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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Birthday Candles

Almost seven & a half years together and I think this is one of the more successful birthday cakes I've made for you. 
Happy Birthday Mark, my love!

* * *

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dear September.

You are the beginning of my favourite time of the year and although I can't quite believe you're here so soon, it's undeniably really great to see you.

I'm looking forward to mugs of peppermint hot chocolate, baking ginger biscuits, digging out the extra cosy pyjamas I stashed away at the beginning of summer, wearing wellies and splashing in puddles, drawing the curtains and snuggling under a blanket little earlier each evening, silly novelty slippers, listening to the patter patter of raindrops on the window and misty mornings.

An opportunity to travel may be on the horizon soon and I feel like I should be seizing it with both hands. Although there aren't many things that frighten me, aeroplanes certainly do. It's a deep fear that overwhelms my very being. And I suppose it's a little bit silly really because I have been on a plane before and it was fine. I was thirteen and oblivious to everything about flying that now scares me. My rational side knows that statistically I'm probably far more likely to step out of my front gate and be hit by a car than I am to be involved in any kind of air accident. But I can't shake my irrational side that sees a plane and shrieks danger. danger. danger.

It's a strange feeling knowing what I should do, but not being entirely sure if I'll be able to. But it's not even that I'm letting an irrational fear overwhelm a desire to travel. I admire those who possess a real need to travel, to see the world and go on great adventures. But I am not one of those people. It appears that I missed that section entirely when life dreams were being dished out. How ridiculous does that sound? I'm not that fussed about going to see another part of the world with my own eyes. Believe me, I know how silly that is. And I know that I should just do it anyway because, well, it will enhance my life experience more than staying within the familiar, and I know it would be good for me, but I suppose only time will tell if I actually make it or not.

For now it's time for a mug of hot chocolate because it's chilly and a bit rainy, and the joy of being an adult means I totally can even though it's early.

* * *