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Tuesday, 3 January 2017



1. Extremely small
synonyms: minute, tiny, minuscule,
antonyms: huge

mid 17th century: from Latin infinitus

Life is made up of a series of moments. (Of course. I've picked up a habit for stating the obvious in every opening sentence of everything I write. Bear with me.) Not every moment will be good nor bad and some simply won't be much of anything at all. Actively celebrating or even just taking the time to acknowledge the small things may be the ultimate cliché, but it's one that is so valuable and so intrinsically intertwined with contentment that after a year or so of feeling very little, I appreciate the almost physical act of noticing small things and transforming that into an actual physical act of writing them down more than ever before. Sometimes these lists end up appearing a little silly at first, but how can moments of pure contentment ever be silly? They can't, but even if they were silly, I don't think it matters. And sometimes I find that I don't have even have the correct combination of words to describe them, which makes me want to become a better writer. And I can't do that without being open to the possibility of experiencing those moments in the first place.

A list of things that seem infinitesimal, but are actually much, much bigger on the inside...

★ Cuddles with Beatrix.

★ New pyjamas.

★ Reading my first Val McDermid novel.

★ Exceedingly kind words about my writing; you make me feel as though I'm not alone and there are few things more magical than that.

★ Whenever I walk past a particular house down the street when the sun has gone down, there's always a cat looking out of the upstairs window having snuck under the net curtains. I think he may be the nosiest cat in the neighbourhood.

★ There's something in my house that reminds me of my grandmother. I must have bought a soap or toothpaste or something that she used to use. I can't quite place it, or maybe I'm misremembering altogether, but it's comforting nevertheless.


N.B. Word of the week #1 (the start of a series that probably won't be weekly, but we'll see how it goes)


  1. I love it when you can sense someone around, even if you can't pinpoint why. I'm a big believer in spirits and it keeps me strong to feel them around :)

    1. Incredibly comforting and reassuring, for sure! x

  2. This is why I love your writing, it's just so, so beautiful xxx

    1. Thank you, Samantha! You're too kind <3

  3. It's a cliche but the little things really are the big ones. I've always noticed them and made a note of them, people have called me a loser because of it but it's what keeps my heart happy! Beautiful post as always Jennie x

    Sick Chick Chic

    1. I completely agree. They're the losers for overlooking the power of the little things! x

  4. What a beautiful post. And a lovely word too. Noticing those precious little things is so worthwhile to our well being. Such a special collection of moments you've gathered here too. Happy New Year. Xx

    Best wishes.

    Keep Calm and start writing -

  5. I really REALLY enjoyed this post! Literally the best thing I have read all day! x

  6. I'm such a believer in the little things in life! I believe it's what connects us all :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. What a wonderful word. I always love your writing style, I can't wait to buy one of your books one day. :)

    T x

  8. My puss cat is the same, he shoves his whole silly face right through the gap in the open window to get a full nose full of the outside. What a dweeb. Aren't they lovely though, these animals around us. :)


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