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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Week in a few Words. | Blogtober #10

Making a dream catcher with a kit from Effie Box. • Joy from mundane journeys. • Singing (okay, maybe meowing) along to Dexys Midnight Runners in the car. • Midnight book purchases. • Hot chocolate. • Aurora borealis spotting. • Unsuccessful glasses shopping - so many different pairs, but they're mostly all the same. • Great British Bake Off Finale - so many happy tears for Nadiya. • Lana Del Rey's new album. • Finding a pair of jeans that fit and aren't uncomfortable. It's nice to have pockets again. • Inventing what I eventually called 'the dark matter dance' whilst watching The Sky At Night after too much sugar and making my boyfriend laugh at me. • Accidentally signing off an email with 'Best Wizards' instead of 'Best Wishes'. Tempted to go with 'Best Wizards' from now on... •

* * * 



  1. Best Wizards should be made mandatory! Love it :)
    Glad you've had a lovely week
    Abel x

  2. 'Best Wizards' is the best thing I've read all week! I love it.
    Your dream catchers are beautiful <3

    Jess xo

  3. I cried when Nadiya won GBBO too - it was such a lovely moment! xx


  4. Ha please do put best wizards.. far more exciting ;) x

  5. Star gazing and hot chocolates sound like the dream right now! I adore your dreamcatcher, it looks so sweet with the copper frame left untouched (: "Best Wizards, Michelle" xx

  6. Omg Lana's new album is one of my faves! I keep going back to Music To Watch Boys To!


  7. Aurora borealis spotting? Awesome! I have Lana's new album on vinyl and it's just dreamy.

    Tara x

  8. YES Bake Off! What will we fill out Wednesday evenings with now though *cries* Xx

  9. I think this is basically a list of reasons why you're great, Jenny! Yes to pockets and hot chocolate and magic night skies!
    Best Wizards,
    Chambray & Curls // Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  10. Your dream catcher is so cute, I love it! Some hot cocoa sound so good right now!:)

  11. Bahaha! I love 'Best Wizards' it's just more magical and better all around! Love your cute dreamcatcher too, adorable! <3 xxx

  12. Best Wizards, Jennie - fabulous! So funny, but also adorable and something you could definitely make a regular occurence xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  13. Glad it's not just me who cried for Nadiya, love her!

  14. Ha, best wizards is amazing! You should definitely use that from now on! And sign off cards with best witches instead of best wishes!

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

  15. Yes to many of the above! Loved this years Bake Off, and Nadiya is a sweety. And what an awesome feeling it is when you find that pair of jeans that fits perfectly. Or even better, when your favourite old pair fits you like a glove again- after you've had that hot chocolate (guilty)

  16. I moved somewhere colder and I really really really need some jeans, but jean shopping has been so depressing lately since I have also gained a ton of weight. Ah well.

    7% Solution

  17. I definitely think 'Best Wizards' should be the new sign off! This reminded me of a story I read about a journalist who signed off all of his replies to PR emails with 'I love you' - while some people completely ignored it, it was hilarious to read the replies when people played along! I'm so tempted to sign off a work email 'I love you' now...


  18. Your dream catcher is so cute, I love it!
    Lynda y

  19. I have to say: I do love your blog. x


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