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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A few books I have my eye on...

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara 
"In rich and resplendent prose, Yanagihara has fashioned a tragic and transcendent hymn to brotherly love, a masterful depiction of heartbreak, and a dark examination of the tyranny of memory and the limits of human endurance"

The Pleasures of the Damned by Charles Bukowski
"An astonishing poetic treasure trove."

Reborn by Susan Sontag
"A kaleidoscopic self-portrait of one of America's greatest writers and intellectuals, teeming with Sontag's voracious curiosity and appetite for life"

Mourning Diary by Roland Barthes 
"The day after his mother's death in October 1977, the influential philosopher Roland Barthes began a diary of mourning. Taking notes on index cards as was his habit, he reflected on a new solitude, on the ebb and flow of sadness, and on modern society's dismissal of grief."

Runaway by Alice Munro
"A book of extraordinary stories about love and its infinite betrayals and surprises."

The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes 
"A masterful twist on the serial killer tale: a violent quantum leap featuring a memorable and appealing heroine in pursuit of a deadly criminal."

Are there any books on your wishlist right now? 

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  1. Ooh, I literally just bought Reborn a couple of days ago! I'm so excited to get stuck into it, it looks fantastic. Great choices here!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. I'm still waiting to read The Martian but I'm so behind on my reading it's ridiculous! xxx

  3. These all look like stunning reads Jennie! Runaway is particularly mesmerising, the cover is beautiful and the stories all sound so vibrant and happening. I love that there are many stories told, makes it sound all the more magical and exciting to read <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. I'm so grateful for running into your blog today. I was recently telling myself that I needed to start reading more books and boom, I saw this lol. Thanks for the motivation.

    P.s. Your blog is very cool.


  5. Oh gosh the shining girls looks scary af! I'm not very good with that genre in film let alone books. I love your blog header, its so cute :)
    Have a great humpday :)

  6. Can't go past some Bukowski! My favourite book of his poems has got to be Love is a Dog from Hell though. And I've not read anything by Susan Sontag but I'm definitely curious.

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

  7. I really am intrigued by the mourning diary. I might try to find a french copy when I go over to visit the family.

  8. Oooh, I want to read Runaway now!

    Tara x

  9. The Shining Girls sounds right up my street!
    I'm currently waiting for the third book in Ransom Riggs' Peculiar Children series, I've just finished the second and loved it :)

    Jess xo

  10. I've been wanting to read The Shining Girls for such a long time now! That's definitely on my wishlist. x

    Megan / pixiecrop.com

  11. The Shining Girls sounds very interesting. My next to-read is The Ocean At The End of The Lane, which I picked up really cheaply on kindle.


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