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Saturday, 7 January 2017

In & Out.

Hello! Happy weekend, we made it! Although if you're working this weekend, I'm with you and we've got this!

In a bid to hit the ground running with one of my 2017 goals, I've taken my first selfie of the year. In fact, it's probably the first selfie I've taken in well over a year. And I'm actually really sad about that, because there's a good year or two there that I don't have any photographs at all to look back on. Feeling too low about myself to take any and developing an astute sixth sense for instantly knowing when I may be, inadvertently, captured within someone else's picture.

So, hello. This is me at the start of 2017.

- I N - 

★ HP.  Fantastic Beasts, Hogwarts in the Snow and watching all eight Harry Potter films over Christmas has reignited my love of everything magical. Although, let's be honest, it's not as if that love ever really went away. If I hadn't just paid my tax bill (picture that money flying away emoji here) I'd probably be snuggling down in this Gryffindor Quidditch Team Jumper that I'd only change out of so I could put this Gryffindor Sweatshirt on, although I must admit that the Ravenclaw and Slytherin versions of that sweater look much nicer.

★ London Grammar. After absolutely adoring their last album, pretty much having it on repeat for months, the prospect of new music was something I was eagerly anticipating. Their new song, Rooting For You, punched me right in the heart, in the best possible way.

★ Michelle Obama's farewell speech. What. A. Woman.

★ Books, books, books. Reading two books and finishing another means I've started the year as I mean to go on, reading wise. Not only did I not read as much as I wanted to last year, I also didn't read many books that have stayed with me. You know, the kind of stories that linger in the background, jumping to the forefront of your mind six months after you turned their final page. My only goal this year is to seek out more of those lingering stories, no numerical target, just plenty of reading for the pure joy of it.

★ Raspberry jelly. If I'd have had ice cream in the freezer (vanilla almond dream, in case you were wondering!) you bet I'd have gone full on children's birthday party in the 90's with a bowl of jelly and ice cream, but I'd forgotten how much I bloody love jelly!

- O U T - 

★ Sofa adverts.  Why are there so many of them?! Why?!

★ Vet appointments. I'm going to book Beatrix in to get spayed soon and I'm already dreading the morning I have to drop her off. I'm sure they're going to take really good care of her, but that is certainly not going to be a good day for me. I'm not generally much of a worrier, but this situation is definitely bringing that part of my personality to the surface.

And so, that was the first week of 2017. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here's to the next one!



  1. Ice cream and jelly!! Love these types of posts, Jennie (:

  2. You're so pretty I'm crying! x


  3. Looking beautiful, Jennie!

    I haven't had ice cream and jelly for years. I need that, now.

  4. What a beautiful selfie, Jennie! I need to get back into reading, my friend bought me Neil Gaiman's American Gods for my birthday - looking forward to reading it. :)

    T x

    1. Ooh I've heard great things about that - enjoy! x

  5. There's a blog I follow that started a 52 self-portraits project (including selfies), which I think is a cool idea! I definitely spend a lot more time behind the camera than in front of it, and I feel more comfortable that way. But then I see all these pictures from myself from high school and middle school, and I wonder where I've been all of college. Anywho, you're beautiful and can't wait to see more of you! (And less sofa adverts ugh) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. Awww poor Beatrix! I hope she doesn't have too bad a time and it all goes well!

  7. We'll be getting our kitten booked in to have his 'operation' soon and I'm really anxious about it, I hate the idea of him going under for an op even if the vets do them so often and it's procedure.

    That's a lovely selfie by the way

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

    1. I'm sure they'll take wonderful care of him <3

  8. We were JUST listening to that new song by London Grammar - I'm a little unsure, I'm expecting a proper upbeat part to kick in at like 5 different places and it never does. Shaun loves it tho!
    Also totally agree on the sofa commercials. And I'd also add the Claims Guys and Made.com (the ones on the radio) to the list of commercials that need to die. I bloody can't stand them.
    And hurray for the first selfie in 2017, you're so pretty Jennie!!:) xx

  9. Oh my gosh! The sofa ads - I had that exact same thought over Christmas and actually counted 5 in one advert break, what on earth! You look lovely by the way <3 <3 <3 x

  10. You look lovely, and I'm loving the shoulders on your top! I'm obsessed with Fantastic Beasts at the moment. I just can't get enough of it! xx

  11. I never had ice-cream and jelly *goestothefridgeandmakessome*. Where has this been all my life????

  12. I know you might not agree but that picture of you is beautiful. And thank you for sharing it with us. *hugs*
    I had jelly and ice cream in hospital before Christmas and I realised why it's such a classic. They just go together! :)

  13. I LOVE this post, Jennie!!! I just adore the idea of keeping a log of happy/not-so-great things that are going on in day to day life... life is made of little moments, after all!
    Beth x

  14. I really like that you've choosen the b&w theme for your selfie, it makes Adele look really boring in comparison ;) I've recently seen Michelle Obama's speech and it got me all teary eyed and motivated at the same time. What an amazing woman! I secretly hope for her to run for president in the future, but who knows!
    I'm always worried about doctor appointments, I can't imagine how it must be for your own pet :( Let's hope everything will be alright! Fingers crossed for you! <3

  15. What a fabulous start to the new year!

    Faded Windmills

  16. What a beaut! ^_^ and gosh yeah the Michelle O speech? Tears. Tears everywhere, the world does not deserve that woman Xx

  17. Omg we have the same ice cream in the freezer ;-) yay dairy free! Also with you on the raspberry jelly front; we were supposed to have it in our Christmas dinners but totally forgot to buy it, so now I'll be on the lookout next time I head to get groceries. Unfortunately I have read zero books since new year, but then again it's been a week so I'll cut myself some slack ha. What did you read?

    Also yay selfie, I think it's a good start that you've successfully taken a picture, we're rooting for you! Good luck with the vet appointment, remember to breathe :-)

    Cherie ❊ sinonym

  18. I love the set up of this post! Not to mention the fact that you started it out by talking about Harry Potter ♥ I am loving your start to the New Year! Gorgeous selfie!

  19. Primark have amazing Harry Potter-themed items in and I believe they just got a new collection, too - might be worth having a look there! :) x

  20. Ah I love London Grammar! And jelly haha. You look gorge Jennie, good luck to Beatrix too (and you!) x

    Sick Chick Chic


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