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Friday, 13 January 2017

In and Out

Hello and happy Friday! I'm in a strangely giddy mood and it's probably got something to do with spooky Friday 13th vibes and the glorious full moon that I've been staring at whenever possible this week.

I've got a weekend full of freelance work and essay research ahead, which I'm quite looking forward to and Tropic Skincare gifted me a beautiful box of goodies including a serum that smells like refreshers sweeties, so you know I'll be taking my make up off at the earliest opportunity this evening! What a brilliant day.

- I N -

★ Rewatching snippets of Lizzie McGuire. Oh how I adored Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo when I was younger! I used to wish that I could do my hair and dress exactly like Lizzie everyday, and I've been loving revisiting those early 2000 vibes. 'Why do we have to draw fruit, anyway? I wanna draw *NSYNC!' Iconic.

★ Taking HP quizzes online when I should be sleeping. I'm sure this is totally normal, right? According to this quiz I'm 86% Gryffindor, 64% Ravenclaw, 48% Slytherin, and 42% Hufflepuff. The more you know.

★ Obama surprising Joe Biden by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I'm not crying, you're crying!

★ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We were flicking through the TV channels last night and came across this masterpiece. This used to be (/still is, I'm not really sure what my fave anything is anymore) my favourite film. Kate Winslet's hair in this film is everything. Also that shot where they're laying on the ice. Stunning!

- O U T -

★ Beatrix's bad behaviour at the vet. She showed me up big time by being incredibly wriggly, but I'll let her off because no one likes going to get their vaccinations. She has to go again in two weeks, so that'll be fun... NOT! In the mean time we're practicing being picked up and not flailing around wildly. So far it's not exactly going brilliantly. Can't blame her though, I wouldn't want to be picked up either. She happily hops over to sit on my lap/neck/feet/chest/laptop/ipad etc etc, and that's fine by me.

★ Diet/meal replacement/juice emails that have been hitting my inbox. Stop. I'm not interested. I'll never be interested in stepping foot on to that slippery slope ever again.



  1. What is it about bunnies and the vet? Mine is known to leap off the table and onto whoever she can reach. Me, the vet, she's not fussy. She managed to leap onto my mum's back once! Only does this when we see the vet, of course, never at home. It's a good thing bunnies are so cute!

  2. I dread taking Mae to the vet, she has THE worst behaviour which includes growling, throwing herself head first at the vet's crotch and flirting shamelessly with the nurses!

  3. I about died over Obama surprising Joe Biden with the medal. It absolutely made my day, and you are 100% correct: I'm crying over it.

  4. Beatrix sounds such a lovely character. My friend has two lion head bunnies that are full of fun and wriggling about! My sister and I adored Lizzie Mcguire too in the good old days..and the movie ;) lovely to read about your day x

    Best wishes -

    Keep Calm and start writing -

  5. The moon has been beautiful this week hasn't it!? I'd totally forgotten about Lizzie McGuire, man I used to love her haha :) ♥

  6. Oh god Obama and Joe. His little face when he was trying to keep it together. It really shows what a great guy Obama was, his final days of presidency and he refuses to make it all about him. Such a babe. Sorry to hear your Bun has been a bad vet goer. I think we always forget that though they're very fluffy and sweet they're so independent and like things on their own terms. Hopefully she'll remember the world didn't end last time she went and be a bit calmer next time :)

    Bella x

  7. That Obama/Biden ceremony gave me all the feels. It was truly beautiful and I'm sad for this last week. I think diet/juice cleanses are garbage. We can get so much more by making overall lifestyle changes instead of a quick fix.

  8. Oh my goodness I used to be obsessed with Lizzie McGuire. I wanted to be her so much. I still think Hilary Duff is an absolute babe now! xx

  9. The diet industry is deplorable! Glad you're in a strong place where you can discredit them <3 <3 Poor little Bea at the vets. Hope she's back to her usual self after that ordeal ;)

    And yes, you do need more Du Maurier in your life!

  10. Did you ever watch Wizards of Waverly Place? Or Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel? Sometimes when I find normal TV a bit too heavy going I find myself watching those, isn't it weird how nostalgic the Disney Channel can make you feel...well that and old on occasion haha! x

  11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my all time favourite films. It always makes me feel so confused inside though I can't watch it too often!

    And that Obama/Biden moment - YOU'RE CRYING, I ain't! haha x

  12. I adore Eternal Sunshine. It's in my top three. I haven't watched it in awhile, either... Might be time for a re-watch.

  13. I got Hufflepuff in that quiz! I'm pleased because Pottermore put me in Slytherin haha. Freddydog is so cheeky at the vets but we can't blame them really, poor things are just scared and think we're so mean taking them there! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  14. That moment between Biden and Obama was brilliant. I can't believe theres only four more days before they're gone :(

  15. Aaw, bless Beatrix - hopefully it will go a little better next time :) I love those quizzes too! I've taken a few patronus ones lately :) xxx

  16. Eternal Sunshine is also my favourite film and I always get so teary when the Beck song comes on but ahhh, that film makes me feel all sorts. It got me through some dark periods, and it's just one of those that you can always come back too. Sobs at the Obama/Biden moment as well, I think we're all a bit apprehensive of what comes off next week!


    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  17. I love your bunny, she sounds like a fun! My cat does the opposite though, he pretends he is a good boy at the vets. He saves the real tomfoolery for home!
    I did the quiz and what a surprise, I am 77% Hufflepuff. No matter what quiz I take, I always come back to that house. ^_^

  18. Our kitten has been fine at the vet he just wanted to get into everything.. at my parent's house on the other hand... he went hunting in the pet food cupboard and then came running out with a dog chew twice the size of himself like it was no big deal!

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  19. I feel like I totally missed out on Lizzie M. I never watched the show at the time and then it was too late. Early 2000s references will never be lost on me though. Oh the fashion. The pop culture. Hah.

    Hope Beatrix is on her best behaviour for her next set of vaccs!


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