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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dear November

Dear November,

Part of me anticipates your arrival each year, but this time you're bringing with you something that truly, truly scares me. It's something I can't quite bring myself to think about too much yet, let alone talk about. Actively ignoring it is something I'm becoming increasingly good at, but in under three weeks it's something I'll have to confront.

Running away has been a bit of a special talent of mine for all of my adult life and I thought that was the right thing to do. It was a way to protect myself from everything, but I had got the point where I was protecting myself from so much I was almost forgetting one of the most fundamental elements of being human, how to feel. Without sadness what is happiness? Without fear what is comfort?

And so now I believe there is value in facing fears, no matter how difficult a task it may seem to be at the time. While I may not conquer a fear this month, I hope that in directly confronting it I may end up learning something about myself. Perhaps I can be braver than I think I can be. Only time will tell.


  1. let's activate brave & courage mode for this month.. happy november!!

    xo joselovincolors

  2. You a such a beautiful writer and I can guarantee you that by even facing your fears and not conquering them will lead to personal growth and strength. I hope you manage to tackle whatever it is, and hopefully we'll all hear about how well you've done soon xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Happy November! I know exactly what you mean about running away from things. It only lasts for so long and I'm also having to deal with a lot of things I thought I could get away from this month.

    Yet another piece of beautiful writing!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  4. I hope you're doing okay Jennie and if you can express yourself in life anything like you do in writing, you'll go so far <3 xx

    Wander with Laura

  5. So beautifully written and I can completely relate. I hope you manage to tackle whatever it is. xxx

    Bethan Likes

  6. Don't think just look ahead

  7. Ah, Jennie you have such a beautiful way with words. I can totally relate to the middle part and I'm sending you a lot of positive energy and bravery to tackle anything that is coming in your way <3

  8. I love these posts, your writing is beautiful, it's like you're inside my head.
    I too am an expert at running away and I really think it's about time I faced my doubts and fears and all that shit and got on with actually LIVING. Thanks for reminding me.

    Sarah | Sarah's Chapter

  9. don't stop believing in yourself, you're braver and stronger than you think xxx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  10. I'm sure you can be braver than you think, Jennie :) You are so remarkable and I know that whatever it is, you'll do just fine! If you ever want to chat about anything, just send me an email or tweet and I'll try to help! xxx

  11. Sending you lots of love Jennie! You have such a beautiful way with words and you're such a special human being.

    T xx

  12. Jennie that was beautiful and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that, I certainly can!

    Emma xx

    A Little Freckle

  13. Hope everything is okay, I'm here if you need me :) This was a beautiful letter to November too. Jas xo

  14. Whatever it is Jennie, you can do it/get through it. Don't let it defeat you, nothing is ever as big/unconquerable as it seems. Sending positive vibes xx

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  15. Sending you so much love and so many good vibes, Jennie. Whatever it is, I believe you can make it through and we'll all be waiting for you on the other side <3

    Megan / www.pixiecrop.com

  16. I think a certain amount of 'running away' is okay as long as you realise that eventually you'll have to come back and deal with everything. Ugh, life is poopy as a grown up. Much hugs. x


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