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Friday, 8 July 2016

Five for Friday

O N E . 
This little lady has been making me smile. She had a little nap with her head on my shoulder the other day and it was so cute, those few minutes just about made my whole life. Look at those little chubby cheeks.

T W O . 
Sailboat has gone back to basics and it's something I should have done a long time ago. I keep talking about doing things that have been incredibly freeing, like decluttering and simplifying my life. This new layout also feels freeing. I'm not sure why, but it has rekindled my desire to write and to post. Goes to show that little changes can make a big difference.

T H R E E . 
The July Glossybox isn't bad. Can you believe I've never owned a tangle-teezer-esque hair brush before? I wasn't sure how well I'd get along with it considering it doesn't have a handle, but it fits so well into the palm of my hand that I haven't even really noticed that it's missing a handle. Apart from the hair brush, the flat topped make up brush is probably my favourite thing. There are a few stray bristles, so it definitely hasn't been cut with a lot of attention to detail, but that's nothing I can't fix with a tiny pair of scissors.

Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Creme. Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss. Collection Supersize Mascara. 
Hairon De-tangle brush. Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush.

F O U R . 
I bought myself a sad little memento after the results of the EU referendum. I'm not sure when this deflated feeling will go away. Maybe when our politicians finally get their act together. Although I'm not holding my breath for that either.

F I V E . 
My breakfast this morning was a plate of fruit, some peanut butter and some choc shot liquid chocolate. There aren't any pictures because I ate it too quickly, but it was glorious. I'm currently wondering if I can have the same thing for lunch.

- Jennie



  1. Such a darling bunny! I wish I had a bunny who would cuddle with me too! xxx

  2. Really love the simplicity of your blog and posts. Your whole blog is straight to the point with no distractions and I love it, it makes much more of a personal feel! xxx

  3. What a precious picture with Beatrix! My little bunny is moulting at the moment so she's far too busy running way from me and her brush all the time for any cute moments like that haha.

  4. Haha that's the sign of a delicious meal! // This is my third time saying it, but I love your new blog design, and I'm so glad that you feel better about it too! I also had a similar decluttering blog revamp in May and I love it. Sometimes sorting out the physical helps sort out the mental :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Beatrix sounds like such a wonderful companion. A friend of mine has two bunnies that share her home...they bring so much joy! I loved this Friday five.

    Best wishes -
    Keep Calm and Start Writing ...

  6. Beatrix is so cute, I can't wait for the day I can have my own bunny! Unfortunately I don't think they'd get on too well with our cat...
    Love the new blog layout, it's amazing how little changes can make the world of difference to how you feel about your blog.
    I hope you are well. xx


  7. My cat loves the tangle teezer style brushes. He steals them from me and makes me brush his fur with them. I'm thinking now I'm writing this that I let my cat boss me about a bit too much.
    By the way where did you get that badge? I kinda want one too.

    1. Haha so cute!

      It's from here: http://remainbadges.bigcartel.com/product/i-was-in-the-48-badge

  8. As soon as I saw that badge I wanted it immediately! I feel delated by it all too. Even though it's so important, I'm trying not to fall down the rabbit hole by overly thinking about it - it all gets a bit too much otherwise! x

  9. Beatrix is such a little cutie! ♥ I'm loving your new layout as well - it suits you.
    I'm still kind of deflated about the referendum, too. I feel like everything's up in the air at the moment...

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  10. i'm not over Brexit , can't get over it, the implications are so massive. Social media has been a difficult place to be lately, very infuriating.

  11. Hello Jennie! Know exactly what you mean about how clearing up your blog design can really revive you for more inspiration for posts. It get so easy to just get lost in all of the glitz of blogging now that its hard to find your little space on the internet. I love the style of your blogposts, Beatrix is delightful! Have a lovely weekend! Hannah xxx

  12. Ah, I love that badge. I may try and find one. I'm still so upset that only about 46% of my local area voted. <3

  13. I'm a lover of bunnies and yours is one of the cutest I've ever seen!!! <3
    Happy Sunday lovely!

  14. Beautiful pictures. I've done the same regarding blog layouts and stripped mine right back. Like you say, it fits with the new decluttered feeling I'm going for with life in general which is very comforting.


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