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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Curating a somewhat minimal wardrobe.

After reading Sophie's breakdown of her minimal wardrobe I felt inspired to catalogue the pieces in my wardrobe and, I must say, the process has been far more useful for me than I thought it would be. I can't remember the last time I bought a new piece of clothing and just assumed that I was wearing pretty much everything in my, fairly small, wardrobe. Turns out I was wrong. I have a ridiculous amount of cardigans, I can't remember the last time I wore my only pair of jeans, and for someone who pretty much solely wears dresses I sure do have a lot of tops.

In reality my whole wardrobe could just consist of 4 black dresses, 4 pairs of leggings and 4 black cardigans and I'd be very happy. Whilst that may be a bit extreme, there are certainly at least a handful of pieces that I could part with and I probably wouldn't notice. We'll see.

C O A T S . 
Jessica Simpson black mid-length coat with a built in hoodie that has amazing thumb holes!!
Matalan grey oversized blazer coat.

J A C K E T S .
Unbranded navy blue blazer.
Unbranded black blazer.

T R O U S E R S . 
ASOS black Ridley jeans.
H&M grey sweat pants.
ASOS black leggings x 2. 
Nomads harem trousers.

T O P S . 
H&M black top with thin straps.
Primark nude top with thin straps.
Primark grey top with thin straps.
H&M black vest top with lace neckline.
H&M plain black vest top.
Unbranded loose black vest top.

D R E S S E S . 
Carina Ricci grey linen midi dress.
Peacocks floral sun dress. I only keep this because it's what I was wearing on the day I met my boyfriend. Sentimental.
Mango floral sun dress.
ASOS navy midi dress.
Vintage navy and white striped sun dress.
H&M basic sleeveless dress x 3 (in beige, black + maroon).
H&M basic dress with thin straps x 2 (in navy + black).
Nomads blue shirt dress.
ASOS grey smock dress.
Jasmine London pink t-shirt dress.
Unbranded black smock dress with pink detailing.
ASOS black skater dress.
Nomads black loose tunic dress.
Matalan white tunic dress with three quarter sleeves.
The Masai Clothing Company sleeveless tunic.

S K I R T S . 
Grazia blue midi skirt with white stitching.
Vero Moda grey skirt with a tan belt.
Great Plains black beaded skirt.

C A R D I G A N S . 
Blue and purple striped cardigan.
Jasmine London grey cardigan.
Boohoo thin plain grey cardigan.
Boohoo thin plain black cardigan.
Noa Noa grey cardigan.
George plain black cardigan with three quarter sleeves.
Shrinking Violet grey cropped cardigan.
H&M plain black thin knit cardigan with a v neck.
Per Una grey and pink striped cardigan.

J U M P E R S .
The Orphan's Arms London School of Sorcery jumper.
I Heart NY jumper.
Dirty Cotton Scoundrels The Police cropped jumper.

W O R K O U T .
Asda grey leggings x 2
Adidas sports bra.
O'Neill flowy vest top.
Lulu Lemon vest top.

B A G S .
French Connection box bag.
eBay wallet style clutch bag.
Warehouse black cross body bag.
A few tote bags for grocery shopping.

A C C E S S O R I E S . 
Vintage black sunglasses.
Waaay too many pairs of glasses.
A few pieces of jewellery.

S H O E S . 
Butterfly Twists polka dot flats.
ASOS black patent buckle flats.
Nike Roshe Run trainers.


  1. This is a really great breakdown, I definitely think it takes a lot to minimise your wardrobe this much. It has been something I have been considering for awhile now, as there are so many pieces I really don't need yet hold onto.


  2. Wahhh Jennie, is this your current minimum wardrobe?
    I have read a lot about this minimum wardrobe articles recently,
    I think I should try it out too. Xx ICE PANDORA

    1. Yeah, I think I could streamline it a little more, but this is where I'm at currently. It definitely makes getting dressed a much quicker process!

  3. Great post! I really need to have big wardrobe sort out and get in some new pieces! X


  4. Great post! I have a fairly small wardrobe because I study abroad and I move every year so it would be difficult if I had much clothing. But I still feel like I could minimise it even more. I am amazed that you only have 3 pairs of shoes! I don't think I could manage ;)
    Patti Shifting Tales

  5. This is something I really struggle with - I don't like letting things go even if I never wear them! I keep thinking 'What if I decide I like it again!?' - silly, I know! xxx

  6. I really like the idea of listing everything out! I recently got rid of quite a few items in my wardrobe when I moved out of my dorm for the summer, but there are still so many more items I could get rid of. I feel like it would become very apparent to me once I list it all out like this. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. oooh I love this. definitely adding it to my bookmarks! I've been working on a minimalist wardrobe- but I definitely need to add a few more pieces besides the colour black. ;) thanks for posting xX


  8. Ooo what a great idea! I always seem to stare blankly at my wardrobe full of clothes and then live in the same items over and over. Sounds like a fun Bank Holiday Monday project though! Thanks for sharing :)




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