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Sunday, 27 March 2016

One New Album Each Day • 31 - 40

I was focusing on the new releases page of spotify during the week I listened to these albums and I found myself in a bit of a rut because a lot of them just aren't to my taste. A lot of it's very samey to me, but I still found a couple of real gems.

Thirty One. Synethesiac EP - Jack Garratt
About: British singer/songwriter
Thoughts: Was okay. 

Thirty Two. Is - Bleeding Heart Pigeons
About: Experimental rock.
Favourite Track: Dancer.
Thoughts: Really accomplished.

Thirty Three. White Bear - The Temperance Movement
About: Blues rock.
Thoughts: Really great!

Thirty Four. Control - Rosie Lowe
About: Downbeat singer/songwriter
Favourite Tracks: Control, Woman, Nicole.
Thoughts: Absolutely brilliant.

Thirty Five. Colour Theory - Submotion Orchestra
About: Seven-piece electronic/jazz
Favourite Track: More Than This.
Thoughts: A bit too beat-y for me.

Thirty Six. Night Swim - Josef Salvat
About: Singer/songwriter, pop.
Favourite Tracks: Open Season, A Better Word.
Thoughts: Really great!

Thirty Seven. Phase - Jack Garratt
About: British singer/songwriter.
Favourite Tracks: Coalesce, My House is your Home.
Thoughts: Ehh, it was alright but I was expecting more.

Thirty Eight. Chaos and the Calm - James Bay.
About: Soulful singer/songwriter.
Favourite Tracks: Move Together, Let It Go.
Thoughts: Nice enough.

Thirty Nine. My Love Is Cool - Wolf Alice.
About: Alt rock.
Favourite Track: Blush.
Thoughts: Pretty good, wasn't wowed.

Fourty. Beauty Behind The Madness - The Weeknd.
About: R&B, soul.
Favourite Track: The Hills.
Thoughts: Thumbs up.

Favourites: The Temperance Movement, Rosie Lowe + Josef Salvat.

Jennie May


  1. I really enjoy these posts- have already found a few gems from your previous posts. I love Rosie Lowe- didn't know she had a new album out, will have to check it out.

  2. I adore the fact that you're listening to one new album everyday Jennie, such an original idea and one that I really must try one day, I'm so useless at discovering new music! I'm loving the Weeknd at the moment, can imagine Beauty Behind The Madness is definitely worth listening to, so glad you enjoyed it! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. What a brilliant idea! James Bay's album is one of my faves right now. I also expected more from Jack Garratt. He is great live and the songs he has released are fantastic but the album as a whole isn't quite what I expected.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. I'll totally look out for his future stuff, he's super talented!

  4. I love Weathered by Jack Garratt and The Weeknd are forever my fave :)


  5. I went to uni with Rosie Lowe! She was in my year - she's brilliant isn't she. I also love Jack Garratt - his acoustic versions of his own songs are amazing. x

  6. Jack Garratt is great isn't he. Also, Rosie Lowe was in my year at uni - she is doing so amazingly well with her career!! She's brilliant isn't she! xx


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