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Friday, 6 February 2015

Five Things & Five Blogs I Love Friday | 2015 Edition #6

Evenings by fairy light. 
Sofa. Blankets. Fairy lights. Book. Perfect.

"Surplus" by Phil Kay.
Button Poetry is one of my favourite YouTube channels. I watched this the other night at 1am and it gave my heart a little cuddle.

Letting things go.
If they're not important then they're not worth worrying about.

Big bowls of homemade soup. 
Comfort food is the best kind.

I guess there are only four good things this time. It's been one of those weeks to be honest. But hey, it's almost the weekend and I will not be getting out of my pyjamas the entire time, apart from changing into clean ones.

* * *

Counting Magpies
Deer Circus
Jemi Jams
Jaye Rockett
The Tea Drinking English Rose

* * *

What has been making you happy this week?


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  1. I watched surplus after seeing you tweet about it, it's such a lovely poem! I've been eating homemade minestrone soup too on these cold snowy days, so comforting! x


  2. Evenings with fairy lights are definitely perfect <3

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. wow Button Poetry is amazing! I'm glad you shared that with us :) xx

  4. I'm with you on the blankets, fairy lights and book- can't beat it on a cold Winters night :)

  5. I'm also trying to let more things go and worry less about things I have no power to change!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


  6. Chocolate has made me happy this week! I think I'm addicted! xxx

  7. It's our first weekend in the new flat (the first that doesn't involve moving boxes or cleaning under beds anyway) and fairy lights and films is exactly what I'm after! xxx

    1. I hope you're settling in nicely lovely! xo

  8. Wednesday was National Soup Day and my campus dining hall served a variety of chowders and it was glorious :) I also recently discovered Jaye Rockett--love her blog! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. love these types of posts! and glad you've introduced me to button poetry, great post!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  10. I remember constantly being on the Button Poetry youtube a few months ago but uni took over and I haven't been on in a while. But tonight that's definitely how I'll spend my evening tonight, starting with Surplus.

    UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  11. Letting things go is one of my motto, as I want to live a more
    simplistic and minimalistic life c: Xx

  12. I'll be honest, we've been basically on a soup/stew only diet this whole year in the Laila house. It's just the best and most warming thing in the winter! :) xx

  13. Number 3 is so important and I must remember this myself!

  14. I'm with you 100% Jennie with letting go.
    This is my 'must do' in 2015.
    x x x

  15. Thank you so much for listing my blog! :)

    And on another note - fairy lights are the best. They make a room magical :) xxx


  16. I absolutely love this feature! It's great to find new blogs :) sorry you had one of those weeks, enjoy your weekend! :) x

  17. I have been making so many pots of soup this year. I don't follow a recipe I just throw in what veg I have & hope for the best. It's been working a treat & keeping me warm

  18. Yes to letting things go. The stress is just unnecessary!

    becky ♡ star violet

  19. those 4 things make me feel so cosy and warm just reading about them! letting go isn't easy, but often necessary to stay sane and healthy in the mind :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  20. Sometimes, letting things go is probably the hardest but the most joyful thing to do.

    ∞ Dotty

  21. Winter = massive bowls of soup, all day, every day!!




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