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Friday, 8 April 2016

Dark Chocolate Puddings, The Adele Make Up Tutorial & New Art Work • Newsletter #3

My editorial calendar tells me I should be writing a Birchbox post today, but I just...can't. I can't. And side note, the words editorial calendar are up there with the most ridiculous words I've used in a sentence to date. Not because there's anything wrong with them, but because it appears that I'm currently unable to write on demand, even when the person doing the demanding is myself. Or maybe it's because the person doing the demanding is myself. Who knows. Either way I'm operating on a writing what I fancy basis and hoping it makes this space a little less...blah.

Beatrix is now brave enough to jump up on to just about everything there is to jump up on to. We've got extra covers on all beds, sofas and chairs because she does love to nibble on everything. So far the spare bed is her favourite because it gets lots of afternoon sunshine and has an especially soft blanket on it.

F R O M   A R O U N D   T H E   W E B .

F A V O U R I T E   T H I N G S .

  • Snow Cake. You know I watched this and teared up throughout because Alan Rickman! 
  • Sleek Pout Polish in Bare Minimum.  Forever on the lookout for the perfect nude lip, but I always come back to this.
  • Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume. 
  • The newest addition to my print collection. I even braved Ikea during half term to get a frame for it.
  • Alpro dark chocolate puddings.

B O O K S . 

  • Currently Reading: A Reunion of Ghosts by Judith Claire Mitchell
  • Next Read: My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises by Fredrik Backman

P O D C A S T S . 
Generation Why. I's no Serial - the storytelling isn't the best - but I can't stop listening.

S O N G S . 

When We Were Young » I sob-cried-sang-along to this last Saturday night and it was a beautiful moment.
All I Ask » When the sound system failed, we carried on singing.
Hope There's Someone » Because Anthony and the Johnsons have been on repeat for the last two weeks.

A P R I L   B I R C H B O X . 
It seems somehow fitting to finish this newsletter with April's Birchbox, the post I had intended to write today but didn't because, I think, the contents don't feel as inspiring or exciting as they usually do. The Balance Me Tinted Eye Cream however is very gratefully received by my under eye circles.

Happy Friday! 
Have you had a good week? 

Jennie May


  1. I have been using the Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream. Its a god send for early morning wake up calls.

    1. My dark circles are very thankful haha

  2. Ah Snow Cake! I really enjoyed that movie :) Beatrix is such an angel, so sweet! <3 xxx

  3. Beatrix is the cutest little bunny I've ever seen. And I completely know what you mean about the nibbling - my two have nibbled wires, and they adore nibbling the wood of their hutch too!

  4. I got the Balance Me eye cream free with Glamour and its so good! I'm terrible at sticking to any sort of blogging schedule...x

  5. Girl, I LOVE your posts, and totally agree that we should write what we want, when we want. Takes the pressure off and definitely feels like a pleasure rather than a chore :) Lovely little catch up as always xx

  6. love the morning pages and mysterious nyc book links! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. I love your newsletter and agree with your politics of writing whatever you feel like writing and when you feel like writing. I abandoned my blogging "schedule" almost a month ago, and even if I now post once a week (or less), it makes me happier to just write the posts I want to write and only when I feel like doing so.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. How are you finding A Reunion of Ghosts? It's on my list to read! x

    1. Although I wasn't blown away, I liked it :)

  9. Ah your monthly roundups are always so well constructed! xx

  10. Beatrix looks so cute! Really enjoyed reading this post, I love knowing what people are loving at the moment and discovering new music and books. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Natasha // The Night is Wild

  11. Be brave and adventurous Beatrix! :P 'When We Were Young' is one
    of my favorite Adele song from her album '25'
    We have Alpro too in my country!! Lets see if we have the dark
    pudding too c; xx Ice Pandora

  12. That Adele tutorial was the best, I can't believe how steady his hand was when doing the liner, making it looks so easy!


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