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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

To Do in August.

  1. There are approximately one million (may be a slight exaggeration) files on my computer that I haven't named properly. They all have names like 'fjkdsfhi' and as such I have no idea what they are, which is just brilliant. Thanks a lot past Jennie. Needless to say I need to sort that out.

  2. This may sound overly pretentious and perhaps a little bit silly, but I think I need to write a kind of 'mission statement' for life (personal goals, career goals, etc) so that I can start taking meaningful steps to actually getting somewhere. Not necessarily a '5 year plan' or anything like that because I'm not sure that would be particularly helpful, but at the moment I suppose I just feel a little bit stuck. My only real starting point is I don't want to work in retail (unless it's my own brand or for a brand I feel really bloody passionate about), so I need to work from that point. We'll see where these next few weeks take me. 

  3. Maybe stop eating sandwiches at midnight when I should be asleep, even if there are vegetables amongst the cheese. Wait, is it true that cheese gives you vivid dreams if you eat it at night? Because if that is a thing, it's been happening to me. 

  4. Make a really detailed to-do list for the day every morning, including even the silly little things that need to be done like drinking 8 glasses of water. This is partly to scare myself into getting started as soon as possible but also so I get to check off lots little tasks, which will hopefully keep motivated. Let's do this, August. I'm ready!

Do you have any goals for August? 

* * * 

P.S. Please welcome my 'All Aboard' partner for August, Loved by Laura
And please also say hello to Emilia Leigh and Laugh With Me Le Le


  1. I don't think that kind of plan is pretentious, I think it is a really useful exercise in terms of focusing on which direction you want to take. And yes cheese = vivid dreams for me too!


  2. Making a to do list in the mornings is such a great idea!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  3. I've been writing detailed to do lists every morning and it's helping me remember to do the little things - I need to add drinking 8 glasses of water!

    Love your file naming system - I definitely used to this. Will be fun to rediscover the files though, you might come across something awesome xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  4. I eat late at night which i know i shouldn't do! People do say Cheese late at night can give you bad dreams x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  5. I love ticking things off to-do lists!
    I used to be the absolute worst for saving things with the names they had when I downloaded them but I have got pretty good now at naming things properly and I cannot TELL you how many hours of my life it must save - good luck!!

    Jess xo

  6. A mission statement sounds like such a good idea. There's nothing silly about honing in on what you want from life. Cheese may cause funky dreams, but eating it is always a good idea! x

  7. 'Maybe stop eating sandwiches at midnight.' Oh my god, I cackled. I can relate so much. I love these goals though and the mission statement idea is something that really resonates with me as someone who current has NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING x

    Megan / www.pixiecrop.com

  8. I always eat sandwiches at night, and I'm not giving that up! Aha. Have a great August :)
    Jas // www.jaspooleblog.com

  9. I think it's great to have a life plan even for the next couple of months. Sometimes we get lost between errands and social life and chores and kinda forget what we want to do. Happened to me. Start small and baby steps?

    Andreea Catsfika

  10. I love your to-do list! Plan life = hard. Stop eating sandwiches late at night... Should be achievable, right?

    And wow! I've never heard that cheese thing before. It's almost midnight in Australia... I'm off to make a sandwich : )

  11. I love making more big scale monthly to-do lists and then smaller ones each day, this month I must sort my uni placement out for next year but the majority of it is going to be taken up with us moving into our first home x

    What Rachael Wrote

  12. I do not think its pretentious at all! I for one need to make a list of some sort because I too feel very stuck. And living in Spain seriously doesn't help. Unless your dream job is a waitress. Oh! And cheese and coffee for me equals very very vivid dreams.. - Darcy Victoria xxx

  13. i love this list and for some reason it's getting me really positive and pumped up for august! i love that it's still summery yet we're right there heading into fall. both are my favorite seasons in very different ways. good luck figuring out your "mission statement" - it definitely takes some soul searching, researching, reflecting, and lots of trial and error at times!

    rachel x

  14. I need to properly name all the files on my computer too. It's such a mammoth task I've just been putting i off whilst it's been getting even bigger!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  15. Omg, I'm the same with the midnight snacks.. Agh so frustrating. This to do list right here isn't ridiculous at all, it's useful! And it's important to remind yourself to drink lots of water, etc. Have a lovely August!

    hannie ; huemorist.blogspot.com

  16. I feel like I need to get more efficient when it comes to taking out tasks. I've just started a bullet journal to help but so far it's like 'upload post', 'comment on 10 blog posts', 'work' etc. I bet it'll be so much more effective once I'm at uni though.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  17. I really need to focus on #2 as well!

    Tara x

  18. I've been meaning to write a mission statement too! I'm just finding it a bit daunting haha... it's important to have dreams and goals though :) I also need to start writing more to do lists as I just push things to the back of my mind and forget them... and then get stressed when I remember!!! Happy August :) x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  19. My boyfriend keeps going on about "cheese dreams" and I've always kind of waved it off as nonsense but maybe he is speaking the truth after all, haha!

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  20. Oh making lists is one of those things that shouldn't be fun but totally is... especially when you get to tick lots off too... very good motivation! Good luck with the photos x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  21. eating sandwiches in the middle of the night is the ebst! sadly not the healthiest haha :( and I really need to drink more water,too!

  22. I love your mystery file names!! Haha I've moved to London this week ahead of starting a new job, so this month is a pretty big one! My main goal is to start to up my exercise, as I'm eating well but not moving my body much!


  23. I have SO many files that aren't named properly too. Loads of cute gifs I've collected! If only I'd given them a real name! xxx

  24. I've been trying to make more to-do lists as well! I definitely helps with productivity and I end up feeling so much better for it!

    hellomissjordan.com xx

  25. Haha, I'm the same, past me is the worst. I would love to know why I feel the need to have collected a huge folder of funny tumblr posts on my laptop.
    Sounds like you're gonna get on top of things this August!

  26. Hi Jennie, I am so pleased that you were nominated as a “blogging hero” in my post about inspirational bloggers as voted for by my readers! (Here’s a link to the post: Blogging Heroes Part 1)

    It’s so nice to find new blogs to read - you’ve obviously come highly recommended so I look forward to keeping up with your posts!

    I need more lists in my life, you've got a good few ideas!

    All the best,
    Catherine (Not Dressed As Lamb) x

  27. i am ALL about the daily to do lists. i put the most basic stuff on there like "tidy room" and "wash hair" because if you've got 6 things on there and you can cross off 3 really easily it makes you more motivated to cross off the rest. i've been tricking myself with that one since high school, haha.

    and don't feel pretentious about writing out your goals. i've got paper journals that i write whatever i like in and it's the only thing i can really recommend when people are at a point where they're not sure where they're going or what they're doing with areas of their life. just write it out and you'll be able see everything more clearly when it's in front of you instead of floating around in your mind and it'll help you find your way. :)

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

  28. I can't help with the rest, but I've found Trello really helpful for to-do lists and managing projects, like DIY things around the house. I really like that you can tag other users to do things...so I can tag Dave to build bookcases in the dining room for example :) Very handy!


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