube channel and I really liked the questions. I thought it was perfect for my current 'I need to relax' mood so here we go...

1. What do you like to watch or read during me-time?
Which ever book I'm currently reading at the time, but if I'm feeling a little sad or just want to feel instantly comforted I always go back to Harry Potter. There's nothing quite like the nostalgic feeling that it gives me every time. 

2. What do you wear during me-time?
Always something comfortable, which usually means pyjamas! 

3. What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
The frankly utterly fabulous ladies over at Birchbox gifted me a tube of the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille body butter and I can't thank them enough for it. It has such a decadent scent, a little goes a long way, and it feels like such a treat.

4. Current favourite nail polish?
Essie A Cut Above. It's so beautiful and I don't think you can ever go too far wrong with a bit of sparkle.

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?
I'll never say no to a mug of peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows.

6. Current favourite candle?
NEOM Comforting. It's cedarwood, vetiver and star anise; they have definitely named it perfectly, it's enormously comforting. Like a long, warm, cuddle.

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Only really in the summertime when I like to spend 15 minutes outside drinking my morning coffee. 

8. Would you ever go and watch a film alone?
I think I would if I lived closer to a cinema, but since it's quite a trip it's probably not one I'd make alone. The cinema isn't really my favourite place though because I always get the person that has brought really noisy snacks sitting really close to me.

9. Favourite online shop?
Currently I'm a little bit in love with Rockett St George. Their homeware pieces are so unique and I currently have my eye on this beautiful ship snow globe decoration! 

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
I have a bit of a secret (not so secret now!) thing for sudoku puzzles.

I'd love to know how you like to spend your you-time! 

- xo

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  1. I absolutely LOVE essie cut above! I don't own it but after seeing this, I think I should do ;) It's perfect for the festive season too xx

  2. Loved seeing Fleur do this video and loved reading yours too, the questions are great. I'm going to have to check out that homeware store, sounds great!


  3. completely agree with the comforting aspect of Harry Potter - hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, and i was literally obsessed with sudoku puzzles a couple of years ago, i had to stop because it was all i was doing, really love your photographs!!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  4. Ambre Vanille is my fave scent from Laura Mercier.

    Victoria x

  5. The body butter sounds incredible and such a luxurious product to treat yourself with!


  6. Lovely post! Need to try out the Laura Mercier body butters! Lilly xx http://alittlelilly.blogspot.nl/

  7. love a bit of Harry Potter :)
    that body butter sounds lovely xxx


  8. Totally agree on the Sudoku puzzles! Lovely post x

    Beccy : Bluebell & Bumpkin

  9. I love love love Sudoku puzzles too. Me-time for me is mostly about a warm bubble bath and a book. I am scared that I'll drop the book in the water, but it never happened so far.
    Andreea | http://catsfika.blogspot.ro/
    Check Out My New Food Blog Flavour Chic

  10. That nail polish is super pretty x


  11. Ah, I've had A Cut Above on my wishlist for ages! I love hot chocolate - drinking a mug right now!

    becky ♡ star violet

  12. That's a really sweet me-tag post c:
    Sunday is totally my pj day haha
    and I love sudoku puzzles!

  13. Lovely post, the Laura Mercier body butter sounds beautiful! Definitely agree on Harry Potter always making me feel better, too <3

    Jess xo

  14. I always go to the cinema alone but that's because it's a short bus journey away and I have a Cineworld card so feel I have to make use of it. I agree with you re: reading Harry Potter, it's comforting because it takes me back to my childhood and reading it in the park. xo


  15. Lovely post. And I do love Neom candles, just wish my bank account did!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  16. This is without a doubt my kinda' tag. I'm all about the relaxing!
    Also loved your answers and photos :) I neeed that Essie nail polish in my life.

    Fee x

  17. I love this tag, so interesting to see what other people do and if there's anything I'm missing out on. Being in comfy clothes, drinking a cup of coffee, reading or just doing nothing is what I like to do during my me time.

    The Night is Wild

  18. Funnily enough I'm reading this blogpost instead of doing the essay I should be!! Procrastination ey!!!That candle sounds divine! I've been tempted to buy a neom candle for a while now after seeing them in various spas! That body lotion also sounds really good, I like anything with a vanilla scent. 'Me time' is so important to recharge, especially with the stress of deadlines!! Great pictures and I hope your essay goes well xx


  19. I loved this post. I do pretty much the exact same things as you do during my me-time haha.

    www.ellenwarnerxo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  20. That Essie nail polish is so pretty, I love anything with sparkle this time of year x


  21. I love this tag I think I may have to give it a go myself :)

    Lucy x

  22. I love that nail polish as well it is amazing and by the way love your blog


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