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Friday, 31 July 2015

Love Love Love!

Hello and happy Friday, the weekend is upon us! I hope you have some wonderful plans for it, whether that is going partying with your friends, or curling up with a good book and copious cups of tea.

There have been some truly fabulous ladies over on my sidebar this month, so I wanted to share a few sentences about each of them and why I think they're really great. I do hope you'll pop over and say hello, that would make my whole month!
ChrissyLilly // Feels Like Home
Chrissy very kindly answered a bunch of questions for me here, so I hope you got to know her a little better through that if you read it (and if you haven't, please do!). Chrissy's blog feels very personal and like it's a very true reflection of who she is as a person in real life. She shares stories from her Canadian adventures, her health & fitness journey, and everything in between.

* * *

Loved by Laura // Rainy Sunday Recipes
This is the second month Laura has been over in my sidebar and it's been an absolute pleasure. Laura's space this month has been almost solely dedicated to sharing adventures, she went on a beautiful looking picnic and to London Film & Comic Con, alongside a yummy looking scone recipe and tips on how to make the most out of pinterest. It looks like July was a fun month for Laura and it was super lovely tagging along with her through pictures!

* * *

Emilia Leigh // A Month in 10 Stories
Emilia Leigh is a writer, a very good one! My favourite posts to read are from her Month in 10 Stories series, where she does as the title suggests and encapsulates her month into 10 stories that sum it up perfectly. There's a reason why they're so much fun to read and it's because she has a way of making you feel as though you were right there alongside her the whole time.

* * *

Blogging for Sanity // Switching Off The Screens
Isabel is wonderful and I'm so pleased to have been able to get to know her a little over the past few months. She is quite a private person, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have anything to say. I absolutely love that she has found an outlet and way of writing that allows her to share her thoughts and opinions without feeling like she's putting too much of herself out there. Writing exactly what she wants, when she wants, Isabel's space is one I will continue to enjoy stopping by for as long as she keeps writing!

* * *

Laugh with me LeLe // Things I Love: Analogue Photography
Leah is a very talented photographer, especially with film, and she has wonderful collection of cameras. Along with sharing her beautiful photographs, she also shares outfits of the day, the things she's loving and the adventures she goes on. She recently went to see Modest Mouse and it looks like it was the most brilliant night, I wish I'd been able to go too! She also knows almost the whole script of Titanic and is a total potterhead, so I'm fairly sure we're bffs already! 

* * * 

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know these brilliant ladies as much as I have!


  1. I love finding new blogs to read Jennie, thank you!
    Gold Dust

  2. Can't wait to read some of these as i haven't heard of these blogs before x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. I love Isabel's header and she has written some really interesting posts.

    Tara x

  4. It never fails to amaze me the amount of blogs I just didnt know existed!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Laugh With Me Lee Lee is one i've read before and love, especially the pictures! Will have to explore the others :)

  6. Definitely checking all of these out - thank you for the suggestions! They all sound very lovely :) x

    Laura / Middle of Adventure

  7. Thanks so much for saying such lovely things! It has been a pleasure to be on your blog and hope to get to know each other a lot more :) xx

  8. Aah you summed me up really well there! I'm like a grumpy cat, I do what I want. :D
    Will be back to advertise again soon, just sorting out some life stuff. Thank you so much for having me. :) x


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