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Monday, 29 January 2018


★ Messy hair. ☾ Stormy nights. ★ Starry skies. ☾ All black everything. ★ Early/mid-00s pop-punk. ☾ Crime fiction. ★ Blue velvet. ☾ Sugary coffee. ★ Yoga. ☾ Late nights. ★ Early mornings. ☾ Rewatching favourite films. ★ Rosehip oil. ☾ MA dissertation planning. ★ Glossier cloud paint. ☾ Caught between nostalgia and the future. ★ Blue glitter nail polish. ☾ Dr Martens. ★ Reclaiming my sense of self. ☾ Near-future tattoo plans. ★ Facing fears. ☾ Shutting away uncertainty. ★ Moleskine journals. ☾ Going my own way. 



  1. Yes to yoga and late nights! Hope you're well Jennie xx

  2. Yes to Dr Martens. Yes to seeing Sailor Jennie popping up on my feed. :)

    T x

  3. Love this mood board! // I got my first Moleskin for a design class I'm taking this semester :) // Good luck with your dissertation planning // Tattoo plans, exciting!! // Happy February now haha, I'm late whoops -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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