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Monday, 11 May 2015

Dear May.

 I began you knee deep in Samuel Beckett notes and managed to arrange them into some sort of semblance of an essay. Granted it didn't seem to make a lot of sense by the end, but it was submitted regardless and I took a couple of days off, to slow down and eat some birthday cake.

We're eleven days in and you have been eventful so far. We had an election and the result was a bit of a shock, but not altogether unexpected. We have consistently been telling each other that we have a voice and an opinion that deserves to be heard and I've been a little saddened over the past couple of days, being told that what I believe in is wrong. It's not. No one is wrong for voting for what they believe to be best for them and their family. We all have different life experiences and different opinions. And that is part of what makes life interesting. But belittling those with differing opinions will never be okay.

I've been told to grow up, told to be more realistic, and told that it isn't the end of the world. And maybe they're right, maybe things won't be so bad. I will be optimistic, but I must confess that I cannot believe it's all okay just yet. That doesn't mean I'm wrong. And if you do believe that everything is going to be okay, I would never say you're wrong. Not too long ago I lost my way a little and needed a bit of help to find my way back. Only, there wasn't any there. I'm hugely privileged to have some people in my life who were able to reach out to me, and I will be forever in their debt for that. But not everyone is so lucky and I believe that community is going to have to become an even more integral part of life now, both online and off. We must stand up for what we believe in, and remember that there will be those on all sides who take things that little bit too far but their actions do not represent the majority. We must pull together and not blame each other when times are difficult because, for some, those difficult times may very well lead to the end of their world.

We can all make a positive contribution to society, regardless of age or ability. I don't prescribe to the notion of simply allowing the establishment to spin things, encouraging us to spend too much blaming each other because instead we can spend that time more wisely, being a real force for good. I pledge to be more generous with my time, to be more open to learning about things that may not affect me directly but are affecting others, to participate in important conversations and to be the change I hope one day to see. I may not be able to make a big impact, but little things really can add up to a lot.

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  1. When talking about election there is no right or wrong. All sides have both and you just have to pick one that you believe has more good than bad. That's all...

  2. I'm feeling a little worried right now and I'm not too sure what will happen! I'm mostly worried for people that don't have an awful lot or are vulnerable, I hope people can remember to be compassionate :) xxx

  3. Love this, Jennie. We all have different views and we're so lucky that we're able to express them, even if not everyone agrees all of the time! x

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you definitely shouldn't let anyone belittle you just because they don't agree with your beliefs. I have to say that I am also worried about the outcome of the elections but it's very difficult to predict how the next few years will go. Fingers crossed it's better than I am anticipating xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  5. I've been so saddened by the backlash from the election. The whole point is for everyone to have an opinion and it's such a shame that some cannot seem to allow people that right. It's the littlest things which make the biggest difference xo

  6. Such a powerful, poignant post and as always writing that is overly beautiful, unique and striking. Quite shocking how many people overreacted and took against other people's views and opinions. So sad so many can't live and let live, we need more Jennie's in this world for sure! <3

    I hope your birthday month is as special as you sweet!

    Sophie | soinspo xx

  7. I agree strongly that people shouldn't feel belittled or right or wrong about the election. That said, I have been in a complete state of shock since the results. I don't think the media in this country are at all neutral and I do think that certain areas don't get the right messages through - it's very hard to see the big picture in this country and deliberately so. I speak from my own experiences, with elderly family members relying on whatever bumpf comes through the door; young people eager to believe the thing their friends say the most on facebook and so on. We're all giving heavily filtered, heavily edited, heavily censored versions of reality through the way we take in facts and knowledge these days. It's extremely hard to take stock and look at the facts when there are a million voices shouting over the top of these things. And the election results have really hammered that home.

    1. I completely agree. The first time I really noticed how horrible the press can be and how they spin things to fit in with their own agenda was when Joanna Yates was murdered and Christopher Jeffries was painted as a cold-blooded murderer even though there was no evidence. He was treated horrifically and back then the press made me believe that he was responsible. Clearly he wasn't, and it really opened my eyes to how the truth is buried underneath rhetoric.

      RE the election specifically, the Conservative party rang me multiple times a day, everyday for about three weeks trying to get me to believe that UKIP were ahead in the polls for my constituency and the only way to keep them out was to vote for them. This was an out-right lie, this seat has always been a labour-conservative marginal, UKIP were never close to being in the race. Unsurprisingly their tactics worked here, and I imagine it was a similar story elsewhere.

      When you're aware of how things are filtered it's really easy to see, but they're very clever in the way they go about it. It's abhorrent and things really need to change.

  8. This is fantastic and I'm so glad you've written this Jennie. I think the media are very clever in manipulating people and to be honest I've really seen the nasty sides of some of my friends who have been calling certain voters idiots or 'vegetables'. What happened to free speech?

    hellomissjordan.com xx

    1. I know, unfortunately sometimes divisive issues can bring out the worst in people x


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