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Friday, 30 January 2015

Five Things & Five Blogs I Love Friday | 2015 Edition #5

Happy Friday, we made it to the weekend! I'm going to be puppy-sitting again, or rather the puppy is going to be sitting on me as I try to research an essay and eat a lot of cake. But I get to stay inside and keep warm, so that's always a good thing! 

Hotel Chocolat
They got in touch this week asking if I'd like to send a box of chocolates to a blogger friend (which I said YES that would be amazing & I picked the beautiful Carly) and they very kindly sent a box my way too. How cute are all these little hearts? And I can confirm they taste even better than they look!

Good Reading Months. 
I made a good dent in my to-be-read pile by reading 15 books this month and I've done a little run-down on my book blog here.

Mac & Cheese. 
It's all I want to eat right now! 

I looked out of the window yesterday and outside looked like a snow globe. It was magical.

Oh how I'm looking forward to my Saturday morning lie in tomorrow. I might even migrate my duvet to the sofa and work from there for the day instead of at my desk. I'm all about the comfort right now.

* * *

Lady Liquor
A Branch of Holly
Swedish Blue
Bed In The Kitchen 

Have you had a good week? 
Any exciting weekend plans? 


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  1. I looove Hotel Chocolat chocolate - might accidentally buy myself some for Valentine's Day! And as for mac & cheese - I'm totally obsessed at the moment too!

    Becks xo

  2. My cousin works for Hotel Chocolat so I'm lucky that our family are often supplied with chocolates from the range at gatherings!

    Victoria x

  3. Those chocolates look amazing! I'm having Mac & Cheese tonight, it's my favourite meal :) x


  4. The chocolates look incredible and that was such a lovely thing for them to do!


  5. I've added a few great new blogs to my blogroll, thanks to these posts! So, yeah, thanks for that.

  6. Ooooo, I'm definitely craving some mac & cheese after I read that. I wish I could lug my desktop onto my bed!

    becky ♡ star violet

  7. Those chocolates look absolutely amazing! What a great thing to find right before Valentine's day ;)

  8. Now I fancy some mac & cheese! lol - and those chocolates look far too tempting. It hasn't snowed much at all where I am xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  9. I'm so glad you picked Carly! You girls both deserve tasty treats. :D Mac and cheese is my fave (especially from Byron).

    Tara x

  10. Ooh chocolate is always a good idea! I see that some brands are already getting ready for Valentine's Day! Well, I guess it's not too early since we are nearing the end of January :O I actually haven't done any independent reading since school started! I should probably get on that! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Never too early when chocolate's involved hehe xo

  11. I'm still excited about the chocolates! I really can't wait to try them, I might open them tonight! They are so cute :) Thank you so much Jennie! xxx

  12. If ever a month was deserving of chocolate and carbs it is January! Thank you so much for including Swedish Blue in your round up, it really is appreciated and beyond kind! x

    1. I totally agree! And you're so welcome, I've been loving reading through the archives! xo

  13. Ohhhh that has me wanting chocolate now! Haha :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  14. Hotel Chocolat is just amazing chocolate. All their flavours are to die for!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  15. Ohh those chocolates look SO good!

  16. I'm seriously impressed ... and jealous. You read fifteen books? This is amazing, really. Hope you have a lovely weekend and as always thank you for the blog recommendations.

    Emilia Leigh

    1. I did, managed to make a good head start on my goal for the year! <3

  17. Ohh those chocolates look amazing!! I'm drooling now.
    15 books?! That's incredible, I've read 3 haha!

    Jess xo

  18. Thanks for the mention lovely! I would honestly die for those chocolates and a bowl of mac & cheese right now!

  19. Totally with you on the Macaroni Cheese. I made it for dinner last night and have just had the leftovers for lunch. Totally delicious and I completely agree. I could eat it for every meal. Enjoy those chocolates and your lazy weekend. x

  20. those chocolates look delicious! I was wishing for snow Thursday, we had a total of five minutes of it. So hopefully this week we will have more.. and it will be oh so magical!

  21. Great, now I'M craving Mac and cheese haha! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  22. Love all of these things! Chocolate, lie-ins, book reading,snow and mac & cheese! All perfect.
    Also so nice of Hotel Chocolat to contact you and ask who you would like them to send chocolates too! I love when PR companies think outside the box like that and do something lovely.

    Fee x

    1. Me too, so nice see them thinking a little differently! xo

  23. :) this chocolate looks soo good!! Chocolate cravings coming...


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