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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

One New (To Me) Album Each Day • 1-10/366

Part challenge, part something to take my mind off losing little Ralphie, I've decided to listen to 366 new (to me, not necessarily new releases) albums/EPs this year. My late teenage years were spent looking for new music to listen to as I worked on my art & photography sketchbooks for college, but for the past eighteen months I've pretty much just had Adele and Banks on repeat. So here's to discovering some new tunes. It's certainly long overdue.

One. This is Acting - Sia
About: C'mon. It's Sia. You know Sia.
Thoughts: Didn't totally hate it. 

Two. Tell Me It's Real - Seafret
About: An indie/acoustic duo, but this simple description doesn't do them justice.
Favourite tracks: 'Oceans', 'Missing', 'Tell Me It's Real', 'Be There'
Thoughts: Beautiful & inspiring. 

Three. Matter - St. Lucia 
About: Brooklyn based 'shimmery synth pop' 
Favourite tracks: Ehhh...
Thoughts: My ears said nope.  

Four. Ritual Spirit - Massive Attack
About: Trip hop group formed in 1988 in Bristol. 
Favourite track: 'Ritual Spirit'
Thoughts: Intense.

Five. Lucky Ones - The Crookes
About: Indie/alt band from Sheffield.
Favourite tracks: 'The Lucky Ones', 'No One Like You', 'B.N.S Pt. II'
Thoughts: Whisked me away from work for a while & took me along on their journey. Nice.

Six. Glory - Good Morning
About: Duo from Melbourne with some brilliant hazy pop tunes
Favourite tracks: 'To Be Won', 'Give Me Something To Do', 'The Great Start'
Thoughts: Yep. Yep. Yep!

Seven. Talk/Brag - Philco Fiction
About: Norwegian band, quirky pop. 
Favourite track: 'Move On Frank'
Thoughts: Need to check out their past work asap. 

Eight. Temple - Parson James
About: A soulful young guy with something to say, being himself. 
Favourite tracks: 'Stole The Show', 'Waiting Game'
Thoughts: Really, really great.

Nine. Teenage Craze - Kloe
About: Young singer from Glasgow. She's brilliant. 
Favourite tracks: 'Feel', 'Teenage Craze'
Thoughts: Now feeling major nostalgia for my teenage years.

Ten. All I Need - Foxes
About: British singer, beautiful voice. 
Favourite track: 'Devilside'
Thoughts: A little bit... forgettable (sorry!). I should probably give it a second listen soon.

Favourites: Seafret, Good Morning + Kloe. 

Jennie May

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