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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Noodles, Currently Watching, The Little Monster + Recent Reads | Newsletter #5

This little monster has been keeping me on my toes this week. Don't let that innocent looking little face fool you, she's been making it her personal mission to try to chew on everything she's not supposed to. We're making progress though and she's way too cute to get annoyed with. Thank goodness we still haven't got around to investing in any nice furniture though, it would all have lots of tiny teeth marks in it if we had!

Just as my trusty black flats developed a hole in the toe, Butterfly Twists offered to send me a pair of their ballet pumps. I must admit that a lot of their designs aren't quite my style, but the polka dot Kate's caught my eye almost immediately. I wasn't sure whether the fold up design would make them uncomfortable but they almost feel like slippers and haven't given me blisters. Had there been an option for plain black I probably would have gone with those, but I'm actually really liking the polka dots. They're cute.

Kabuto Noodles sent over some of their instant noodles hoping to give me some extra time during my lunch hour to do anything other than having to rustle up something in the kitchen. After pretty much living on things like this at University I never buy instant snacks any more, but these don't contain any preservatives and are fairly low in calories, fat and salt. I can't deny the convenience factor is massively appealing and they were a nice change from my usual lunchtime sandwich.

While I should have used my newly acquired free time to read a chapter or two of a book or nip over for a chat with my Mum, which certainly would have had a positive impact on the rest of my day, I actually just used the time to get a bit more work done. I've been working on a new venture that I'm really excited about so it didn't feel like work at all. I was half expecting to be finding myself wandering towards the biscuit tin a few hours later but I wasn't, so thumbs up there!

After a not so great reaction to the Vitamin E Cleanser from Superdrug and The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser, I've gone back to my Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish, Dr Jackson's Oil and Sukin Rose Hip Moisturiser. If only this moisturiser were a little more hydrating because it would be perfect, but my skin is currently drier than dry and refusing to cooperate.

F R O M   A R O U N D   T H E   W E B . 

L I S T E N I N G   T O .

Song Exploder - The Lumineers
Band of Horses
And, of course, still lots of Antony and the Johnsons.

W A T C H I N G . 

The Spectacular Now
The New Yorker Presents
Iron Man
Lots of Masterchef

R E A D I N G . 

Veronica Decides To Die by Paolo Coelho
The Girl From Every Where by Heidi Heilig
Casually Awkward 
y a c h t s m a a n

P O S T S . 

The Click List #2 // Hazelnut Chocolate, Eco Friendly Products and The Lonely City
One New Album Each Day Number 41-50
A Green Beauty Wishlist



  1. Love your new bunny companion- v cute! I remember the chewing phase with my house rabbit. It was hard work x

  2. Is the spectacular now any good? I've been looking at that for a while.. I might have to watch it! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. D'aw Beatrix! What a little cutie! Milo has also been a right little terror this past week, I spend half my day rushing around after him hence my super long working days, heh. And I LOVE my foldable flats from Butterfly Twists, so handy after a day in heels or similar uncomfortable shoes! (Also for driving!)

  4. Oh you little Beatrix :P please give Jennie extra cuddles!
    I also stopped buying instant food since they consist lots of
    salt and other unwanted ingredients but Kabuto Noodles sounds
    decent! They really should create more of these healthier
    instant foods huh c:
    xx Ice Pandora

  5. The packaging of the instant noodles is so nice! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. Love posts like this! The Spectacular Now, Her and Iron Man are literally some of my favourite films!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  7. Oh my gosh, look at that little face, no wonder you can't stay mad at her!
    Iron Man is one of my favourite films (I'm actually #teamironman for the new Civil War film, my boyfriend is so upset...), and I just watched Her, it was so much better than I expected!

    francesca | francescasophia.co.uk xx

  8. I LOVE The New Yorker Presents! Sooo cute. :) What an adorable little bunny you have. Butterfly Twists are perfect for nights out, I'm all about the comfort haha.

    T x

  9. Love these posts! Beatrix looks super cute in that photo, hope she stops nibbling. The pumps look really nice the polka dots are pretty. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  10. Aww, your bunny is so cute! That's the problem, you can't stay mad at a face like that.

    I really enjoyed The Spectacular Now when it came out although I never got round to reading the book, which is unlike me!

  11. I love the idea of folding ballerinas, but I'm yet to actually try any out. Glad they got your approval! Alice xx



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