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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Totally Pawsome!

August Pawsome Box*

Mister Bailey received a parcel from Pawsome yesterday and he loved the things inside even more than the cardboard box itself. And he loves cardboard boxes more than most things. Apart from food. Food is his favourite. Shortly followed by squeaky toys.

Needless to say the squeaky piggy has been the biggest hit. I'm not sure that it's my favourite because I'm almost certain you would be able to hear the squeak from space. But he loves it, so I've promised I won't hide it from him all the time. Just when I need to work. Or want to watch TV. Or need to sleep.

I'm not sure he's too thrilled about the ear cleansing lotion, but it smells really nice (mint & rosemary) and I'm sure if I give him a few of the sushi treats post ear cleaning he'll forgive me quickly. He always looks so betrayed whenever it's ear cleaning time. Although not as betrayed as the time he wasn't feeling too great and a thermometer was placed somewhere he'd rather it not have been placed when we got to the vets.

The bone is going to be his weekend treat and he's been looking at his treat cupboard door since I put it in there, so I think he's pretty excited about it! Thanks Pawsome!

Would you subscribe to a monthly goodie box for your pooch?

* * * 

P.S. Please welcome my 'All Aboard' partner for August, Loved by Laura
And please also say hello to Emilia Leigh and Laugh With Me Le Le


  1. That is such a cute picture of Mister Bailey and his squeaky toy! I have two cats and I'm not sure if I'd be able to subscribe to a goodie box each month, they are so fussy! Although subscribing just to receive different cardboard boxes each month might work... they love those! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  2. This box is just too cute! I adore that you can get things like this for pups. x


  3. Aww, I'd love to see my dogs fave if she got this. I think she'd be jumping all over the place


  4. Aaw, I like the way Bailey is pawing the box in excitement! What a sweetie :) xxx

  5. Pawsome is awesome! I think it is a really lovely idea to treat your pets every month. Our dog got one and she LOVED the treats inside x

  6. I got the cat version for my pusscat Percy this month and he was pretty impressed. You know, as impressed as a cat can get haha.

  7. Awww, Bailey is toooo cute! :D

    Tara x

  8. Aaaaw, Mister Bailey is so cute! This sounds like such a lovely box and if I had a dog it would definitely be something I'd get. X

    A Blonde Moment

  9. That's so so cute! I wish I had a puppy so I could get it xD

    Casey - ATopsyTurvyBlog

  10. Oh my gosh! That is adorable - I'd love something like that for my cat as a nice little treat each month.
    xo April April Everyday

  11. Aww, Mister Bailey is such a cutie! I think monthly treat boxes for your pets are such a good idea - they're part of the family, so why not treat them too? It's also a great way to try out new products you maybe otherwise wouldn't find in the shops.


  12. I love love love the idea of this, but my little dog would be way to small for half the treats!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. They have different boxes for different sized pooches! :)

  13. Nawww this is beyond cute! Bailey is such a babe <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  14. Love these so much! I've been thinking about getting one for little Oscar as they look amazing :D

    hellomissjordan.com xx

  15. Your dog is so cute.

  16. He looks so happy with the squeaky piggy, I can imagine how annoying it could be though!


  17. Such a cute box! I can totally understand how you would get annoyed by the squeeky sound; but the piggy is cute!


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